10 Minute Christian Meditations

The following 10 Minute Christian Meditations will guide you to become more whole with God. These brief meditations deliver unique "first-person, present-tense" biblical affirmations so you can more easily focus your mind.

Each meditation contains relaxation techniques to help you fully concentrate on the messages revealed in the word of God. They are best practiced during the early morning hours.

10 Minute Meditation Selection

Spirit Meditation
God Meditation
Spirit of Truth
Rebirth Meditation
Fullness of God
Living Truth Meditation
Abiding in Christ
Overcoming Meditation
Light Meditation
Illumination Meditation

Your next step to living a Godly life is to spiritually w-a-l-k a-w-a-y from the world. This doesn't mean that you have to live in a cave, but it does mean that you have to renounce the ways of the world.

John 16:8-9 Declares that the spirit of God is so holy and pure that when it dwells in people it exposes any all sin and darkness. When this happens people will begin to feel guilty, so you need to start living a pure life worthy of His indwelling presence.

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