7 Key Benefits of a Daily Biblical Christian Affirmation Plan

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

No doubt that the leading affirmation gurus today are Joel Osteen and Deepak Chopra. Both value how affirmations can change one’s life. Each has shared his ideas in  support of affirmations, and how they set in motion spiritual powers that translate into the physical realm.

The entire principle is predicated on focus, a principle followed by many successful people. Personal focus, and discipline, can deliver virtually miraculous results for the practitioner. Focus defines our thought, desires, words, and actions, all of which will move us toward the manifestation of a goal.

The question most Christians questions why God blessed us with this power. Is it to gain advantages in the world by repeating "I am wealthy and debt-free" over and over? In our article  "Future Based Christian Affirmations Techniques and Beyond" we fully explore why God gave us this power and how to properly use it. The conclusion we came to was that God gave us this power to affirm His word.

By deeply affirming His word within ourselves we become blessed by His increased presence. (John 14:23) We can safely assume that if the presence of God increases within us everything else will work itself out. Additionally, we can pray, or affirm, that something is already existent and Jesus states you will receive it. (Mark 11:24) It's important to keep all the precepts of the Gospel in mind before embarking on affirming a red Mercedes Benz. The Gospels emphatically make the point that people become vessels of Christ by first believing in the work of resurrection and dwelling in the Word. It is from that deep relinquished relationship that we benefit from God, and that our words, or future based affirmations, will not be overlooked by God.

Naturally, we can surmise God designed this method to bless the words of the pure vessel because it prays, or affirms, according to God's will and His word. This of course brings glory to Him rather than the individual. So the idea of increased wealth and being debt free decreases when we become servants of a living word cultivated within that blesses every effort we undertake. From this perspective we can see how a spiritual whirlwind from God can overtake life and completely transform it.

So the proper biblical technique can infinitely increase your love, joy, and even prosperity. The God given power to clearly define God-based thought according to scripture and affirm it with the power of the mind will keep us on track, the right way.

While the practice helps achieve goals, according to God's word, it is a never-ending life practice. As we affirm thoughts, ideas, and inspirations in the Holy Spirit our carnal self (ego) diminishes while God increases. Eventually, our voice and the voice of the Spirit become as one, and nothing can glorify God more. A completely relinquished servant can embody God more fully, and our greatest example is Jesus. Now lets look at how a life led by biblical Christian affirmations fundamentally changes us.

7 Key Benefits of Daily Affirmations

  1. Self Awareness - Behavior is a determinant factor to thought. (Matthew 12:33) Ever encounter a rude angry uncontrolled person and discovered later they were Christian? This is a clear example of un-awareness. Meditating on biblical affirmations help us to observe negative thought patterns, become more aware, and improve with God's grace.
  2. God Awareness - The practice will make you keenly aware of how God is working your life according to the word your are speaking. This will encourage and motivate you to keep moving ahead.  
  3. Blessings - Daily affirmations not only help keep your mind focused on God's word, but it will bring mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical blessings. According to John 14:23, those who "keep" His word are blessed with God's increased presence.
  4. Stress Protection - A recent study provided evidence that visualizing affirmations can protect against the damaging effects of stress during problem-solving tasks. The test demonstrated that the process boosted individual abilities within a stressed environment while performing problem-solving tasks.
  5. Better Health - Imagine having a 50% less chance of cardiovascular disease. That's what a positive attitude can do for you.  Another study shows that optimistic people have healthier hearts, and affirmations help you to stay positive.
  6. Longevity - The main principle of practicing biblical Christian affirmations is that we affirm God's word as real in the mind. The practice will inevitably lead us to follow the commandments of Jesus. At the core of His commandments is the practice of love and compassion. According to new research when we are loving and compassionate toward others it can dramatically boost our lifespan.
  7. Become A Better Person - Being of self and God, while receiving blessings, and being protected from stress and health issues will make you a better person. As a better person you will be a blessing to others.


If you feel like you need direction in life, and especially of you feel like you need to feel God on your journey, it's time to develop a daily biblical Christian affirmation practice. This is a great way to impress God's word in your brain, feel close to God, and accomplish with God's holy presence.

Use this guide to get you started. Once you establish a daily practice, of "keeping" God's word as powerful affirmations, you can slowly, and gradually, incorporate your affirmations into your meditation. This tip can greatly enhanced the cultivation of God's word within you. We'd love to read about how you've benefited from practicing daily biblical Christian affirmations. Please post your thoughts below and share with others. We love you. We're praying for you. God bless you. See you in the kingdom.


Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News, BlogHer.com, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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