A Christian Meditation About "Our Father in Heaven"

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

“Our Father in heaven” ~ Matthew 6:9

With the first sentence of the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus calls our attention to God our creator. The word “Our” in the prayer assumes that we have accepted the notion that God is the Father of all individually and collectively. It also accentuates our relationship with God as Father through Christ Jesus our redeemer. (Jn 1:12 – 13 )

Our divine relationship with God verbalized in prayer stimulates the soul's energies with the remembrance our rebirth in Christ. These words arouses our Godly powers in us and establishes communication with God, who is present in all realms. (The whole earth is filled with your Glory! Is 6:3)

The word, “Our” communally speaks to God as if we are all one flesh on earth. Speaking communally destroys the ego by favoring the greatest good of all regardless of spiritual status or knowledge. The heartfelt cry, “Our Father in heaven” prepares the forces of God to move on our behalf who addresses Him for the benefit of others, and not just ourselves.  

The Gospels continuously remind us that God seeks and finds servants who are willing to love God and others selflessly. Such was His desire that He committed His love in Jesus the selfless servant.

A selfless attitude in prayer allows the image of the Son to be reflect in prayer more perfectly. Our life with God should be reflected in prayer life for the good of others much like Jesus would pray for others. By blessing others in prayer we release the greatest blessings for ourselves. God will reward you openly see the following scripture, Mt 6:6, 23:12, Lk 14:11, Pr 18:12, 29:23.

If we obey the commandment to love others, even our enemy, our prayer will embody the nature of Christ who prayed in this manner for those who persecuted Him, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34

All believers should pray in the communal voice and not just for themselves. The God's providence is for all, and goodwill prayed to all becomes a spiritual extension of our faith through Jesus, our Savior who died for the remission of the world’s sins.

The will of God prayed in the resemblance of Christ becomes the way we direct God’s powerful forces on earth. The collateral effect of this uplifting practice is blessing in our life. It’s impossible to stand in the power of God and not be blessed by it. This is the most powerful intercessory prayer.

Appealing to our divine Father allows us to cherish all souls as brothers and sisters in need of saving grace, some more than others. We are to bear one another with love and grace. (Mt 5:44)

Remembering brothers, sisters, and even our enemies in prayer and confession forces us to relinquish the ego-self and any selfish thought in favor of the Fountainhead of Life who dispense love and grace for sin. Thus we become more like God. (Mt 5:45, 48)

It’s our duty to think of others in prayer. It is our privilege to serve God by releasing divine good to all. (Mt 5:44 – 45) All believers have a shared responsibility to pray more of God's kingdom on earth.

The divine fellowship between believers and God who invoke blessings for all blends as one communal voice in the good found in the Holy Spirit. It is the voice of One spiritual body in the flesh.

There are no limits between the members of Christ. We belong to God as one, and should regard each other as another part of Christ who calls upon our Father for our sake.

We are brothers and sisters of Christ, heavenly citizens belonging to one Father. (Mt 12:50) As the sons of God formed in Christ Jesus we should bear one another and follow the commandments of Jesus. (Mt 5:44 – 45) Having been stamped by the nobility of God and redeemed by His saving power we can lift the world in prayer.

All people are children of God and we should do to them whatsoever we want them to do to us. (Mt 7:12) We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Lord who dwells in the highest realms above.

We can look in thought beyond this earth into the face of God. In spirit and mind we can perceive the higher regions of God. Though He is throned at the center of heaven, the Bible teaches that God is accessible to all through Jesus. We can address, and even approach Him, in word and thought ~ prayer.

The magnificent power that crowns us with the capacity to come before God, or to visit Him in true knowledge, is given to us by the work done in the resurrected Son. Through His bodily resurrection and ascension we are resurrected with the power of the Holy Spirit and able to ascend in thought and prayer.

The capacity to commune with God this way is the love and mercy of God manifested in resurrection power. It constantly beckons the soul to look above and beyond ourselves and into the heights of God where love covers all. The vast distance between earth and heaven are nonexistent in the familial relationship between us and God. The spiritual presence of God is God’s spiritual realm in us. (1 Cor 3:16) It’s our place of contact and communication where God is revealed in the throne of our heart. Contacting God in this proximity is also a gift from God. 
We can feel God's influence. We can see God's light. We can hear God's voice. We know God is as near when we pray and His spiritual energy is felt as we pray. In any part of the globe He is near to us, and we to Him.

It is by this familial relationship with God that we may appropriate heavenly blessings on earth reflected in God's will.

Our divine invocation to God our Father requires to also conduct ourselves with the corresponding qualities of those who are called by his Name. So we must faithfully obey His word and commandments.

Purchased and sanctified by the blood of Jesus we must wholehearted believe that His sacrifice was for the express purpose of living in His will and through Jesus. As Children of God formed in the image of Jesus, the words, “Our Father in heaven” spoken in faith bestows upon us all power. (1 Cor 3:21 – 23)

We should never doubt the love that prompted a living sacrifice to our benefit. Its power executes individual grace by divine wisdom by God's will. Our confidence in God must be so complete that our heart yearns to be bare before God in regular confession. It is the naked soul that can ruminate more perfectly with God. There must be no concealment, burden, or guilt, confess. All must be honestly revealed to God. Both joy and sorrow alike must be poured into the ear of Love.

The man or woman who confides in God with childlike innocence withholds nothing. Their prayers are simple, habitual, trustful, and without agenda. They interact with the Father through the spirit of holy adoption through whom we cry “Abba, Father”.

There are times when only the word “Father” conveys all desires and identifies the depths of the soul in speech. A sincere and heartfelt, “Father” can contain more than an hour long religious service. And the Father who hears every voice declares from eternity, “My child!” through the eternal Son. (John 1:12 – 13)

Even the imperfect prayer is heard and known by God. Sincere appeal never hinders our words from entering the Father’s presence.

No matter how impoverished a person may be, the wealth of a loyal and humble heart goes beyond the earth’s arithmetic. The honor and riches of the faithful cannot be seen by earthly rulers. Theirs is a wealth that strengthens the heart and never wears away.

How paltry are the prizes of this earth none compare to even to the smallest gain with God. The splendorous regions of God in the heart are abiding peace, nobility, and thought crowned with Godly presence. It fill us with gladness and permit us to hear the words, “My child” when we say, “Father”.  

The words “Our Father in heaven” describes our relationship with our Creator draws us closer to Him when pronounce with spiritual reverence. Deep reverent love for God is the eye of the needle that allows us to enter God's presence.  

Angels, heavenly elders, and souls who come in the presence of the Lord, even those who are privileged to call Him “Father” should approach with reverence and Godly fear. (Heb 12:28) For God bestows upon us His kingly realms to be uplifted with spiritual understanding.

It is the humble, the meek, and the pure in heart who can truly say, “Father”. Those who fear the Lord and meditate upon the His name are increasingly humbled by His revelation. (Mal 3:16) It is in such hearts that God is seen and heard. It is in these children that the Father dwells with manifest glory. (Jn 17:21)

For thus says the High and Lofty One Who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy: “I dwell in the high and holy place, with him who has a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones." Isaiah 57:15

Intimacy with God reveals the kind graces of our Lord. God has no hesitation in opening His inmost heart and rejoicing with the believer in an unconstrained exchange of affection, a sweetness of love that reveals the beauty and character of God. Deepening reverence for God grows into deep intimacies with Him.

Inspired and permeated by His divine majesty leaves a marker of His love for us in the soul. Thanks be to our God for His miraculous gift that enlivens us by His sanctified life! It is by Him, through Him, and for Him that we are able to reason with our spiritual God. For we are the Lord’s brothers and sister who do His will in Spirit. (Mk 3:35)

Through Him our expression of life should resemble God in all manner and tone of voice. As children born of God, and renewed in heavenly communion we can conform to His likeness with greater detail. (Jn 1:12, Ro 12:2)

We can breathe His divine presence, taste with the soul His fresh life, and become empowered by drinking His living water. The Spirit of God in us speaks with the voice of God. It is the presence of God on earth and it shines from above to call all peoples in the Lord.

Born of God we become dead to the external opposing force that corrupts souls and body. We become more alive with the Light that provides illumination from God. The more we reflect His image, the more we echo His words, thoughts, and deeds. His eternal gift calls us into godliness through His knowledge so that we might partake of His divine substance. (2 Pet 1: 3 – 4)   

Partaking of His living substance is to both our benefit and His. For us because it translates heaven into the body, and for Him because His will is done on earth though us by prayer. But without the listening ear or the seeing eye the opportunity for God to manifest through the flesh is lost.

God seeks worship in Spirit and Truth from His children. It is through them that God communes in the flesh and makes His ways known. God is most exalted in those who relinquish the world to enter into His presence. (Mt 23:12)

This is our proof that we love God. That we think, speak, and act more like God in saving souls through the word of the Lord in Spirit. For the Spirit bears witness of His eternal salvation through His sacrificial act. This is enduring worship and our reverential works that follows us into heaven.

In our divine relationship with God through Jesus we can look toward our future in the kingdom not as residents, but as heirs. No matter how poor in this world, every child of God is a possessor of the Kings possessions. Every willing manifestation of spiritual blessing from the heavenly places on earth is an act of love toward God and will be revealed as eternal treasures. Treasures fashioned by the spiritual hands of Perfection.

Our journey of tests and trials will end with safety and repose in the heavenly realms with God where Jesus prepared a most marvelous place for us. (Jn 14:2)

Focusing our mind on, “Our Father in heaven” brings an end to the wandering thoughts of the mind and frees us from the limitations of this world. It is the key by which we enter in closeness with God.

Focused thought on, “Our Father in heaven” unfurls itself as forgiveness, reconciliation, favor, holiness, and blessedness of God toward all. It is our way of touching God with the mind and it’s our proper place with our Creator.

No matter how far we are from God we can call with faith and trust that it will always be heard through Him who intercedes for us with God. The ear of the Father is always open to us through our Lord Jesus Christ who embodies the sacrificial love of God.

Through Him we are called “children”, born of God to become a house of holy prayer.

God bless you. See you in the kingdom.


Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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