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Written by: Jeff Ordonez

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The 6 Most Common Ways to Break an Addiction

Breaking an addiction is like solving a puzzle, gaining perspective, and then taking action in a new direction to dissolve it. Addictions should be looked at in positive ways. They should be looked at as way to a better life.

Once you understand the addiction for what it is, you'll be better able to implement new habits that support a happier, healthy lifestyle.

1) Acknowledgment.
The first step to getting better is to acknowledge that the problem exists. After you acknowledge that their is a problem you can begin acknowledging why you do it.

So why you do it? Is it to help you deal with anxiety and stress? Do you like the "high" you get from the behavior? Does it give you a rush? You need to identify the purpose it serves.

Here's some examples why people get addicted to a behavior:

To feel better
Avoid depression
Cover an anxiety
Not want to face a fear
The feeling of exhilaration
Feeling "high"
Calmness or peace
Avoid feeling pain
A rush of energy or extascy
Feeling lonely
To fulfill an emptiness or void
To fulfill a desire or an inner hunger
Self-medication, wanting to feel numb
Part of acknowledging a problem is to magnify it, not minimize it. Don't think that it's OK to indulge just a little bit. If you can't get through a day without a shot of liquor, smoking, "adult content", or any kind of drug you have a problem and you need to encounter it head on!

2) Coping with habits.
Some addictions form a chemical dependency in the body and should be treated by a licensed professional. Habits and addictions go together like water and rain. One cannot exist without the other.

There's a very high likelihood that you will break your addiction if you change the habit that led to the addiction in the first place.

Habits are not broken, they are replaced by other habits. Fortunately, good habits can provide a great deal of satisfaction, fulfillment, exhilaration, and positivity. So the "reward" you receive from your old habit, pleasure, a high, calmness, numbness, and so on, can be replaced with more positive rewards that help build your life.

If you are stripped of the reward that comes from an addiction and it's not replaced with some other kind of reward you'll probably fall back to the old habit of rewarding yourself with something that hurts you.

Some alternative techniques to consider are relaxation and meditation techniques, which allow the brain to slow down which gives you the opportunity to focus on the change you want to accomplish.

And that's exactly why we developed our CDs. Our CDs help shift the mind into thinking in more positive ways by using first-person present-tense biblical affirmations. The power behind these CDs come from the word of God which naturally stimulates the spirit of God in you.

Our audio programs also contain powerful relaxation techniques which allow the mind to wholly understand and internalize the messages presented while reducing stress and anxiety. You have the natural ability to activate the Spirit of God in you and to conduct your life in healthier manner.

3) Identify your danger zones.
A danger zone is a particular time of day or a particular circumstance that get off the right path. Throughout the day, there are times and circumstances when people are more prone to indulge in a habit.

Recognize what those times aren't for you and counteract them by creating a new behavior. For example our audio programs come with a specific set of instructions that you can implement throughout the day. Some of them include:

Listen to any audio program anytime you can close you eyes and relax.
Mentally or verbally repeat the affirmations in your audio program.
Physically remove yourself from the temptation.
Read the word of God, then meditate on it for a few minutes.
Commune with God.
Do something healthy like walking.
Get involved with a charity or a church
Just by repeating this process two or three times you'll begin to feel progress in the direction of your new habit. Eventually the new habit will take over the old habit and you'll be on the way to a much healthier you.

Just remember, you don't have to be strong all of the time, just during the impulse phase, and for that to happen you need to know your danger zones and have a plan of attack in place.

4) Set yourself up for success.
If your going to break an addiction you have to set your life up for success. In other words, you have to change the company you keep. Sometimes it's the people in our life causes us to falter, change your friends with people who positively influence you. If you have an alcohol problem empty your house of alcohol, throw it away, or flush it down to toilet. The same goes for smoking and cigarettes.

You may have to change the places you frequent and what you do for fun. If you frequent websites with adult content, remove the computer from your house. The best way to stop an addiction is to not have access to it.

5) Get counseling and support.
Getting professional guidance will not only help you overcome an addiction, but it'll also make accountable to someone. A counselor will help you see the truth and guide out of your problem.

Getting support form a group of people is also very helpful. Get your family and friends involved in your effort to start a new life. Tell them how they can help during difficult times. You may also need to seek treatment or check into a rehabilitative program.

Commune with God. Spending time with God can genuinely change a person. Get involved in a bible study then spend time on your own praying and meditating on God's word. God can give you the inner peace and strength you need. He can also wash away every sin and guilt you might feel while renewing your mind and heart with His holy spirit.

6) Reward yourself.
For every bit of progress you make reward yourself with something healthy that provides you with fulfillment and satisfaction. Helping others can deeply satisfying and rewarding. Find a way to help others. Go for a bike ride, exercise, join a gym, learn how to cook healthy meals, become a mentor and support to others, do what you love to do.

Give yourself credit. Reward yourself with something that supports your new life style. In time you'll be living a new life in the power of wisdom and the strength of understanding.

Agatha Roosevelt

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