Brain Waves Release Colossal Human Power

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Brain waves have become extremely well researched since they are produced by the mind during Christian meditation. Over the years research has shown that they work to increase brain power and work to stimulate creativity while minimizing depression.

The correlation between an increase of alpha brain waves and meditation has been established by well documented studies for decades. It's been repeatedly proven that reduction in depressive symptoms and an increase in creative power can come at will when a person induces these naturally occurring brain frequencies.

Human consciousness and perception is directly related to the ever changing chemical and electrical architecture of the brain. Our habitual of thought patterns dictate behavior, and have the ability to change who we are. The structure of our brain releases electrical neural oscillations in a way that a mental reality can override truth. The neurochemicals of the brain such as endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and others, are present so we can function appropriately, without them we become deficient in many areas and will need medical intervention. For most however, a 20 minute period of daily meditation is enough to balance all brain waves into perfect harmony.

There are 5 different types of brain waves including the following:

Gamma Waves

These are involved in higher processing tasks such as cognitive functioning. Gamma waves are important for memory, learning and information processing. It is believed that 40 Hz gamma waves are important for “binding” our senses to a perception. They are also involved in learning new material. Recently it's been discovered that gamma waves improve the functioning of individuals with learning disabilities. The frequency of gamma waves is generally considered to be between 40 Hz and 100 Hz. They also help to reduce anxiety, high arousal and stress, some learning disabilities, depression and ADHD. Gamma brain waves help us reach a deep state in Christian meditation and work to open the senses and improve perception beyond normal waking hours.

Beta Waves

Beta brainwaves are known as high frequency, low amplitude brain waves that are observed when a person is awake. They are mostly involved in logical thinking and conscious thought, and tend to have a stimulating effect. With good production of beta brain waves we tend to complete school work or job related tasks in a simplified manner. Beta waves are a type of brainwave that are also associated with high levels of arousal. Beta waves are very fast frequencies that most people exhibit throughout the day to do conscious tasks such as socialization, reading, writing and critical thinking. The frequency range of beta waves ranges from 12Hz to 40Hz. They work to improve the production of adrenaline, anxiety, stress, and high arousal. They improve conscious focus, problem solving skills, and memory.

Alpha Waves

Another type of brainwave science has identified is alpha. This frequency range bridges the gap between subconscious and conscious mind. Alpha is the frequency range between theta and beta. It helps in calming down a person when necessary and promotes feelings of improved health and deep relaxation, normally experienced during Christian meditation. If a person becomes stressed, alpha waves might work to improve beta activity. Essentially, the alpha wave frequency range between 8hz to 12 Hz and are most apparent while meditating, day dreaming, imaging, focusing, and relaxing.

Alpha brainwaves are not always present- if a person is highly aroused in anger or fear. Alpha brain waves stimulated by Christian meditation can greatly improve the mind with clarity, memory, and thinking skills.

Theta Waves

Theta Waves are a type of brain wave frequency that improves sleep and creative imagination. Theta waves are associated to unfiltered deep emotions. Too much of theta activity might push people towards having bouts of depression. Theta has many benefits, it improves our creativity, our intuition, and it makes us feel a lot more natural around others. It is also involved in restorative sleep. Theta waves have a frequency range between 4Hz to 8Hz and naturally work to improve ADHD, depression, impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness by increasing a sense of relaxed concentration. They also assist with emotional connection to others, relaxation, and stress relief.

Delta Waves

Delta Waves are the slowest recorded brain waves in human beings. They are found in infants at a young age. Delta waves are associated with the deepest levels of restorative powers of the brain and generally induced during a time deep meditation. They have also been found to be involved in the unconscious bodily functions such as improving digestion and regulating the heart beat. The frequency range of delta waves vary between 0 Hz and 4Hz. It's also been observed that inducing delta helps brain injuries, learning problems, ADHD, inability to think, and can be taken on as an anti depressant or to improve your sleep. Please consult with your doctor if you want to improve your health before you begin a meditative practice.

Delta waves work to improve your overall brain functions and therefore are useful in improving the brain. They are the slowest of all brain waves and work to stimulate strong concentration powers.

Delta has a direct relationship with improving your mental health and are thought to be a form of meditation and are most prominent when we refrain from ruminations, intentional thinking, and concentration as is the case with Christian mindfulness meditation, a type of meditation that allows Christ to simply “be” while we free the mind from the work of thought.

The production of brainwaves has a great number of benefits in improving your health and brain power. All of the different types of brain wave technology is said to improve your mind and produce outstanding benefits.

Therefore, brainwave technology that employs a good meditation practices is said to improve personal traits and develop potential in human beings by working on the optimum use of brain structures. Different brainwave technologies produce different results, but they all work to improve the overall working mechanism of the brain and brain functions. The best results can be found when we mix faith with and program. If a person has faith and really believes in their practice, dramatic results can follow. That's why we recommend programs that closely adhering to the Bible. With all the benefits that the brain waves deliver, it's amazing to learn that less than 2% of the world population meditates.

Has your life changed with meditation. We'd like to know, publish your story below. Who knows maybe you'll inspire someone today. God bless you. We pray for all our readers.

Catherine Elizabeth

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