10 Surprising Benefits Of Christian Meditation

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Scientific benefits of meditation, from your brain to your toes and beyond.

Inevitably hundreds of questions about Christian meditation flow into our our office every year. They range from simple to complex. Suffice to say we can never answer each one. That's nearly an impossible task. After reading what seems to be an infinite stream of emails we learned one thing, at the heart of each question is the desire to be informed.

Ultimately, people know that spending quiet moments with Jesus is the right thing to do and is the greatest appeal to the discipline. Beyond that, people want to know why they should embark on a meditative journey.

There literally hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific experimentation that reveal the astounding benefits of meditation, and faith based meditation is no different. Dr. Herbert Benson, a Harvard graduate showed that faith based meditation resulted in greater benefits to the human body than secular meditation.

The theory is that belief plays a huge role over the body, and meditation allows for our faith to play an unhindered role in heart, soul, mind, and body. With the role of meditation well established as a natural mind and body enhancer it's time to explore its benefits.

1. Where's my phone?

Ever had those days where you seem to misplace everything? Well meditation is here to help. Regular meditation sessions will improve your cognitive skills along with memory.

2. Walking on the sunny side

Meditation allows the brain's amygdala to slow down and reset to a natural calm state. Bouts of stress, anger, and anxiety will be a thing of the past.

3. The tempered tummy

Got tummy rumbles? One study showed that just eight weeks of mindfulness training decreased tummy growling by a whopping 26.4 percent.

4. Be a self discipline guru

Need help with self control? A daily meditative practice can help you distance yourself from unwanted habits. Whether its food cravings, behavior, or addictions a few peaceful minutes a day can curve the allure.

5. Transports you to heaven

Imagine shutting down the noise of the world and being able to concentrate only on God. Deep contemplation normalizes the body’s parasympathetic nervous system while regulating blood pressure, heart rate, and decreasing muscle tension – normal symptoms when you're in the presence of God.

6. Sweeten your sleep

A six week study resulted in remarkable improvement to sleep. Participants felt better rested; less stressed and depressed.

7. Hot flash control

With so many people experiencing continual hot flashes meditation might be the life boat you're looking for. Multiple studies revealed that regular exercise combined with a meditative practice worked wonders at dousing hot flash episodes.

8. The vibrant spine

Studies worldwide are uncovering a mystery. Just weeks of meditation training can relieve back problems for nearly five months. Why? No one really knows. But the proof is there.

9. Be more kind and loving

Study after study has shown that being still for a few minutes each day can greatly enhance the loving compassionate areas of the brain. So why not be more loving and compassionate.

10. Be one with Jesus

The central theme of Christian meditation is to let go of worldly thought so we can wholly love Jesus with all our heart, soul, and mind. Dwell in Jesus and you will truly live.

Agatha Roosevelt

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