Brief Christian Meditation Reduces Anger And Heals

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Twenty minutes of meditation can work wonders on your mind and body. Got anger issues? All that you need to do is just sit back, relax and close your eyes for a while. Breathe in... and out. The common technique of mindfulness has helped some individuals achieve control in meditation. Christian Meditation is different in that individuals focus on repeating a holy name like "Jesus" or a prayer mantra like "Jesus have mercy on me".

Christian mindfulness on the other hand is the process where despite letting your thoughts run free, you are still in control of your mind. This type of meditation involves letting go of thought while training your mind to observe quietly. After communing with Christ Jesus in prayer, one simply observes the mind from within Jesus. At this point of the meditation you simply observe. Don’t judge your thoughts and do not cling to any thought. Just watch and let go in Christ Jesus. The point is to be aware of what is happening to your body and mind without attachment. That is, to observe all physical and mental activity while your eyes are closed and in the presence of the Lord. This powerful experience is invaluable when the Lord speaks.

Christian Meditation for Anger

Anger issues are quite common these days. Anger management is so common that there are more and more teenagers who are seeking anger management treatment. Also, youths are prone to getting annoyed more easily. This lack of tolerance is also known as anger. Being indifferent, mean and intolerant are signs of individuals who are obviously stressed out and need relaxation and diffusion.

Regular meditation for 20 minutes a day is adequate enough to diffuse explosive personalities. Key is consistency. Practicing meditation for 20 minutes twice a day is how people receive the highest benefits. By practicing regularly you achieve a state of natural bliss with Jesus where almost nothing affects you. This calm natural state is very important to how we react to daily annoyances. With Christ you no longer have to hide from it, or cave in, or even resist anger. Christian meditation simply lets God's peace to dwell within.

Christian mediation promotes self forgiveness and a perspective from God's point of view. This is very important when dealing with with life and it paves the way for healing of any previous hurts or sins. Someone who has had major anger issues will definitely feel guilty or left out. Christian meditation is a way of facing ourselves so we can understand that our mentality is our greatest support or our greatest enemy. By meditating regularly with Christ Jesus, you are able to clearly view toxic and non toxic thought patterns. With a clear view you can proceed to relinquish poisonous thought and accept the Lord's love in deep meditation. Moreover, problems will start to look insignificant and whatever was annoying you earlier won't matter as much.

Meditation gives you the sense of calm needed when you encounter issues that might take you of course. In the beginning however, it is completely normal to feel emotions more strongly than ever. This is a sign that things are going in the right direction. When you start fresh with a new meditation practice, a lot of changes happen in your body. Your stressed out body becomes redesigned based on the calmness you experience with Christ Jesus.

How Does Christian Meditation Help?

Here's is a fine example of Christian meditation becoming a life changer for someone. A 37 year old Christian man, Henry was in depression. His depression was so bad that he was always overly critical of himself, his family, and his wife. Being the head of the family, Henry’s depression wreak havoc in the household. When he wanted to change, it was suggested by his counselor to practice Christian Meditation. He chose a simple starting practice of closing his eyes, relaxing, and mentally repeating the words “God loves me”.

At first, his mind naturally wondered to becoming overly critical with thoughts about himself and others. Negativity was the main theme. In a few weeks, Henry was consumed by the idea that God loved him. Initially his anger and self loathing surfaced, but eventually the surfaced traits left him and were replaced by a clear vision of God's love.

Next, he began to chant “God is in control”. Whenever there was a situation that annoyed him or angered him, he sat back, closed his eyes, breathed, and said “God is in control”. This helped him understand the fact that he cannot always be in control and that sometimes he needs to let go.

So whenever something went wrong, Henry was quiet because he knew God was in control. He reflected how it was impossible to in control of all things. This gave him the freedom to relax in God who is in control of all things. Henry's disposition became brighter and brighter. He was a lot calmer and stopped reacting out of impulse. With several therapies for the family as well, Henry’s depression and cynicism slowly passed eventually disappearing completely. He is no a more self loathing or critical person. Today he loves his family and appreciates what God has done in his life. This is how a simple meditation can change life.

Christian meditation is easy. Getting started so is easy. But if you really want it to work wonders in your life, start is by sincerely meditating on who God is in your life and doing it regularly. It changed Henry’s life for the best and it could change yours in unknown ways.

Agatha Roosevelt

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