A Christian Guide To Using Affirmations

A Practical Manual on How To Change Your Life With Affirmations, The Right Way

In our previous article "Top 19 Best Christian Affirmations List" how a Stanford University study and brain imaging scanning demonstrated how affirmations practiced by people can truly have a powerful impact on the health of both mind and body.

In the case of obesity we learned that the right techniques actually motivated people to be more active, and increased activity results in a higher calorie burn which can ultimately lead to better physical and mental health.

So how can something as small as a thought, something that has no weight, shape, or even form, motivate people to perform tasks contrary to deeply ingrained habits. On the surface it seems nearly miraculous that both mind and body can think and act in a new way to achieve what seems counter intuitive.

With today's scientific methodology we now know that if a person can "see" a future result, and if they truly desire it, it will be virtually impossible to stop the result. In the 2015 brain-imaging study of people who were tested as they practiced various affirmation techniques and published by Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, vividly demonstrated neurological activity lights up when affirmations are properly applied leading to its apparent effectiveness. 

The science is so well documented that we can now say with great confidence that God designed and built both mind and body with the capacity to achieve nearly anything. So the question now becomes, why did God design this capacity in us? Additionally, is it okay to use it? And how?

Dispelling The Myth About The Power of Visualization

God designed all people to have the power of spiritual vision. What we do with that power is quite a different matter. Proverbs 29:18 states, "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he." In other words, if we occupy our mind, or concentrate the vision of our mind with God's word, joy, happiness, and blessings will be bestowed upon us.

This principle is in stark contrast with the new age teaching called "the law of attraction", which states that if you can see you will receive it. This secular principle is predicated on using our innate capacity for the obtainment of objects or goals. The scriptures instructs us that we are to use the power of visualization for the cultivation of God's word within us. From this activity we receive blessings, which may come in the form of objects and goals, after all with God all things are possible.

This message is echoed by Jesus himself in John 14:21 and 23. In these verses Jesus explains to the crowds that if anyone wants to receive the spiritual fullness of God that they will love God entirely as they will "keep" His word. Jesus explains that we are to keep His word (23), and commandments (21), until it becomes the natural and continually visualized thought of the mind. If this precept is obeyed, Jesus states that God's presences in us will increase. It's safe to assume that if God's presence increases in us our life will change.

Proverbs 29:18 and John 14:21 and 23 gives us clarity why God would give us the power of visualization, and how it is to be used. The most important principle Christians must understand is that the "law of attraction" is not biblical. It is a new age principle that focuses only on the ability God gave all people while ignoring God and the true reason why He created our capacity to mentally affirm something as real.

Ask anyone who has been convinced of the law of attraction if a person can be healed of cancer by the technique, or if someone can be revived from a morgue a week after death. Most will retreat in doubt and silence. Yet I can medically prove miraculous healing and resurrections in the faithful name of Jesus. What we receive from God is by His mercy and grace. Those who "get" things while ignoring God tempt God, a very undesirable spiritual state.

Your Guide To A Better Life With Christian Affirmations

Here's 5 points to properly apply biblical affirmations. Each point will guide in developing any Bible verse, saying, or concept, into a God's visualized word in you. Use them to change your life and improve anything you want. Remember with God nothing is impossible, and the best results will come when we clear the mind of carnal thought and replace it with Godly though which increases His presence in us and around us.

1. Affirmations can be dangerous

Test have revealed that the most common method of repeating affirmations are for the most part ineffective, and may even backfire. Telling oneself that we can accomplish the seemingly impossible will generally lead a person to reflect on the reason why the impossible can't achieved. In other words, studies have shown that most people tend to think of the negative aspects of the affirmation and eventually quit because it "feels" to difficult. So do yourself a favor, ignore the advice of constantly repeating a word or phrase. It could bring negative consequences.

2. Develop a future-based mindset

A much more effective technique is having a future-based mindset. This can also be though of as a visualization. Brain imaging scan show that future based affirmations literally light up the brain with neural activity. Our God given power to visualize was scientifically documented as it was stimulated when a person began to focus on an affirmation as if were a future event. Later, it was discovered that this technique produced the greatest result in change.

3. Practice and Experience the visualization

Select a Bible verse, for example, "happy is the man who is always reverent". Proverbs 28:14 Next, close your eyes. See yourself in the future. You are happy, joyful, you don't have a care in the world. Remember, this is just a visualization so live it up! besides all things are possible with God.

Now, ruminate over your visualization. See how your joy and happiness is the only thing you feel and it's due to God. God loves you and he blesses those who are always reverent. See how your reverence toward God produces even more joy. See how this is a never ending cycle. God's word is true. Accept that truth more and more. The cycle of your love for God just grows His blessing over you. Feel it. I bet you smile during your visualization.

As you practice this technique, be sure to observe and learn from thoughts that may come. For example, for this particular verse you may realize that your reverence also comes from a pure heart, which comes from reading God's word and meditation. This is a signal to you to maintain a practice of biblical study. Insights you receive during a future-based affirmation practice will enhance the results even more -- more blessings.

4. Practice

Try choosing one Bible verse each to focus on and start early in the day. Preferably you want to start your practice first thing in the morning before the day starts, read the Bible and land on a particularly inspirational verse and focus on that one for the day.

Then, recall the memory of your experience all day. A simple way to do this is by simply repeating the verse you chose. In the example mentioned above, you would simple mentally say, or whisper, "happy is the man who is always reverent". Proverbs 28:14 and recall your visualization and all the positive feelings and emotions associated to your experience. Your demeanor will change, your mindset will change, and your attitude will change.

As you continually recall during the day, you may begin to naturally and unconsciously develop new insights, or visualizations. For example, for Proverbs 28:14, as the day progresses your memory may lead to start saying "I am reverent", "I love you God", and then feel all the joy and happiness that comes from always being reverent. When this happens you visualization has materialized at the mental level as real and the sensations of joy you feel in your body is physical proof that God has increased His blessing in you.

5. Work toward your goal

A good way to practice this technique is by focusing a particular topic, subject, or goal. Remember, you are not cutting out God, on the contrary you are focusing on God and His word, the blessing is a collateral effect of your devotion.

So if you want more joy in your life you would focus on verse that promise joy, like Proverbs 28:18 which guides to be more reverent in order for God to bless us with more joy.

You can perform this technique for any topic or subject, just be sure to follow God's word, and nothing else.


So is it wrong to affirm something as a future reality? The answer is, no. The reason why we can even visualize something is that we were given the ability to do so. Problems arise when we ignore God.

If a Christian is not using his, or her, ability to discipline the mind in this way, their mind can, and will, become a filed of carnal weeds. If we focus on God's word as the reality of our mind, body, and life we will be full of light. (Matthew 6:22)

But if the vision of your mind is not made sound, or whole, with God's then darkness will ensue. (Matthew 6:22)

Start your journey today with Christ Jesus. Open your Bible, think of a topic, find just one verse for today and see God's word as your reality, feel, live it, breathe it, know it, experience it, and learn from it. Do the same thing tomorrow and the next day. Tell me how you feel in a few days. Write your comments below. We love you and we're praying for you. God bless. See you in the kingdom.


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