Christian Meditation Techniques

Almost the entire Bible was written by divinely inspired prophets. In the Old Testament these prophets continuously allude to meditation as the key source of their connection with God. During these meditative states of mind they'd have contact with God who would reveal visions of heaven as well as the future of mankind.

In the New Testament, Jesus, the Son of God, being God in the flesh, spoke as one with God. All thought, word, and deed in God was manifested through Jesus. Unlike Him, His disciples needed the influence of the Holy Sprint to do miracles and author the New Testament.

What about us today? Do we see the power of the Holy Ghost manifest prophecy and miracles. The answer is, yes! What may surprise you is that in almost every case Christians are entering into a state of meditation without knowing.

In this section we will explore what meditation really means to the christian, it's importance, how to meditate, christian meditation music, guided meditation, and how certain biblical meditation techniques can catapult a Christian into the presence of God. We will also present different types of meditations and their impact on our spirituality with Jesus Christ. By learning these technique you will be able to retreat into the presence of God daily.

Notable Biblical Meditation Types & Techniques

Christian Meditation Music
Christian Meditation Techniques
Love God Meditation
Prosperity Meditation

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