5 Ideal Functions of a Christian Meditation App

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

So what would the ideal Christian meditation app offer? Based on analytical trends, people are looking to do a variety things. Mainly, they are looking for someone to teach them the fine art that leads them to more spiritual contact with Jesus.

Additionally, they want to be trained with various techniques, and if possible they want the trainer to be with them at all times. These requests are centuries old, and have been echoed by generations of students.

With today's technology, those requests can be answered, well, almost. It's possible to display enough content in a helpful phone app to guide someone daily, but having personal contact is time consuming and costly.

The hybrid solution to a personal trainer is a blog - a community of authors and participants who contribute toward the development of a common knowledge base. Although embedding a blog into an app may not be the same as having direct personal contact to a guru, it comes pretty close. A collective mind, especially when directed and exposed to vast amounts of scientific data, can answer most questions.

The beauty of this system is that it's always there. It never quits, never takes breaks, and is available 24/7 waiting to answer your questions.

So let's look at what what most people want from an app.

5 Ideal Functions of a Christian Meditation App

1. Classes - The app must be able to get a person started from zero. Yes, we must assume that every person is making first contact with Christian meditation. So an instructor must be able to present concepts and practical instruction to everyone and for every skill level.

2. Continual Training - Unless you pay for a personal trainer to be by your side you won't get 24/7 personal training, but a blog that constantly supplies students with fresh new scientifically based material can go a long way helping one develop a profound practice.

3. Meditation Techniques - Learning and practicing a variety of techniques will enhance one's experience in the art of Christian meditation.

4. Supporting Material - Imagine getting additional material that supports your meditation journey, this could be ebooks, additional programs, video, or audio. Added content can definitely make a difference in achieving your goals.

5. 24/7 Support - In the filed of Christian meditation the temptation to stray from our path of a life unified to Christ can be daunting. So ways to help the mind stay focused on our deep relationship with God are usually very appreciated. 24/7 audio stream can play a critical role in pursuing a goal of meditative bliss with Jesus.

Most people agree that these are the best qualifying factors when it comes to choosing an app. Yes, these are the guideposts most people rely on.

Now to the good stuff. We have the developed the most unique Christian meditation app that focuses on these five key areas.

Regardless of skill level, a person can start with our 7 day class where they get video and audio training, with an opportunity to practice meditation. Our blog is rich with information and support by vast amounts of scientific documentation and links. Additionally, you can post question at the bottom of any article and our friendly staff will reply.

Once you get a feel for Christian meditation you practice with several guided meditations. This will help your progress and make you more familiar with the discipline. Supporting materials include subliminal versions of your meditations to help your journey even more.

Most of the difficulty that arises in our field is relaxing and letting go of stress. Relax, we got your back with a 24/7 streaming radio. Plug-in anytime close your eyes, and chill - really just chill with beautiful Christian meditation music.

Our app is you Christian meditation personal trainer - and it gets better.

Want to advance even more. We got you covered. Download high quality Christian meditations right into the app and supercharge your journey. get meditations with music, without music, or just subliminal. Like a song that helped you relax download it from our store and listen to it a millions times!

And it's all loaded into a handy app that costs nothing, zip, zero. What to download the app now, here you go.


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