How To Meditate On The Word Of God (Part 2)

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

In the fulfillment of His word in Matthew 6:33 and many other verses throughout the Bible that instruct us to love God by "keeping" or meditating on the word of God. Matthew 6:33 describes both the instruction and the result of entering the realm of God if we seek God this way. "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." Mt 6:33

Notice that we are instructed to, “seek the kingdom of God first”. Unlike the kingdom of heaven which is a location, "the kingdom of God" is the realm, rule, or power of God. Jesus literally instructs followers to enter the divine nature of God - first, the everything else in life will work out according to God's powerful will.

Understanding this verse brings greater the meaning to the verse, "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask whatever you desire, and it shall be done for you." (John 15:7) Entering the nature of God, which reigns supreme over creation, allows us to verbally pronounce requests within the realm of God.

Pursuing The Cultivation Of God's Word

This kind of relationship with God must be cultivated over a period of time before creative power and universal provision can be directed by your words. Without question the instruction in this verse describes the total and complete transformation of a person by the indwelling presence of God. The person in whom the realm of God is present, becomes a true vessel guided and influenced God's mind and one in will.

This magnificent relationship with the Almighty God is possible only by His gracious and loving act on the cross. The spiritual essence of God's living word can become embodied in you because of His loving intention toward you though His Son Jesus. In a broad sense this is the state of mind that is holy and acceptable to God. This is true because it is His own Living Word in you that is recognized in your being as holy.

Though the presence of God can suddenly come upon people as the Holy Ghost, Jesus expresses to us that if we love Him we are to “seek” (intentionally enter) the presence of God. The instruction to seek God first is also echoed by the Apostle Paul. In his epistles to the churches, Paul continually instructs followers to remain focused on the Holy Word and the pure things of God. In other words, our mind should be consumed only by the Word and thoughts of God. Paul also states that we are to have the Living Word grow in us until it becomes the fullness of Christ in us.

Paul even goes into detail about why it’s so important to keep ourselves continually focused on God. He explains that life becomes debased if the mind is debased. In the same way, Paul explains that people who cultivate the Word within themselves become more like the God and are to articulate the word from the Spirit, or the Living Word, rather than the intellect.

Meditation on the Word of God is the total and complete concentration of our inner being (heart, soul, and mind) devoted to the study and meditation of God's word. When the principles, concepts, and laws of God becomes a whole and complete body of knowledge and the natural automatic thought of our mind, the word can become God's living presence in us.

To seek, or pursue God this way, is one of the highest expressions of love we can have toward God. It literally declares to God that we are willing to relinquish everything for His living presence. The death of the former self then gives way to the new person who is enlivened by God's living word. By this kind of life the mind of Christ is revealed within us. And the the result of this Holy Communion in unlimited provision in the will of God (Mt 6:33), and according to John 15:7 the mind of Christ within us forms words that manifest physical realities. All things are possible with God, but we have to enter into God's realm.

God through His word plainly and directly calls us to embody the fullness of His word. By our action to God's word our own we show our love for Him, then His direct countenance over us we are able to prosper in many ways. Following this instruction we become benefactors of one of His greatest dispensations, to be united with Him.

But it is only by our willful dedication and love for God that we are able to realize His word in us. If we obey this instruction we are told that, “WE (the fullness of God) will come and enter us” John 14:23.

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Jeffrey Ordonez

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