10 Minute Christian Meditation - Overcoming Meditation

"Jesus has overcome the world for me"
John 16:33

Get into a comfortable position and take a deep breathe, relax. For just the next few minutes take a break from the world and and just relax.

Look at John 16:33 and begin to concentrate on Jesus. Focus your mind on dwelling in Him. Feel His radiant power. His power that overcomes all things, even death. His power overcomes all natural forces.

Mentally project yourself in the safety and protection of Jesus Christ. Dwell in Him. All the earth, seas, moon, and stars obey Him. Dwell in Him.

Take a deep breathe, close your eyes and declare, "I dwell in Jesus Christ, the Son of God who overcomes all things". Feel Him. Feel His loving power.

Take another deep breath. Feel your faith rise in the reality of God. Surrender to His power. His power is like an ocean that overcomes all things.

Left flow. Experience God this way for 2 to 3 minutes (or longer if your wish).


Now ask Christ Jesus, the Son of God for His overcoming power to dwell with you all day.

Gently open your eyes.

Concentrate once again John 16:33. Let the words become fixed in your mind.

Throughout the day practice mentally seeing the words in John 16:33. Then experience once again what it was like to be in the overcoming power of God.

Give thanks to God.

Now your ready to start your day.

Be blessed. We're praying for you every single day!

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