How Christian Meditation Can Make You Great

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Meditation is generally seen as a practice that helps calm one’s inner senses while enhancing the spiritual senses of the mind. Over the past few years, the world has witnessed a tremendous growth in the practice, some albeit more secular than others. There are individuals that meditate based on the specific sounds, elements of nature, imagined visualizations, and even nothingness or the void of all things. Christian meditation on the other hand is the practice of letting God be. This is generally achieved by focusing on a prayer mantra that has sacred power, like the name of Jesus.

Christian Meditation should not be confused with other types of meditation. Here, the principles of the Bible and salvation are given utmost importance, while meditating. The adherence of Christian values is what makes our meditation so special. Deep meditative stillness in the Lord helps helps us experience God. Jesus clearly stated, “No one comes to the Father expect through me.” John 14:6

A habit of regular meditation helps normalize life by creating neurological connections associated to our experience with God to such an extent that our perception of the world changes. The greatest blessing we receive from God comes when we can follow and obey Biblical principles with a clear mind and an open heart to God. The Bible call this state of mind “good ground”.

Thus, the Holy Bible becomes a living word and not just a way of life. Christian Meditation is known to make remarkable improvement because its practice edifies the the ideas and morals contained in the Bible. In John 14:21 and 23 Jesus clearly states that whoever keeps His commandments and word will be rewarded with an increase presence of God. We can logically assume that if God's presence increases in us everything about our life will change according to a divine dispensation.

Apart from being a life changing journey, there are several other reasons why one should implement this contemplative practice in their daily routine.

Christian Meditation And Your Super-Self

Meditation is known for its soothing effects on the body while giving us the opportunity to gain insight on the subconscious mind. Meditation relieves the mind of stress, and calming the daily chaos. This gives a person the ability to think clearly and observe monotonous mental patterns. Some patterns may help a person, while others may hinder the person. Nonetheless, a clear vision of the pattern gives the person a chance to improve, something we are called to do. “We are not conform to the patterns of this but we must be renewed in our thinking.”

For an individual that is out of balance with God, Christian Meditation is the perfect way to get on track with the right thinking. Men and women experience high levels of stress in their workplace because they lack a strong connection with God. Meditation can help you handle greater work loads with less stress because your connection with God will be open.

Christian meditators who practice Jesus' teachings can have amazing increases in good health, wealth, but most important a deep knowledge of God – priceless! Keeping you focused under God's power will be the main benefit you reap. Christian meditation will bring you closer to God, your faith will be strengthened, your love will grow, and your joy will increase as as you feel total synchronicity with God's will. God bless you. All of us here are praying for you.

Have you had similar experiences?

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