3 Simple Habits To Get You Started With Christian Meditation

The race is on. Since we started publishing and developing some of the world's best Christian meditations and devotionals, the popularity of the practice has grown dramatically. More people are looking to start the practice themselves and need more information.

Well, we're here to help. Over the last decade we've distributed scientific data and research that has backed the most astounding results from serene quiet stillness. (Ps 46:10) Science and data that can have you contemplating over God's marvelous design for a lifetime.

Since 2008 we've gathered what seems like tens of thousands of informational pages about every aspect of meditation. Additionally, we've learned valuable insights from thousands of emails sent by our wonderful users. Suffice to say that ChristAudio has the largest concentration of Christian meditation intelligence anywhere on the planet.

So we distilled 3 simple but fundamental principles out of the enormity of data stored in our memory banks. Yes, we did all the hard work for you. All you have to do is follow three simple bits of wisdom to pave the way of your journey with treasures from God.

Habit #1 - Prayer Chant

Prayer chants have a way of dedicating our heart and mind completely to God. It harmonizes our inner being with with God's word through verbal prayer. Learn how to start your own Christian mantra practice here.

Habit #2 - Meditate on God's Word

Focusing your mind on God's word can and will change your mind and life. In John 14:23 Jesus states that anyone who loves Him will "keep" His word and that God will visit that person with more divine presence. Learn how to develop a meditation on God's word here.

Habit #3 - Exercise

Exercise has virtually the same benefits as meditation. A rigorous workout that boosts heart rate, increases oxygen intake, and has you sweating like an Olympic athlete is one the best ways to enhance your Christian meditation experience. Here's 8 physical exercises to improve your meditation - click here. By the way, Christian monks are notoriously strong. After the early morning prayer chants and service, they're out in the filed digging ditches, tending gardens, building retaining walls, and repairing monastery buildings.

Now that you have the three main points to putting your meditation on the fast track with God, here's a few bonus points.

Limit your exposure to television, control your emotions by focusing on God and love, add content to your daily life that enhances your faith, and finally, eat healthier food.

If you add everything outlined in this article, your Christian meditation practice will soar to greater heights. Your nerves will heal, your heart will be steadied, your mind will be at peace, and your soul will be in harmony with God.

If there's any meditation habit that enhances your meditation practice, please share. We love creativity. God bless you, see you in the kingdom.

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