7 Things You Can Do To Improve Christian Meditation

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


Every good Christian is dedicated to improving their connection to God and deepening their faith, and that’s exactly what meditation can help one achieve.

Sure, there is certainly something to be said about dutifully reporting to church every Sunday and participating in as many church functions and community focused events as possible, but you’ll also want to really deepen your faith by having the chance to meditate on Jesus Christ and what your faith means to you in the comfort of your own home.

This is especially advantageous when you are looking to commune with God in a time of need. Prayer is a critical piece of the faith building puzzle, but Christian focused contemplation can also help you feel much closer to God.

To help you really improve your connection with your spirituality, deepen your level of faith-based reflection, and give you every advantage in communion with God, you’ll want to make these seven improvements to your time spent meditating.

1. Add Comfortable Cushions

There are certainly some that prefer to sit right down on the ground when they are meditating (or even taking their Christian faith meditation outside to feel closer to nature and to all of God’s creation), but if you’re going to be meditating for longer amounts of time you’ll want to get your hands on some high quality meditation focused cushions to help you out.

These cushions don’t have to be anything really special – even your couch cushions will work in a pinch – but as long as they provide comfort and support in your time of meditation you’ll be good to go.

2. Add Candles To Your Meditation

You don’t necessarily have to ask your local church for access to the candles that they may put out during mass (though it probably wouldn’t hurt), but you’ll definitely want to add at least a couple of candles that have spiritual meaning to you. Candles have a way of setting the tone and really helping you focus the mind.

Candles (while they burn) can help you feel much closer to the Lord, but can also symbolize the internal fire of the Holy Spirit and your passionate faith as well.

Scented candles are always a good way to go, so long as they are lightly scented, as they will help you free your mind and spirit making your meditative time more effective.

3. Include A Prayer Table

A prayer table will help you better organize a Christian focused meditation space, allowing you to really focus on those that you should be thinking about when you’re spending time communing with the Lord.

You’ll be able to better organize your candles, include pictures of Jesus, the disciples, or the saints. You can also include pictures of the most important people in your life which helps when you pray for them. Generally speaking, a prayer table helps to dedicate a specific space as your own church, worship center, or temple in your home.

4. Audible Prayers

Some people may to listen to gentle instrumental soothing music while they meditate to help distract the conscious mind so that the unconscious can better communicate with God, but if you’re really looking to elevate the impact of your time, you’ll want to consider having the sound of prayers playing in the background.

Not only will this add an extra layer of comfort and piety to your sessions, but it will also help you in your time of need. Audible prayers can change the spiritual atmosphere of your home while comforting the soul.

5. Add Your Favorite Religious Artifacts And Mementos

Great additions to your prayer table, you’ll want to be sure to add all of your favorite religious artifacts and mementos that help to bring your faith into the physical plane.

We all have different connections with different items, and adding small crosses, statues of Jesus, and other faith related symbols can really help you feel much more connected to God than you might have otherwise.

6. Religious Imagery Should Surround You While You Meditate

You’ll obviously want to include as many pieces of religious imagery as you can to your sacred space. Look for portraits and pictures of Jesus and other pieces of artwork, all images that help you relax and unwind. Consider any art that invokes peaceful feelings while you connect with God and open up your faith.

7. Add Plants And Flowers

You need to make sure that your space feels as open, as comforting, and as peaceful as possible – and what better way to do exactly that then by adding some of God’s greatest living creations in the forms of plants and flowers.

Choose your favorite flowers to really brighten up the space, but make sure that you also choose flowers that allow you to reflect on the beauty that our Lord has created. All of these choices will help you to unleash the power of your meditative state, while adding spiritual value to your life and bringing you much closer to God.

Meditation on its own can be rather challenging to master or perfect, and when you’re trying to better commune with God things can become even more challenging.

Thankfully though, with the seven tips outlined in this article you should be able to have a much easier time in making that lasting and deep connection to the Lord during your Christian meditation.

God bless you. We're praying for you, and we'd love to hear from you below.

Andrew Norman Wilson

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