Christian Meditation and Subliminal Learning

Even though there has been some controversy surrounding subliminal messaging, it is widely recognized that the brain is finely tuned for the human voice. As the scientific community continues to study the effectiveness of subliminal learning, thousands of people each year tune their minds to positive messages hidden in audio tracks of various kinds. Many people report noticeable changes in their attitude and behavior.

Subliminal audio programs are designed to deliver positive messages directly to the subconscious. This method allows for subconscious programming to take place with ease and without much analysis. Subliminal programming is much more effective when accompanied by a program that works with the conscious mind.

The most effective results comes from the combination both audible voice plus a subliminal version.

We know our programs are very beneficial because our customers tell us so. And no matter what, it's always real-life results that count. Our audio programs are very versatile, since Christian subliminal messages can be listened to during virtually any activity.

Our subliminal messaging is set to the sounds of a calm ocean surf. At times you might hear an affirmation or two, this is done for two reasons. One, to reinforce your conscious mind of the positive thought, and two, to assure you the messages are really there and working behind the scenes.

Our Christian meditation programs combine the most important elements for optimum results:

  • "First-person present-tense" biblical affirmations
  • Goal oriented visualization toward the presence of God
  • Sophisticated sound design
  • Real-time human voice recognition patterns
  • Gradual peak messaging techniques

This combination of elements is only available here at and cannot be matched. You get the most powerful personal Christian self-development you can buy! Plus they're enjoyable and conveniently packaged to be played anywhere.

Find out for yourself why counseling centers are accepting our sophisticated Christian meditation audio programs as tools to help even the most clinically troubled patients.

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