How To Meditate On The Word Of God (Part 5)

The Guide On How To Meditate On The Word Of God

To meditate the word of God you will need 1 to 4 hours of private time per day. You can set aside more time if that’s preferable. For best results you need a minimum of 2 hours per day. If you have to skip a day or two that’s fine, but make sure it's a rare event.

You'll reap the most from your Christian meditation when you schedule a regular time everyday preferably early in the morning before human voice is heard. The daily and continuous exercise of seeking God through the study and meditation of His word has a lasting and compounding effect so once you start it's best to follow the practice for several weeks or months. The best time to schedule your meditation is early in the morning before. Many devout students agree that some the best hours to meditate is between 4:00 am to 6:00 am.

Materials You Will Need

No matter how many translations of the Bible you own, all have errors. That’s why we recommend either the Septuagint or the Masoretic text, preferably the Masoretic text because of its ease of use and plentiful tools. If you decide to purchase the Masoretic text we recommend “The Interlinear Bible. Hebrew, Greek, English. Coded with Strong’s Concordance Numbers. by Jay P. Green.” This massive book contains both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures along with a direct translation to English. Each Hebrew and Greek word is number coded for Strong’s Dictionary reference. You can look up each word by number to discover its full meaning.

You’ll also need “The Strong’s Complete Dictionary of Bible Words”. This dictionary contains all biblical Hebrew and Greek words in number coded format. As you read the Masoretic text you can interpret each word the Strong's Dictionary.

Both books should cost no more than $100 to $125 combined. You might find them for less if you shop around popular online stores.

Alternate Materials You Can Use

If you are on a budget, or if you want to augment your study, here’s an alternative tool. The following suggestion works with smart phones.

There are several very good phone apps that contain the Bible text with each word linked to the Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Lexicon. Most apps are free and the few that are for sale are generally priced around $10.

One of our favorite apps is My Sword ( They have one of the easiest displays to read and each word requires “one tap” to lookup the Strong’s full version meaning with the King James Version Bible. This app also has many built-in bible study tools. The basic version is free and the more advanced version is paid.

There are also several free websites that offer the Bible text linked to Hebrew and Greek definitions.

A Bible You Can Use

You will also need a bible for quick reference and navigation. As mentioned earlier, all English Bibles have errors or distortions, but when the Hebrew and Greek scriptures are compared to its English counterparts both the King James version and the New King James version are the closest to the original languages.

You can use any translation you’re comfortable with, but if you want a more harmonious study experience, we recommend either the King James, or the New King James versions.

You Will Need A Notepad, Pen or Pencil

Your going to study the Hebrew and Greek word of God. As you deeply concentrate over the meaning of God's word you need to write. At the end of your study time you will go back and review all the interpretations and put it all together, a deep meaning will emerge.

Then you need to write the principles or concepts that become clear from your work. You're going to be surprised. What once appeared as a simple message in the English text might have a deeper more profound meaning. It will also be more understandable and clearer.

You can save all your study notes and review them in the future. Pretty soon your study time will become deeply affected by God. When this happens your study time will change into revelation time. The word of God will begin to flow through your mind with spiritual concepts from God.

How To Get The Best Results

The preferred method is to study without technology of any kind. Technology distracts the mind. A book forces a person to look up each word manually which requires a lot of time and continuous concentration. Time focused around understanding God's word from the original languages develops the single-minded focus and deep concentration needed to enter into a state of meditation with God.

As you develop deep meditative focus during your regular time, you will develop sensitivity toward God's spiritual language. Within several continuous weeks of passionately pursuing God this way, the Word impressed in your heart, soul, and mind will begin to come alive as stated by Jesus in Matthew 6:22, “If the your eye (the vision of your mind) is good (sound - with the Word, or one - with the Word), then your whole body will be full of (His) light (God's presence intensified)”

How To Develop Your Meditation On The Word Of God

Christian meditation as described by the Bible is the continuous mental effort that transforms the written word into our dominating thought. (Ps 1:2) That's what it is all about.

Before you begin you need to ask God for assistance. In Matthew 7:7-11 Jesus states that whoever asks, knocks, or seeks will receive from God. In Proverbs 2:1-5 the scripture states that we are to seek the God's knowledge as if it were a hidden treasure, or as something we deeply desire. Proverbs 2:1-5 also states that we are to “incline our ear”, or press our spiritual senses toward God, as well as to call out for discernment and guidance.

So you should ask God in prayer to help you before you begin your work of love and diligence. Ask God to fill you with understanding, ask God to reveal His living word to you. Then pray for your spiritual eyes and ears to be opened. Ask God to be of one mind and heart with you. Jesus prayed the same words for you in John 17, so it’s best to acknowledge God's prayer for you at this time.

Calling On God's Holy Angels

The Bible describes angels as the assistants of mankind; more specifically they are assigned to exalt the works of God. Your work and desire to know God exalts God, and angels are always interested in glorifying God, always.

Exalting God and helping humanity know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so is one of the prevalent directives God gives angels. In Revelation 14:6 an angel is charged with the work of preaching the everlasting gospel to every single person on the planet earth.

If you want to ask God's angels to help you hear and see the living word, call on God's holy angels in prayer. Ask your heavenly Father to send them to assist you during your time of devotion.

The Study Method To Follow

There are two main methods of study. First is to select a topic and find all the relevant verses through a study Bible or concordance, then find the meaning of each verse through interpretation of the Masoretic text.

The second is to select an entire book in the Bible, or a chapter, and then interpret it sentence by sentence.

Whichever you method you choose the process of discovering the full meaning of God's word by interpretation will result in the same affect, a mind touched by the Spirit of God.

The Meditation Process And Example

After you’ve prayed, and fervently aroused your spiritual senses, go to the first verse you selected. Read it once in your English Bible to get an idea of what it says. Next, look it up in the Masoretic text, then start by looking up the meaning of each word in the Strong's Bible Dictionary. Write down the meaning of each word.

After you finish interpreting each word, go back and start writing the meaning of the entire sentence. This exercise will force you to deeply concentrate on each word and it's relation to the phrase or sentence you selected. The process will provide you great clarity. When interpreting the word, you should consider who is speaking in the text, the situation surrounding the event, and if possible try to understand the historical context as well. This will increase your developing insight.

Here's and example of the process:

Matthew 6:22 in the KJV it reads like this, “The light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye is single thy whole body shall be full of light.”

If you were to interpret only the key words your note would look like this…

Light – Greek: Luchnos - which means: lamp, candle, light to see, light on stand.
Eye – Greek: Ophthalmos - which means: eye, eyes of the mind, faculty of knowing, vision (literally and figuratively, the vision of the mind))
Single – Greek: Haplous - which means: simple, single, whole, good, fulfilling, sound, complete.

Now that you have the Greek meaning of the words you can begin to piece together an expanded clearer version of the verse.

The first sentence could read something like this:

The light of the body is the vision of the mind.


The light of the body is dependent on vision of the mind.


Light enters the body by the vision of the mind.

The second sentence may read something like this:

Therefore if the vision of your mind is single, whole, complete, as one in unity, then your whole body will be full of light.


If therefore what you fix your mind as one, then your whole body will be full of light.


Therefore if you concentrate your mind until it is one, then your whole body will be full of light.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To fully understand the meaning of this sentence you need to ask, “who’s speaking?” In this case it’s Jesus. By understanding who’s speaking we can ask questions like, "What light is Jesus referring to?" and "What is the thing that could provide us with light if we concentrate on it, or become mentally one with?"

By reading the Bible we know that Jesus calls Himself the light, and because He cannot call anything else the Light, He has to be referring to Himself.


Jesus is saying that we need keep our minds fixed, concentrated, complete, whole, single, or as one with something in order for His light to enter our body. Because Jesus, the Son of God is speaking, we need ask, “What is the one thing Jesus would consider pure enough and powerful enough to cause for His light to enter our body?”

There’s only one answer, His word. Throughout the gospels Jesus continually calls Himself "The Word" and asks people to keep it.

With this understanding you can write the interpretation like this…

"God's light in your body is dependent on the vision of your mind. If you make the vision of your mind whole, or complete, with the Word of God, your whole body will be full of light, Christ Jesus."

Now compare this to John 14:23…

“If a man loves Me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him and WE will come unto him and make our abode with him.”

Says virtually the same thing, doesn't it.

In many cases you can verify your interpretation with other verses. If you can verify your interpretation with other Scripture you're on the right track and God is revealing His living word to you.

To interpret just one verse like the one shown here, may take up to an hour, or longer. Practicing this type of Christian mediation will focus your mind on God for hours. What you’re actually doing is dedicating that portion of life-energy and time to God, and God will honor such devotion with revelation and presence. That’s love!  (John 14:23)

But it doesn’t happen overnight.

You're Ready!

You are now ready to start your own meditation of the word of God. The cultivated Word in you must be nurtured daily, and as more of His word is revealed to you, the worldly draw will fade away and God's word will be revealed as a Living Voice in you heart, soul, and mind. In time, the daily cultivation of His word will become the seamless logic of God within you - the mind of Christ.

God bless you on your journey.

We love you very much.

And we're praying for everyone who reads this article. 

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