Bible Affirmations for Healing Have Fascinating Results

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Let's face it, we all go through difficult situations in life. We all cry, feel stress, feel overwhelmed, and deal with a roller coaster of emotions. Life does that to us. What we have to remember, though, is that there are ways to power through it and that power comes from God. Constantly keeping our mind on God through the memorized word, or “embodied” word is the surest way to draw from our Creator who delights in His word.
The use of bible affirmations for healing and empowerment can help you improve as a whole human being. Simple statements drawn from Scripture are incredibly beneficial powerful over your mental health and ultimately your body. The results produced by affirmations are fascinating. While you may not think there is a lot to gain from recitative Biblical statements, it is something that many find helpful on the path to greater strength and meaning in life.

The reason affirmations work so well is that they help overcome fear and anxiety with positive biblical concepts that adhere to the brain as recurring thought. In life, fear and anxiety are expected as a normal part of existence. Inevitably, we all encounter situations that beyond scope of our experience. Uncertainty about the way forward anxiety and stress affects us, even at the subtle stages. Even with a good understanding of the situation, bravery, and inner strength inside, some situations are far too big to cope with alone. It does not matter how much strength you can muster, or confident you are in your abilities, you cannot take on everything by yourself. When something is too big, you feel overwhelmed by it. During this David versus Goliath moment we need to open all our senses to God, and just like David, you can win.

One important aspect to success during a time of impossible odds is biblical affirmations. Constantly pondering, or self talking, (Ps 1:2) the word of God can bring tremendous healing and open mindedness to God's spectacular power. When your thinking becomes clear with scripture, you see with the eyes of faith, you understand with a pure heart, and you trust in a reality beyond your power. Consider this verse:

Because I place my hope in the Lord my strength is renewed.”
Isaiah 40:31

When you feel in a weak, unable to find your strength, go back to this verse and start thinking about God and His unlimited power to create and sustain the entire universe. Let that thought sink in. As you let it sink in, let all the power and majesty behind this knowledge energize you. Instead of taking on any situation alone, which can feel intimidating, you take it on with God's eternal power. You are no longer depending solely on yourself for everything. You are no longer alone in this. You have one of the greatest powers just on the other side of this physical realm, God, and you can put all your faith and your trust in Him. The biggest boost to your strength comes from letting God be everything as you fight with faith. You will have the ability to take on anything because God in you directs your path.

Of course, bible affirmations for healing are also vital parts of meditation, and meditation has proven innumerable health benefits, and even more for the Christian. If you feel ill, or if you feel that you are not as strong as you once were, go to your favorite affirmations in the Bible. This technique has inspired millions and has lifted countless others from hopelessness into an undefeated conquering will, even to the point of miracles. Combining many verse with meditation, can help you to heal in ways other methods simply cannot. Verses like this include:

God gives me strength when I am weary and increases my power when I am weak.”
Isaiah 40:29

During times of weakness, when you feel beaten and exhausted, you can say this affirmation to yourself. Repeat it over and over. When you do, you will feel a surge of energy, that's God strengthening you. Feel the power of the Holy Spirit and let the Lord help you. It can keep you going through rough times. When your mind and body are struggling, or when you are not able to do anything for yourself, it can charge you with strength. Having your strength high and remaining positive are vital aspects to receiving health whole healing. Just be sure no matter what happens to stay in the light of God's mind where all things are possible.

Today there is evidence of God's power to healing. These fascinating reports stem from people who declare that God is there Healer, their Power, their Savior, and sovereign God over all creation. This is also a testament to the power of God's indwelling word. Without God's word in us we have very little to lean on. Bible affirmations gives us strength and the fortitude of mind to fight in our quest for health and healing. A positive mindset guided by God's word can help us beat the odds. Scientifically documented miracles are proof that God's restorative power is actively restoring health.

Any person facing physical or mental health issues like fear, anxiety, and weakness, Bible affirmations for healing can help both mind and body. Every verse, every statement, every word, can give you strength. There is a verse for nearly every subject, too. If you are looking for help to gain strength within yourself, they can help. They give you the ability to gain strength from the Lord via the ability of the ind to connect with God with concentration. They help you to understand healing from God's eternal point of view, which further enhances mental attitude contributing health in your body.

Your mind and body become more powerful as you focus on the greatest reality that exists in God, and that's where true freedom exists. Freedom is the spiritual substance we accept from God, and if everything else aligns to the spiritual freedom we have inside then our thoughts, words, and actions will reflect the reality imparted to us from God. Bible affirmations will then have the highest and maximum effect on our lives producing fascinating results.

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We love you. We're praying for you.

Andrew Norman Wilson

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