6 Reasons Why Christian Meditation Improves Business Leadership

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Christian Meditation Facts That Help Top Leaders Achieve Success


Imagine closing your eyes, momentarily letting go of worldly concerns, and experiencing Jesus' very real and tangible presence for a few minutes. How would you feel? Renewed? Refreshed? Totally changed? That's what Christian meditation is.

Entering a state of meditation is something God built in every person. There are now thousands of studies that show how even the simplest secular meditation techniques can positively and dramatically change a person and when it comes to business leadership it's no different.

Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs, Tony Schwartz, Bill Ford, the list of top CEO's who meditate goes on. It was even once reported that Panda Express founder Andrew Cherng once stopped a business meeting to teach a stressed employee how to meditate.

Today it's not just a trend. Since the medical benefits are well documented and as new evidence keeps mounting companies are turning the ancient practice as way to lead their companies more effectively. The discipline is making its way through Wall Street and London's Square mile. Even the greatest skeptics can no longer dispute reams of documented scientific proof that meditation improves a person physically, mentally, and emotionally, and corporate America is listening. Yet there is so much more. Let's take a look at 6 reasons why Christian meditation really might make you a more effective business leader.

1. Establish True Leadership

Christian meditation allows us to experience Jesus as leader, the one who calls all the shots. You as the second in command of your business take orders from the King who supports you with His power.

2. Improve Clarity

So often a boss, manager, or entrepreneur gets overwhelmed, or bogged down, by hundreds of daily activities, decisions, and challenges. The deluge can hamper the the big picture vision. To be an exceptional leader one needs exceptional clarity, a skill that is naturally inherited when meditation is practiced.

3. Stress Resilience

If you've been involved in kind of business venture you know that launching, maintaining, or trying to grow your business can be a roller coaster ride. With many emotionally highs and lows while facing daily demands can magnify stress factors. Studies have unequivocally sown that training with the ancient art can build resiliency to stress while keeping the mind fresh and focused.

4. Decision Making Power

A medical analysis conducted by Eileen Lunders at UCLA Laboratory of Neuro-imaging discovered that the brain of a person who meditates daily, or regularly, over a extended period of time is more likely to undergo increased “gyrification”- a process that increases the brain’s ability to process information from multiple perspectives. This ability allowed participants to make better decisions faster.

5. Love

The same love you experience with Jesus in a state of meditation will be the love you project to others. It also allows you to understand others with more empathy and kindness, biblical principles all Christians should strive for.

6. Good Health

A great business leader is a healthy leader and Christian meditation can put you on the path of health. Countless reports indicate that regular meditation reduces blood pressure, boosts immunity, and, according to one study written in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, the discipline appears to control alcohol and substance addiction. 

Where to Start?

There are lots of websites and apps one could explore that can assist in learning to meditate and creating a life long practice. Here's a great resources to get you started: 7 Day Guided Christian Meditation Class. If you are interested in more advanced Christian meditation here are some great guided Christian meditations to help you take your meditation to the next level. We love you and we're praying for you. God bless you. Please let us know what benefits you've experienced as a business leader who meditates. Post them below.

Catherine Elizabeth

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