10 Devotional Ideas To SuperCharge Your Life

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

It's time to dream, love, and think big. Yes, you are created in God's image. You have hidden talent and potential you don't know exists. In all of us is the never ending capacity to love, forgive, conquer, and accomplish magnificent things. There is no limit, no boundary, no exception to what you can do, why? Because you were created in God's image and are saved by the blood of the Lamb which overcomes all things. You have eternal life and the Holy Spirit who reveals all things to you from God.

You can think within the depths of God's Spirit through whom all things are made perfect and abound in perfection. Yes, you are one of a kind and when you submit to God with humility, love, and obedience God's love abounds in your heart, soul, mind, and body, making you the best God created you to be. Nothing is impossible with God, nothing.

So how do you quicken your soul with God's spectacularly radiant splendor everyday? After all, positive thoughts and feelings are the qualities of the quiescent mind – habit. Devotional habits that refresh, rejuvenate, relax, restore, and revive your resiliency in God's living Spirit is your key to successful living in God's power. You must stir the Spirit within you but you need habits to stay motivated. (2 Timothy 1:6-7)

Here's 10 timeless ways to powerfully elevate enormous spiritual capacity in yourself with God.

1. Meditation

Meditation is mentioned at least, and the concept of meditation is referred to nearly 100 times. Ruminating, contemplating, murmuring, chanting, concentrating, focusing, being still, and cultivating God's word as the constant meditation of the heart and mind is the number one way to activate, enhance, and recharge our life with Godly power from above.

2. Exercise

This may not sound like a devotional habit but it is. Your body is God's divine temple. Would you ignore a church building where God is worshiped? Would it be okay to relinquish all maintenance plans and let the building slowly degenerate until it collapses. Your body needs to be maintained with exercise and a good diet. Your heart, mind, and body will thank you with a much better life experience. Remember, your body is God's gift to you, honor God by caring for His gift.

3. Deep Study

Need a deep connection with God? Here's the answer. In John 14:23 Jesus stated that if anyone loves Him they will “keep” His word and God will more prominently dwell in them. Deep concentration and study that brings the mind into a calm state of contemplation opens the door to God's presence.

4. Chanting

Chanting is not the same as reading. Chanting God's word aloud in a rhythmic pattern allows your sense to be wholly consecrated to God's word. Eyes and ears concentrated on God's word engages our entire being, heart, soul, and mind. If properly performed, you will worship God with your whole being.

5. Mindful Word Retention

How many times have you reflect on the day's events and realized you could have responded better. Christian meditation is the key to being more mindful with God, but His cultivated word is how we become better people. Your deep study practice can be adapted to topics you may need help with. Personality development goes a long way in experiencing God all day when scripture guides our thoughts, words, and deeds. Mindful word retention is simply a way to supplant useless thought with thought formed in the likeness of God's word. Try it. Next time you feel tempted to react, mentally shift gears and let the new thought patterns formed by God's word flow. It's easy.

6. Prayer

You need meditation to develop a deep prayer life. A cluttered mind full of distraction cannot properly express spiritual words. Stillness and peace of mind are paramount. Jesus recommends that we should pray alone in a closed room, by ourselves with all distractions removed. (Matthew 6:6) Great advice if you want to calm the mind and focus on God, that's meditation.  

7. Fear God

When was the last time you feared God for several minutes?  Most of the time people know about the fear of the Lord, they know it's good to fear God, and even tell others about it. Rarely do people sit quietly for 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes fearing God. The exact phrase “fear of the Lord” occurs 27 times in the Bible, but there are dozens of more passages related to fearing God. Fear God is also related to health, positive genetic activity, longevity, prosperity, and righteousness. So why don't Christian develop a daily devotional practice of fearing God. It's because they've never been taught the benefits of fearing God or how to perform the devotional practice. Here's a link to get you started today!

8. Journaling

For some people journaling is a great technique to keep track of progress, observations, and future goals. If you're one of them you'll find great power in the practice start journaling, and don't stop until you get to the kingdom.

9. Worship

This is an ideal way to supercharge your life with Godly power from above. Love and worship God with song and music. Yes, praise Him with song. Let your worship flow with love and honor.

10. Art

Get in the flow with art. Compose music, lyrics, poetry, art, design, stories, lessons, books, articles, or anything you have a creative flair for. God gave you vision and talent for something special, use it!  

I hope this article has motivated you to get more of God flowing through your life. Start today and don't stop, keep going. We're praying for you. See you in the kingdom.


Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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