Easy Christian Meditation Reduces Stress, Boosts Immunity

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

All forms of meditation are known to have therapeutic effects on individuals who practice regularly. However Christian meditation and guided Christian meditation has been rapidly gaining ground around the world. Many practitioners explain that this pleasant experience helps them correct unwanted psychological patterns that stand in the way of a better life. Many explain that experiencing God during a time of peace allows them to reflect on their shortcomings and changing with God's truth.

This form of meditation method where you quiet the mind with either a prayer mantra, or short verse, while seeking God is designed to clear the mind so you can more fully embrace Christ, His word, and your life. This attitude directs life in the way of Christ with love, acceptance, and surrendered to God, an attitude that brings peace to most Christians . Many people describe their meditation with the Lord as “blissful” or “blissful peace“, an experience that guides them throughout the day.

Experiencing the Lord this way is akin to “tasting” or “seeing” the Lord and with regular practice the word of God we ponder upon can greatly impact our mind and ultimately change who we. The benefits don't stop their. With the surrendered life comes peace, and with peace comes reduced stress. The problems of life may not go away but with our heart and soul firmly fixed in the Lord we can move ahead with greater strength, resolve, and tranquil determination.

What Causes Stress?

Stress can be caused by incidents that are not anticipated that generally affect an individual. For example, a groom may stress because he is expected to get married shortly. A bride may stress because her attempts at a perfect wedding may fall short. Stress starts small, but if left unattended, it can become one of your biggest problems.
Stress can also be caused due work related pressures. Deadlines, workloads, customers, conflicts, and repeated changes cause an individual to become stressed out. Families and relationships are can also take a toll. Individuals can become very stressed over relationships. Unsuccessful relationships may cause one to feel like there is a weight on us, or as if they are choking. Shortness of breath during stressful times is very common, paying close attention to our breathing pattern can reveal volumes of information.

Basically, stress can happen in many ways and it can affect anybody. How each individual deals with stress is unique to their own self. Some read books to get over it, while others may listen to music. Some practice breathing techniques, others combine several techniques including meditation.

How Can Christian Meditation Help?

Believing in God and having a close relationship with the Lord is a prerequisite if you want to start a Christian meditation practice. A simple breathing exercise for ten minutes with the prayer-chant “God saves”, or “Jesus”, is more than enough to reduce your stress. The breathing and your own reassuring voice that God watching over you. As this notion will sinks deeper into your mind, it will calm your nervous system thus helping overcome stress.

People who practice Christian meditation generally feel more connected to God and feel they can more effectively cope with everything that comes their way. They also express a greater ability to understand others and situations, so positive relationship building is a collateral effect. Also, their creativity is increased, which enhances task completion and management. Meditation also helps improve problem solving skills via a more efficient cognitive system in the brain.

When stress is removed, you enter into a higher potential of yourself, a self that exists in Christ Jesus who strengthens every part of your being. Meditation helps you to deeply stay connected to God in whom your highest potential is released into the world. Making the world around you a better place.

Practicing it regularly can help reduce your stress and improve your concentration, thus giving you a great calm to proceed through life. Relaxed people do more and accomplish more. The calmness you receive in a state of meditation helps you stay virtually unaffected by stressful events. Most people who meditate regularly report “seeing” stressful events from a third party view, God's. From that perspective they “see” the temporal nature of all situations as well God's grander view. The psychological impact on the psyche reduces anxiety signals to your nerves, that means less stress and clarity of mind.

This what meditation does for you. It fortifies your mind, strengthens your heart, and enables better judgment with God's guidance. At this level of mind many opportunities will open and your mind will will move forward to accomplish with absolute clarity and peace. Relaxation techniques related to meditation can work wonders on the exterior as well as the interior, so watch for any changes in both mind and body and you begin.

How Meditation Boosts Immunity

In your body, stress happen because of two reasons. One is if an event or happening personally related by you affects your nervous system via a mental perception of danger. This trigger the fight or flight response and releases hormones that prepares to either fight or run. It is normal to experience a healthy dose of fear once in a while, especially during threatening situations. But continuous panic even for the slightest of situations is a sign of anxiety disorder, and the constant release of hormones can be corrosive to our bodies.

Meditation helps regenerate and rebuild the brain on a cellular level so it becomes less affected by events that on surface may appear stressful. It does this by “unplugging” the reactive anxiety connections in the mind that jolt the body with fear.

Unplugging the anxiety connections in the brain promotes immune cell regeneration and multiplication, an a natural activity that boosts our overall immunity. A calm mind and body are key to a stronger you.

Another reason why you should consider taking up a meditation practice is, breathing. Oftentimes a meditation practice is accompanied by breathing exercises, a good routine that will further reduce stress and calm the nervous system. Letting yourself become aware of your breath and improving upon it will increase the oxygen content in your blood which can naturally help purify your blood. When blood oxygen content increases you will feel more energized and focused.

Christian meditation not only helps us to connect with God but allows us to listen and learn from God as we live life, it also transforms us into our best self that exists in Christ. The changes we experience in spirit also carry over into the physical realm changing our bodies.

Practicing for 20 - 40 minutes per day will have a dramatic affect. Within 2 – 3 weeks you should feel calmer and more clear headed. You will be better able to solve problems, see more possibilities, speak more clearly, visualize with more clarity, understand with more heart, and love to a greater degree. Your life will truly begin when you love God with all your heart, soul, and mind without the distracting barrier of thought. That's Christian meditation is about and it will work wonders in your life. Stress will be a thing of the past when you draw from God. If you haven’t started meditating, maybe this is your time to start.

Do you have any insights? We'd like to know. Publish your comments in the area below. We love you and we're praying for you.

Agatha Roosevelt

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