Biblical Affirmations

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

What you believe determines how you live. If your belief system carries with it high expectations that you can achieve happiness and success with God, you probably will. Christian meditation is backed by positive biblical affirmations that can become part of a powerful self dialog. This type of self dialog can be so powerful that even Jesus states in John 14:23 that God Himself will begin to intensify in us. That's the stimulation of the Holy Spirit through biblical affirmations.

Affirmations can be even more effective when combined with christian meditation. If someone is told repeatedly that they are smart, chances are they will begin to believe it and begin to seek ways to fulfill that internal dialog. This is also know as a "self-fulfilling prophecy", if you or someone else repeats positive affirmations to you long enough, there is a high likelihood your subconscious mind will begin to believe it and start reflecting the statements through behavior.

How Do Biblical Affirmations Work?

It is thought that the subconscious mind re-plays this internal dialog throughout the day influencing self-image and behavior. By replacing old, negative thinking with new, godly subconscious thought you'll be able to access God's endless energy. (Jn 14:23) This powerful programming will direct you mind to live in the omnipotent power of God.

Christian Meditation Suggested Use

When you listen to our Christian meditations, relax and let yourself enjoy the guided meditation and sound design. Fully experience the affirmations, and let yourself "feel them". Plant each biblical affirmation in your mind and associate positive emotions with each one. This will help you to change in more godly ways with the Holy Spirit.

To achieve maximum benefit use your affirmations frequently, not occasionally, frequently, at least everyday for 30 days. Most scientists and doctors agree that it takes 30 to 40 days to make real believable change in the subconscious mind.

What Should I Do Between Meditations?

Be aware of your "self-talk". Immediately "cancel", "delete", or "reject" any and all negative self-talk that you might experience throughout the day. If allowed, negative self-talk will dominate the landscape of your mind you will and quickly negate the growth of God's positive power in you.

Why is Christian Meditation more Effective with Biblical Affirmations?
We live in a world filled with negative messages that can easily creep into our mind and grow with little notice. Over the course of months, years, and decades, these negative seeds can become powerful forces that drive trouble into our lives.

Fortunately, God the author of wisdom, created His Spirit to be within us. Correctly formulated Christian meditation with biblical affirmations is the important method of advancing the presence of God in us. It changes our subconscious and ultimately our lives for the better.

Most of us need assistance in properly and consistently replacing negative seed thoughts with upright godly thought. Relaxing and listening to biblical affirmations is the best way to produce the consistent new, healthy, godly thought patterns.

In addition to unique "first-person, present tense" biblical affirmations, our programs incorporate a variety of techniques including sound design, visualization, mental imagery, and relaxation techniques to stimulate whole brain learning.

What is "First-Person Present-Tense" Biblical Affirmations
Here's an example of our unique affirmations program embedded within each Christian meditation program and only available here at

In Mark 5 chapters 25 through 34, a women who had been sick for twelve years immediately went to Jesus and in faith touched Him. Jesus felt power leave Him. She was instantly healed! Later He responds to her "Daughter, your faith has made you well"

The recount of this healing is transformed as a first-person present tense affirmation like this:

"Christ has the power to heal all sickness. With my faith I touch Him. His power flows through me."

First-person present-tense biblical affirmations accepted by the mind during a state of relaxation has the power deepening our faith in Jesus. That's exactly what Jesus points after the healing. Our meditations help you develop faith in Jesus Christ during quiet meditative time which has the capacity of releasing power from Jesus.

Now imagine closing your eyes relaxing, focusing your mind on Christ, and then exercising godly thought in you mind, that's what our meditation help you do. Each meditation has over 100 unique biblical affirmations, so you're sure to experience changes toward a better life, even in a small way.

Catherine Elizabeth

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