Christian Meditation for Wealth

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

"As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind". (1 Chronicles 28:9) These words were spoken by King David upon appointing his son Solomon as the builder of the temple of God.

The monumental task of building a gigantic ceremonial structure required tremendous organizational skill and command over resources. For this reason King David spoke divine instruction to Solomon.

“Know the God of your father”. This ancient Hebraic command to know God by “perception or experience”, was spoken to Solomon as way of empowering him ahead of the colossal project.

Godly inspiration, heavenly knowledge, and divine power over worldly resources cannot enter the human being unless God can be perceived and experienced. It is by divine communion with God that we can perceive and experience God so we can then command the forces that sustain creation. (Gen 1:28)

Adam and Eve, the first born of God, were sinless before the fall and were charged by God to “subdue”* creation, an easy task if our being is only stimulated by the pure consciousness of God. *(וְכִבְשֻׁ֑הָ – Kabash: subject, subdue, force, control, dominate). For people in today's world that's a much harder task.

The death and sin that lives within the flesh blinds us and deafen us to the realities of God making much more difficult to perceive God and understand how His powers work.

Understanding how to control the forces of creation is an integral part of our spirituality with God. It's through the perception and understanding of His life in us that all things are revealed. If we're not communing with God we become dead empty vessels. The knowledge to control the forces of creation and obey God was hidden, or veiled, from us immediately after the fall, and in this state of blindness we lose the ability to obey God’s decree to control creation.

Adam and Eve, born of God, were perfect without trace of sin and in constant communion with their Father. As children born directly from God they were delegated to move mountains, vegetation, rivers, and streams in a creation made for them so they can "subdue" it and enjoy it. They were to interact with the earth as designers, not creators, but designers. They were to “subdue” creation with the knowledge of their Father.

This knowledge cannot be regained because in sin the soul can no longer clearly communicate with God. Sin covers the soul in darkness. Sin is darkness and darkness is the absence of God’s spiritual intellect, light. In darkness truth cannot be seen, heard, or regained.

In addition to existing in darkness, the negative forces of this carnal world continually draw us back by playing on a false sense of reality. Fortunately for the Christian these negative forces have to be totally conquered, subdued, and dominated.

What we can’t do for ourselves God did for us on the cross. Through our Lord Jesus Christ the spiritual knowledge of God is regained, and through the Holy Spirit we are put back in a position to receive heavenly knowledge of God. By this gift we are able to once again “subdue” the world and everything in it, including all negative forces.

God's saving power through Jesus cleanses us and voids the soul of all dark energy uprooting every thought that prevents the impossible to happen. By God's Spirit His light flows through us restoring us to more wholesome image with God and gives us the power to command water, wind, and even mountains! (Mk 4:39, 11:23)

The commandment to truly know God first is the way for us to enter into deep spiritual relationship with God and reign with Christ on earth. (Mt 10:24-25, Jn 14:12)

In the next ancient Hebraic command, “Serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind.” Solomon is given a universal command that if followed by anyone, they will see the manifestation of God in the soul and the ultimate end result of a profound meditative communion with God.

In the simplest terms the word Hebrew word "serve" literally means to, work or labor for another. In the spiritual sense it means to serve God in worship, or to worship God in a selfless manner.

This kind of worship was also taught by Jesus in John 4:23 – 25. In these verses Jesus explains that God seeks worshipers who worship in Spirit and in Truth. God seeks, finds, or presses toward people, when they worship God alive in Christ who is the Spirit and Truth. Awake in the Spirit and the Truth of Christ, we can see and hear the reality of God and worship Him accordingly. This is worship led by a Godly consciousness, and the highest form of worship.

But it doesn’t come on its own. It requires us to have discipline, love, and determination. It requires strength of character to follow and obey His word and keep His word and commandments. It is by our dedicated love that His presence manifests itself in us. (Jn 14:21, 23)

Those who follow the instruction to serve God with a loyal heart and a willing mind act as consecrated vessels of God and will experience the manifestation of Jesus Christ both in the inner dimensions of being as well as the outer. They will see God (Mt 5:8) and command His powers on the earth. (Mk 11:23)

Lasting Prosperity with God

True prosperity comes from the meditative commune of God. A soul that experiences God becomes energized and stimulated by the light within it, the Holy Ghost. That person will follow the holy inner voice that commands the universe and become a vessel of God's streaming life.

In the perfect service of a selfless life rendered to God (Ro 12:1) is how the Lord is able to press His mind into us, the physical realm. It is the way we rule as kings and priests crowned by the knowledge of God.

It is the way we wisely direct God's forces and command His resources. God’s mind in us tempers the soul so we can accomplish unrealized realities presented in the soul through the Holy Ghost which exist only as potential missions until they reach the mind. These unrealized realities spoken by the Lord can be seen and heard by the soul. The soul can joyfully accomplish each mission and receive the enduring food of spiritual power from God (Mt 6:25, 33, 13:16, Jn 4:32) when the word of God has been cultivated within the soul. (John 14:23)

By concentrating and meditating on the concepts presented in the Bible until it becomes the default thought of the mind, the full presence of God is promised to enter. And it is through the fullness of God's cultivated word that we can proceed with love and power like Jesus and do miracles.

Living a dedicated life with God during our lifetime on earth restores life, body, and land. All physical and spiritual creation acquiescence’s to the presence of God within us. No matter the location of His concentrated power, physical and spiritual creation obeys to the power that sustains it. But it can only be perfected in us by faithful and willing consecration to the word of God. (Jn 14:23)

Every man and woman born of sound mind and heart has the ability to intensify God’s light. The light of God in every man and woman is directly related to the willful effort in keeping and obeying God’s word and commandments. Without determined resolution and the meditative practice of God’s word and commandments the ways of God in a person can become virtually nonexistent. The light of God is unable to pass through where His scriptural path is absent. (Mt 6:22, Jn 14:21, 23) Our vessel will then wither and dry up and become fruitless and barren. (Mt 15:6)

But those who spiritually eat and drink the food of God in the word constantly abide by the rules that govern the universe. His word in them is the root of life, the source of thought, speech, and action. It bares good fruit in the likeness of God and accomplishes His holy will on the earth. (Mt 3:10, 13:6, 21) From it we are fed life from throne of God daily. Our spiritual senses become stimulated by His presence and are able to perceive with clarity His will and the mission that needs to accomplished on earth. (Jn 14:12, Mt 10:25, Jn 5:19)

Over the centuries many men and women have touched and seen God only to have fallen from great heights. (Heb 6:4 – 6) It is only by the continuous possession and practice of His word and commandments that God’s light is preserved. Without daily spiritual discipline the soul becomes dimmed and polluted by the world. (Mt 6:23)

Persistent commitment to God’s word and commandments allows God's spiritual forces to be understood and directed. A force so powerful it cannot be removed by human hands because it is ordained to exist in agreement with God's will. But it is by a dedicated life of worship, prayer, and Biblical meditation that we can walk, talk, and rule with God. The same is reflected in God’s word when He spoke to King David about his son Solomon who was to build the magnificent temple.

“Moreover I will establish his kingdom forever if he is steadfast to observe My commandments and My judgments, as it is this day.” 1 Chro 28:7

Those who love God until His words and commandments become the light that illuminates the entire inner being lives with the nature of God within and controls their surroundings with anointed power and understanding.

This kind of devotion consecrates soul and body to the will of God and merits the continuation of divine favor into future generations.

But ONLY "if we are careful to seek out all the commandments of the Lord our God, we may possess good land and leave it as an inheritance for our children forever.” (1 Chro 28:7–8) This is a scriptural testimony of how our devotion toward God affects not only our prosperity but the prosperity of future generations.

The well established long lasting prosperity of God that cannot be removed comes from a consecrated life. Consecration brings with it the spiritual "air" or dimension where the soul communes with God to understand how and why His supernatural forces are directed on earth for His glory well into the future.

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Jim Welch

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