3 Ways To Overcome Anxiety

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

After you've had an anxiety attack what happens? Are you familiar with the feelings of doubt and fear that anxiety leaves behind?

Let me ask you this. Are you familiar with the underlying conditions that cause anxiety? Do you know what happens to your body when anxiety takes over? Or how the mind/body anxiety cycle plays out and how to stop it?

Do you know why some people face serious mental health issues with anxiety and why some people gain control live in victory?

How often do you wish you could learn from authority real knowledge about how anxiety works and the techniques to short-circuit it? What leads to anxiety, how it works through your mind and body, and how to react to it for maximum relief.

The Anxiety Relief Book contains the facts you must know about anxiety if you are to win. It includes the full story of the anxiety crisis. A crisis that affects millions of stress exhausted people each day.

Can you for one moment imagine anyone who experiences anxiety without affecting their future? Do you think the trajectory of our life is affected by anxiousness?

Opportunity is here. Science backed by Biblical teaching is blazing the way for victory and supremacy over anxiety for people in 11 nations right now.

It doesn't matter how long you've had anxiety. Eventually, you must reconstruct. Millions of cells in your body are reacting unfavorably to a mind/body cycle you can change for lasting relief.

You need to ask yourself, "How much do you really know about the biochemical anxiety cycle, ways to interrupt it, and eventually heal from it?"

All the answers are in The Anxiety Relief Book. Without these answers, it's challenging to change anxiety, or pursue a fruitful life with God?

Changing what you know about anxiety and what to do about it changes how you feel about anxiety. It gives you a sense of power and control over the problem.

So now you know. If you are to make strides over your health and life, you must inform yourself, and it starts right now.

Today I'm informing you of the three most essential formulas to overcoming anxiety explained in The Anxiety Relief Book.

The first is the Love Technique.

For thirty-five years Dr. Steven Hayes, a prominent Ph.D. graduate, and professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada, and the thirtieth most influential psychologist in the world discovered that people can successfully overcome anxiety with love.

The elaborate medical report goes into great scientific detail about how people can mentally look at anxiety through love.

By practicing this technique, people can feel anguished from the third party perspective of love. The practice opens new realms of healing because it promotes control over the situation through the simple spiritual practice of love.

In over a thousand case studies Dr. Steven Hayes notes that love guides all people toward hope and health.

What Dr. Hayes discovered is the Biblical principle that God is love. (1 John 4:8 ) So when we purposefully guide ourselves to experience love, we can think differently through anxiety to eventually overcome it.

The second method I want to disclose to you is The Acceptance Technique.

This concept has been developing since the 1950s with promising results each year. The concept teaches a gradual acceptance of anxious circumstances until it eventually desensitizes a person.

The desensitization process helps you to visualize anxious situations and gradually accept it preemptively. Foreseeing a troubled event helps people more effectively get over stressful situations and move ahead more quickly.

The concept has proven successful in patients for many years that scores of psychologists fully embrace it.

The technique of course brings to mind the Biblical injunction not to conform to the mental patterns of this world.  (Romans 12:2)

The third most effective method you can use is called The Posture Technique.

Did you know that anxiety showers your body with stress hormones that cause physical reactions like shaking? It's true. Did you also know that a study conducted by social psychologist Amy Cuddy proves that a simple physical posture held for 2-minutes can drop stress hormones in your body?

It turns out that our bodies are genetically and chemically designed to change with mood and mood can be altered by our bodily posture. Blood samples show that adopting a low self-esteem posture, like when we experience anxiety, increases corrosive stress hormones.

But when we adopt a confident body posture, it not only reducing stress hormones but it actually increases hormones that produce health.

You just learned three vital lessons about anxiety and how to overcome it. Yet you only learned a small fraction of what I teach in the book.

We could be here for hours going over specific details about how to implement each method. If you hope to make the most of life, you need to develop more in mind and spirit.

With The Anxiety Relief Book, I cover the ten most significant techniques of our time and how to practice each one correctly. The techniques are intelligently grouped into three sections Pre-Anxiety, During-Anxiety, and Post-Anxiety so you can find the method you need at the moment.

Your struggle with anxiety will be easier when you learn a wide variety of techniques. It's absolutely essential you know an assortment of methods and when to implement them.

You don't need dull, dry, boring information. When I had anxiety, those types of books were the toughest to get through. I wanted clear, concise answers with solutions I could launch when I needed them the most.

So with the Anxiety Relief Book, I summarize a massive amount of material and put the top ten most effective strategies in an easy-to-read guide format that could have otherwise occupied a hundred books.

Here's the ten techniques you learn:

  1. The Rhythmic Breathing Technique - Learn how to change your cells with rhythmic breathing.  
  2. The Intensity Technique - How certain types of exercises changes brain chemistry and how to create your own 30-second routine to short-circuit anxiety.
  3. The Love Technique - The relaxation and contemplation technique to overcome anxiety with love.
  4. The Diffusion Technique - A method designed to stop unwanted frightful thoughts.
  5. The Balloon Technique - A simple breath training to help you help gain mental clarity.
  6. The Acceptance Technique - With this method you learn how to manage anxiety before it happens.
  7. The Thought-Rebound Technique - Most people try to suppress anxious thoughts which makes things worse. This technique shows you how to overcome the nasty effect thought suppression has on mental health.
  8. The Engagement Technique - Learn how to move out of the biochemical anxiety cycle successfully.
  9. The Music Technique - Discover how and when to use music as a powerful anxiety- busting tool.
  10. The Posture Technique - This technique shows you how posturing yourself the right way in front of a mirror for 2 minutes makes an enormous difference in your body's biochemistry.

The mass of material is condensed into a quick reference guide you can use anytime. The collection of techniques which took nearly a year to analyze, classify, and summarize is available for $10.

While the present edition lasts, I can make you the special price offer of just $4. This offer is available while the current edition continues. If the present edition is discontinued or revised the price will change accordingly.

Get the book and see for yourself if it's of benefit to you or someone you love. I bet it is.

I had anxiety, so I know what you're going through. To help you go all the way on your journey, I'm including a 10-Minute Anti Anxiety Audio Trainer.

This beautifully crafted audio is a guided Christian meditation with soothing sounds, gentle music, and breathing and visualization techniques mentioned in this book.

All you need to do is press play and enjoy a meditation for a better day and life.

I believe the four dollars you spend on this book and the accompanying audio will mark a moment you'll remember the rest of your life. A moment that set in motion a sequence of new events toward a better future.

But remember, the present price holds only for this edition. Now is the time to order.

What value would you receive if you read this article and didn't take action? Seldom does a person receive value without taking action. A person who acts with knowledge is the one gets the most out life because they honor God with effort. Those are the ones who forge ahead to victory.

If you have stress of any kind, or anxiety that affects you, I urge to get the book and the audio that comes with it. You'll be happy to know that beyond the book and audio you're also getting spiritual support form me.

Every day between 4:30 and 6 am (MST, USA) I pray for every person who visits our website or buys any product from us. If you need extra prayer support, I'm your man. Reply to any email we send, or send us a request from our website, and I'll personally pray for you in the presence of our Lord.

Now when the knowledge is of infinite value to you is the time to acquire it. You can make small adjustments now for big changes later.

Click on the Amazon link, order it, and we'll get the book out to you right away. The Kindle version is delivered instantly to your Amazon account so you can start enjoying it in a few seconds.


Once you receive the book, go to the chapter titled, "Get The 10 Minute Anti-Anxiety Trainer" and tell us where you want the audio trainer emailed. The audio is delivered in about a minute, then you can enjoy it endlessly on your journey.

God bless you.

See you in the Kingdom,

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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