Christian Meditation vs. Anxiety Has Remarkable Effects

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Defined as a feeling or worry, unease, or nervousness, anxiety can take a great toll on our mental health and well being. Whether it’s caused by real fear and actual imminent threat, or if it stems from imagined negative possibilities, there is no doubt that anxiousness can zap productivity, positivity, and overall happiness. Anxiety can happen once or be a daily occurrence, and chronic anxiety might lead to over-stress and even depression. It’s not healthy for our mind and body to allow these negative feelings to thrive, which is why it is our responsibility to ensure that we maintain a positive disposition and an optimistic mindset. Christian meditation just might be the conquering hero your body is looking for.

From medication, guided therapies, and even mind control, the treatments that have sprung up in recent years to address this ever growing issue are plentiful. But the truth about anxiety is that it can be resolved by a single trouble-free and often costless practice, and that is Christian meditation. Yes, mindfulness and contemplation are rarely included in mainstream treatment programs for anxiety and stress, but you will be surprised to know just how effective this practice really is.

The Truth About Christian Meditation

We’ve all seen those people cross sitting on their mats and cushions, with eyes closed, and breathing ever so slowly as they practice meditation. For some, it might seem like a strange and uncommon sight, and for others still, it might seem a little silly. As uncommon as the outward appearance of meditation might be, there are lots of great proven benefits that come from the practice of sitting quietly. The advantages and physical gains provided by Christian meditation are felt only when you turn it into a refreshing habit. While many medical practitioners and experts might not suggest this treatment when you walk into their clinics, recent studies have shown that Christian meditation can actually be a lot more effective than medication and alternate therapies.

Dr. Madhav Goyal, M.D., M.P.H., assistant professor at the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University, claims that their study on meditation proves that the exercise can be a lot more beneficial for stressed and anxious individuals than many antidepressants. Their research involved the participation of numerous individuals with a plethora of different conditions – both mental and physical – which were then treated with simple meditation techniques. The results were outstanding.

Not only did participants feel they resolved the stress and anxiety issues, many of which were very mentally problematic patients, but it also showed promise of being able to alleviate physical symptoms such as pain and chronic discomfort. What’s more, meditation did not show any signs of negative effects, which could mean great benefits for many of the people experiencing anxiety, pressure, and stress today.

How to Perform Christian Meditation

Surely, with all the great benefits of mindful reflection, you’re probably inclined to try it for yourself. Christian meditation is ideal for those who want to alleviate stress and pressure without having to see a doctor or to buy medication. Keep in mind, however, that Christian meditation is an alternative therapy. If and when you start to feel that your anxiety is reaching unreasonable levels and cannot be resolved by sleep, rest, or meditation, you should seek the attention from a health care professional immediately.

If you want to start your own Christian meditation practice, this step by step guide should lead you towards a better life.

Establish a Christian Meditation Schedule – There are two common times that Christian meditation participants take part in this practice and those are the moment they wake up and the time before they go to sleep. These two times of the day are ideal because they allow us to assume a disposition that fosters the proper execution of meditation without risk of being distracted. But you can practice meditation when you start to feel the pressure rising, as long as you can find the right place to perform it. Whether you’re at work, at school, or out and about, meditation can be performed. Just make sure you’re in the right environment. If you want to make Christian meditation a part of your everyday routine, dedicate a block of time to your cause and make sure that you are kept from distraction during this period.

Find the Optimal Environment – The effectiveness of our practice relies greatly on the quality of our environment. An uncomfortable chair, a noisy atmosphere, and poor temperature conditions could make it very hard to maintain focus on your prayer-mantra, or scripture-mantra. Before you start your session, see to it that you’re comfortable enough where you are to steer clear of any distractions, however not too comfortable that you might fall asleep.

Maintain Concentration – Breathe slowly, clear your mind, and focus on your desired outcomes, to become one with Jesus while you mentally repeat your Christian mantra. Do not entertain ideas and do not dwell on thoughts that aren’t related to your purpose. If thoughts arise just let them “be” while you remain focused. This state of mind is similar to being on a busy street while being fully engrossed in thought. Let the busyness of the mind “be”, while your concentration brings you closer to the Lord. Within minutes your thoughts will subside as you let go in the peace of the Lord. When you reach that stage your life will be in Jesus' full control. God bless you on your journey. See you in the kingdom.

What's been you experience with Christian meditation? Do you have tips or ideas? Please in the comment box below.

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