Christian Meditation

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

The Unique Power of Christian Meditation - A 1600 Hundred Year-Old Tradition Unlocked

Since the fourth century AD a traditional monastic practice of a four stage Christian meditation called lectio divina has gained notoriety and is currently experiencing a resurgence.

Lectio divina means "sacred reading" and has four stages. They consist of:

  1. Reading a scriptural passage.
  2. Meditate on the passage.
  3. Pray or talk to God about the passage.
  4. Contemplation of God.

In the ancient traditional Christian practice these four stages where known as:

  1. Lectio (reading)
  2. Meditatio (discursive meditation)
  3. Oratio (affective prayer)
  4. Contemplatio (contemplation)


Christian meditation and other forms of meditation should not be confused with new age meditation. The New Age movement and its techniques are littered with a wide variety concepts ranging in scope and purpose. While Christian meditation is focused on one thing - knowing God through the Word.

How Do Your Christian Meditation Programs Work?

Our audio programs take the four steps of the lectio divina Christian meditation and wrap them into one simple package. Our programs will first calm and relax your mind with breathing techniques and advanced sound design. Then biblical passages are read to you in the first-person present-tense voice so that your mind can easily visualize the word of God working inside.

These comprehensive techniques are a natural evolution of the ancient monastic Christian forms of meditation. It's perfect for those with busy schedules or anyone who just wants to relax be lifted in spirit with God.

What Kind of Affect Will Your Christian Meditation Programs Have on Me?

Although we cannot predict what kind of affect our meditation programs will have on you, many of our listeners tell us that after extended use of our programs, they experience a sense of peace and closeness with God.

Our Christian Meditation programs are designed to help you faithfully focus on God. They help guide the mind into the same state of disciples in times past.

What Does God Say About Meditation

Christian meditation is rooted in the Bible. In fact, the Bible commands us to meditate. In Joshua 1:8, God says to meditate on His word day and night so we can obey it. The psalmist says "his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night" (Psalm 1:2). Actually, the Bible mentions to meditate or meditation at least 20 times.

In the Old Testament there are two primary Hebrew words for meditation: Haga, which means to utter, groan, meditate, or ponder; and Sihach, which means to muse, rehearse in one's mind, to concentrate, or to contemplate. These words can also be translated as dwell, diligently consider, heed, ponder, and to self-suggest or auto-suggest.

When the mind is filled with suggestions from the word of God we begin to think, speak, and act more like God and the cause of many blessings. God cannot resist blessing His living breathing word in action - YOU, if He did, the entire kingdom would collapse.

Keep this in mind, when God blesses His word in action, you, He's not actually blessing you. His acting word in you carries blessings, and as you think, talk, and act with the word of God all types of blessings are released into your life including spiritual, material, and physical.

If you don't believe this, be sure to conduct a careful study of the book of Pslams and Proverbs. What follows is a simple summary of what God says in 181 chapters. His word, law, and commandments is a light and those who meditate on them day and night. All manner of prosperity shall be bestowed on them. 

Why Does Christian Meditation Work So Well?

Many neuroscientists have consistently found that practicing meditation shifts brain activity to different areas of the cortex—brain waves in the stress-prone right frontal cortex moves to the calmer left frontal cortex. In other words, meditators are calmer and happier people.

The unique aspect of Christian meditation is that it is the only meditation carries with it a promise, "keep My word and We will dwell in you." (John 14:23) Unlike anything else God, our Creator, moves His Spirit in us with intense light if we mindfully keep His word. Nothing else will intensify the presence of God in us. It is written promise that cannot be broken and one that changes us from within.

Meditation isn't a mysterious occult practice. Shifting brainwaves to the calmer left frontal cortex decreases the negative effects of stress, mild depression and anxiety. There's also less activity in the amygdala, where the brain processes fear further reducing stress.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, recorded the brain waves of stressed-out employees of a high-tech firm in Madison, Wisconsin. The subjects were split randomly into two groups, 25 people were asked to learn meditation over eight weeks, and the remaining 16 were left alone as a control group.

All participants had their brain waves scanned three times during the study: at the beginning of the experiment, when meditation lessons were completed eight weeks later and four months later. The researchers found that those who learn to meditate showed a pronounced shift in activity to the left frontal lobe. In other words, they were calmer and happier than before. Imagine the change when the biblical promise, "We will come and dwell in you" is fulfilled.

What Role Does God Play in Christian Meditation

Most new age or secular meditations guide the individual to focus on or visualizations on things void of God. Now just imagine relaxing focusing on God and His Holy Word. According to God's word in John 14:23 He touches us with His light. Many people report feeling close to God during and after our guided meditations.

Andrew Norman Wilson

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