10 Minute Christian Meditation - Spirit Meditation

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

"The Spirit of God dwells in me"
John 14:17

To maximize the power behind these words you need to calm your mind and fully absorb the presence behind the words. This is what God calls us to do when He says "Come and eat" or "Come and drink". You must internalize His word.

Take a deep breathe, and relax. For just the next few minutes give yourself permission to take a break from the world and find a comfortable position.

Take a deep breathe, close your eyes and begin feeling your faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God. Begin to really feel your faith in Him.

Focus your mind on the words "The Spirit of God dwells in me" . Begin to mentally repeat each word and internalize it. Meditate on the meaning of the message. Do this until you feel the Holy Spirit come alive.

Feel the Holy Spirit for 2 to 3 minutes (or longer if your wish).

Take another deep breath. Feel your faith and love of God and surrender. Be in Him. Now experience the Holy Spirit. See and feel the Holy Spirit. Observe what Holy Spirit has to say or reveal to you.


Be still in your loving faith.

Now ask Christ Jesus, the Son of God to enter more fully into your body.

Feel the light of the Holy Ghost increase. Feel the glory of God. Remain in His presence as long as you want.

Take another deep breath and begin to gently open your eyes.

With your eyes open focus your mind on the words above "The Spirit of God dwells in me". Feel the presence of God.

Practice feeling God's presence throughout the day.

Give thanks to God.

Now your ready to start your day.

Be blessed. We're praying for you.

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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