4 Ways Positive Thinking Boosts Health in Christians

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

There’s just something special about having faith in a higher being, something about being part of a loving community, something about having a strong relationship with God that fuels Christians to be happier than most individuals. Of course, how can you possibly expect a dark cloud to steal your sunshine when you know that something greater than yourself is working behind the scenes. So it comes as no surprise that Christians with a positive mindset have better health. But why?

For a lot of Christians, positive thinking is a way of life, not because it’s necessary but because it’s a result of our faith and what we know about God. But did you know that positive thinking is also one of the reasons that make Christians the healthiest people on the planet? According to recent studies, those who follow the teachings of Jesus could be a contributing factor to the health and quality of their life. That’s why today more than ever people are turning to Christ to resolve not only the conflicts of the heart, but also the problems with their bodies.

How Negative Thinking Affects the Body

Before we delve deeper into the benefits of positive thinking, let’s take a look at the effects of negative thinking. According to recent studies, people who respond to events in their lives with negativity and cynicism are more likely to experience reduced cognitive function. This is because the stress and pressure that they cause their brains to feel ultimately encourages the release of hormones and chemicals that affect the body and the mind in negative ways. These chemical reactions could lead to stress, sleeplessness, fatigue, and even physical pain. If negative thinking becomes a constant response, it could even turn into depression and actual mental illness.

4 Ways Positive Thinking Boosts Health in Christians

1. Longer Life Span – Health is measured not only by the quality of the lives we live but also the length of our time on this earth. One of the main reasons why people are dissatisfied with their lives is because of the stress and pressure that they are forced to deal with on a daily basis. While it’s impossible for us to truly steer clear of these factors, there are ways that we can combat them.

Positive thinking is rarely the therapy suggested by doctors and specialists, but when we put this simple practice into action, we can fight off the negative effects of stress and anxiety. This will then allow us to achieve a healthier mind, and in turn, a healthier body.

This concept isn’t merely hearsay. It is backed up by scientific evidence. According to research conducted by mental health scientists, optimists live longer than pessimists. Those who allowed pessimism and negativity to thrive live shorter lives. It’s also worth mentioning that some of the oldest people to have ever survived life, or supercentenarians (those who have lived passed their 110th birthday), all had some sort of religious belief or faith-based practice that they observed throughout their lives. Many of these individuals actually attribute the longevity of their lives to the maintenance of a life managed in faith with God.

2. Lowers Cholesterol Levels – High cholesterol is commonly the cause of numerous health problems and conditions that we see today. Low density lipoproteins, otherwise called LDL, can be very bad for our health and has been pinpointed as the cause of fatal health issues such as heart attacks and stroke. While maintaining a proper diet and exercise are the solutions of choice for many individuals in order to save themselves from this common health problem, Christians, and other religious people, who follow biblical principles have another strategy in their cholesterol battling arsenal, and that is positive thinking. By adapting a positive outlook on the prospects of their health, those who follow the teachings of Jesus are more inclined towards making the right choices and being proactive in the face of physical health problems.

3. Increases the Body’s Immunity – Christians pay particular attention to their physical well being since their bodies are designated as temples of the Holy Spirit. If and when these people become ill, they’re more likely to experience faster recovery because of the positive mindset they adopted years ago. They put their faith and hope in a power much grander than themselves, so the body reacts accordingly. Negative thinkers are often sick more frequently and for longer periods of time than optimists. Pessimistic responses to illness fosters stress and anxiety in the body which exacerbate sickness.

4. Encourages a Healthier Heart – Positive thinking doesn’t only make you feel a lot less stressed out, it encourages the brain to release healthy hormones that boost functions in the body. The heart often becomes the main target of this health  boosting activity. Those who follow Jesus are more likely to have less heart complications and greater energy and desire to live, than those who drain the body with negativity. Positive thinking has been proven to lower cholesterol, manage irregular heart functions, and bring sugar levels to more acceptable concentrations.

In conclusion, if you have faith in Christ and faithfully believe in God's positive word, you will live a much longer, happier, and healthier life. So make it a daily practice to open your Bible, read scripture, meditate on God's word, then live a joyous life with a positive outlook. God bless you. I love you, and have a beautiful day. By the way, I pray for all my readers.

Do you have a story about how God changed your life? How do you boost your mental health? We want to know. Publish your story below i the comment section and inspire others.

Jim Welch

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