Christian Subliminals Unlock Enormous Human Potential

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Christian subliminal techniques predicate itself on delivering the word of God in subliminal form. This means hidden biblical suggestions perceptible only to your subconscious. Although subliminal messaging has been a controversial concept for some time, it is becoming more widely accepted as relevant as more scientific data becomes available. Researchers have continued to study the effectiveness of subliminal messages and have found various instances where attitude is influenced with subliminal communication. These findings expose the fact that the brain is highly complex and capable of subliminal learning, furthermore, it gives insight to the incredible capacity of the mind.

Today there are many subliminal audio programs on the market, which tout to give you the ability tap into extraordinary powers. When shopping for subliminal programs we should all be careful. When it comes to blindly accepting the promises of any subliminal program it's best to do our research before buying. For Christians it is especially important to scrutinize any subliminal affirmation program against scripture. One should be able to read all affirmations before buying and then confirm them with the Bible.

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Once your investigative work is over, you should be able to purchase with confidence and plug into a life-enhancing program built to around your faith. But, there's one more thing to consider, effectiveness. There are literally thousands of programs out there, so which one will work for you? The answer rests in a single word, persuasiveness. The persuasiveness of the non conscious cues determines the result of subliminal stimuli. Research reveals that subliminal stimuli mostly triggers behaviors and actions which a person wants to perform. That means that the subconscious mind registers and acts on subliminal concepts which a person is predisposed to perform, but with much more effectiveness and intent. So your best bet is to go with an audio program that reinforces your faith in Christ. The power for great, even miraculous transformation, comes from faith, and faith can finely tune our psychology according to any message, which is why it's so important to compare the subliminal messages to scripture.

Psychological fine tuning can propel a us into higher dimensions of spiritual realization and potential. For Christians it is essential that mental fine tuning adheres to the concepts of God's supernatural word. The main purpose is to produce a desired outcome according to God's higher intelligence of creation, and that’s what Christian subliminal programming is great at doing. Subliminal programming can keep a person subconsciously on track with a Bible-based goal. The aim here is not to keep a person unaware of a concealed mental pattern, but to enhance, or influence, the continual unperceived mind chatter, which so often resurrects debilitating mental ghosts.

Relying on subliminal programs as a technique to successfully unblock the mind requires a program to at least, or in part, comply with the following:

a) The composition of a subliminal cue or message must be designed to trigger an appropriate motive.

b) To determine the limits of intensity between which stimulus is effective but not consciously perceived.

c) To determine a preexisting motive that will produce the desired action beyond common behavior.

d) To overcome the negative self talk that frequently prevents a person from moving in a desired direction.

Another factor to keep in mind is that not all the subliminal messages translate into action. Just because the brain identifies with the messages it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have an impact on your personality and translate into action. Researchers and psychologist are still conducting the experiments to reach the core of this phenomenon. However, most practitioners agree that the type, content, quantity, number of repetitions, and desirability of subliminal stimulus, plays a very important role in the manifestation of a desired outcome. One of the most critical variables in stimulating change is overcoming the silent negativity of the mind. The human mind is an extraordinary creation of God and may not be easily manipulated. The mind quietly produces 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day, and only about 10% is perceived by the average person. Even more surprising, it's been estimated that nearly 80% of all hidden thought is negative. Subliminal techniques have been used to get at the source of our thinking and at least in part wipe out some of the negative recurring thought. This technique is especially potent for person who believes in God.

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But even when faith is invoked during the process some people may face an automatic mental resistance. This largely due to implanted defense mechanisms. So it’s necessary to deal with the defense mechanism before introducing subliminal stimuli. When these defenses are up it is very difficult to tap on the unconscious potential and bring out the behavior that surpasses the current state.

Recognition of stimulus is also very important. Different subliminal stimuli can be introduced to evoke a certain behavior. However, greatest results are generated when the mind and subconscious is familiar with the stimulus. Once it is recognized the person's will allows for the new mental pattern to become ingrained which starts playing a major role in the determination of specific actions, behaviors, and results. Whenever possible one should fully analyze, study, or listen, to the stimuli several times before being exposed to the subliminal version. This will reap in the highest and best rewards.

Once the stimuli or message is registered in the mind it will motivate a person to take action, seemingly unknowingly, or just as a natural part of one's personality. For instance, in business world people are afraid to take risks when making investment decisions. However, when the brain is tuned to look for opportunity, assess risk, measure the chances of success, and confidently make a decision, the person will not hesitate to do so, and therefore profit from a well analyzed risk. This is how good mind training works.

Christian subliminals can bring you closer to God and help you overcome undesirable behavior while rewiring your brain with new beneficial thought patterns. (Ro 12:2) Many people also report a sense of peace on the path to improvement. This is largely due to inner satisfaction. Contentment plays a major role in calming the mind, soul, and body. This happens when the mind taps into the subconscious levels where one feels as though he or she is in complete synchronicity with God's will.

Humans are complex beings and act and behave in according to the inner complexities that drive them. Acting in a desired fashion is a difficult task unless one is willing to change and seeks to focus on a set of helpful messages. It so happens at times that people are very talented, creative, and full of potential but become very limited in their ability to produce due to debilitating mental patterns. Christian subliminal programs help wipe away the hidden negativity while bringing out our latent talents within by delivering positive, effective, and encouraging Biblical messages to the subconscious mind. They arouse spiritual energy and empower unwavering faith, even in the face of insurmountable adversity we see unrelenting conquering energy. Behavior that is in harmony with the empowering mental patterns that manifest as reality are simply a natural occurrence of the law of cause and effect. It is precisely this internal activity that many super achievers attribute to as the secret to their success. Every person is uniquely talented and gifted in a special way. To bring out that hidden natural ability some tools are needed and Christian subliminal programming is one such tool.

To sum it up, we can say that people work efficiently and effectively only when they are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated. Extrinsic motivation is created through rewards, benefits and good amount of desire to change helps. Intrinsic motivation comes from the rewiring of our mind which can automatically take over once the process to improve is started.

Christians are especially positioned to benefit the most from subliminal programs. They have faith in a greater power than themselves, and faith has a way of translating itself into real tangible power. The kind of power that changes things. The rewards are inner peace, satisfaction, and increased faith which commences an upward cycle in spiritual growth.

When a person is confident because he or she envisions a potential outcome, they act without fear. They mentally and spiritually live in a reality seen in the vision of the mind and move ahead. It is virtually impossible to stop a man or woman motivated by an inner reality. (Mark 11:24)

Unleashing human potential in every person is how we change the world. Light can be released in every endeavor to the benefit of mankind every where. When hidden and malignant influences are stamped out from the mind light can reign. Our realized potential in God should never be considered from the perspective of self-gain, but as a way of following two of the greatest commandments. To love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and to love others as ourselves. That means we give up limiting carnal thought and replace it with sound biblical messages, not to our gain but to God's glory and to the benefit of others. As we become a blessing to others we will be blessed, everything else will fall into place and you will be cared for... eternally. (Mt 6:33)

Obeying these two commandments turns us into vessels of God's pure power. Resistant thought patterns are non existent in the life of a pure vessel. So your desire to change is really the Holy Spirit's desire to change mankind to something better. You just happen to perceive, or sense, the Spirit's communication. Trust me, it's no coincidence you are reading this article. You sought information regarding an intriguing topic and now you can plainly see that it is about God's signaling you to move forward. There are many negative influences and those have to be removed so the light of the Son may shine more brightly.

So now it is time for you to take action. Do your research and then get some good Christian subliminal programs. It's time to be free. It's time to walk and live with God's power with love, mercy, and goodness. Now is the time.

Remember, we pray for every reader. So we're praying for you. Questions, comments, suggestions? Let's talk, post your observation below.

We love you. We're praying for you. Gob bless.

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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