Be Happy And Live Longer With Christian Mindfulness


When someone brings up the subject of Christian mindfulness, what do you consider? What ideas and beliefs spring to mind? We are talking about something that all of us should aspire to. At the same time, we are also talking about something that can potentially be defined in at least a couple of different ways.

If nothing else, there are at least differing opinions of what it means to embrace fully mindfulness from the perspective of your Christian faith. Nonetheless, if we cut through the static of these differing perspectives, we can begin to see some consistencies in a foundation for true Christian mindfulness, and the things that all of us can aspire to.

At the same time, we can also receive the benefits of mindfulness. For example, did you know that it is actually possible to not only live a happier life, but a longer one, as well? It is absolutely true, and it is most certainly worth keeping in mind.

Defining Christian Mindfulness

Let’s begin by defining a concept of mindfulness that all of us can agree with. To that point, we can begin by filtering this concept through our Christian faith, which is already a pillar of so many different aspects of our life to begin with. Through our Christian faith, the physical and emotional benefits of Christian mindfulness will reveal greater clarity of our way of life with God.

Thanks to developments of ambitious technology, mental health treatments, sophisticated medicine, and even education, we now live longer than ever before. At the same time, we are also living healthier lives than ever before. It would be foolish, perhaps even unfortunate, to disregard the various ways in which the sciences have enriched our lives.

But it’s not just the sciences that are bringing us to the forefront of longevity. There is hard data that strongly suggests the health benefits of mindfulness. From a Christian standpoint, it is well worth paying attention to these benefits. In other words, Christian mindfulness is not merely something that can strengthen the resolve of our faith. It can actually influence other aspects of your life, as well, mental, physical, and emotional.

How Can I Benefit From Christian Mindfulness?

Do positive-minded people really live longer? Science certainly proven it true. The act of what is known as mindful meditation can prove to have a profound, ongoing effect not only your emotional health, but on your physical health, as well. Although mindful meditation is a secular concept, it is easy to think of this idea in Christian terms.

Mindfulness can help you to deal with stress and anxiety. It can help you be more functional, which in turn can make you more productive, joyful, and motivated. Furthermore, you aren’t just protecting your brain. You are also providing your body with a visit to your personal, potentially boundless spiritual source, God. Consider it the purest, most joyous form of your relationship with Christ. Christian mindfulness brings us to the place in which our love of and relationship with Christ is at its strongest, and most spectacular. Mindful meditation allows us to dwell in Christ and Christ in us. (John 15:4)

How To Practice Christian Mindfulness

The first step to mindfulness involves paying intense attention to the way in which you breathe. As you put your focus towards your breathing, you will also find your mind shifting in thought. This is perfectly normal. Simply keep your eyes closed and keep your focus on the breath entering and exiting the body. This technique will cement your focus on the living, breathing, eternal present.

The thoughts we associate with the past, however troubling they might be, will begin to float away. The thoughts we associate with the future, which so often are a source of great stress for many of us, will also begin to dissipate. By focusing on your breath, you focus on the eternal present. (Matthew 6:34)

You are putting as much of your energy into quiet, steady breathing as you possibly can. It is a form of meditation that can prove to be absolutely brilliant at training the brain to induce a relaxed state with relative ease.

The best part of this mindfulness meditation is that there are different techniques that you can use. What matters is using the thoughts and ideas that will help you to find the center one seeks in Christ Jesus through meditation. This is the point in which Christian mindfulness begins to make a great deal of sense. To be sure, meditation that draws from and pays tribute to Jesus is going to give you the greatest benefits in heart, soul, mind, and body.

The Christian Meditation Technique Taught At ChristAudio

Once you get into a comfortable seated position, close your eyes, take 4 or 5 long deep breaths, then focus on your natural breathing pattern. As you inhale, mentally say “Yes”, as you exhale, mentally say “Jesus”.

Practice this for about 5 to 10 minutes and you will enter into greater peace with Jesus.

Benefits From Mindfulness

While mindfulness on its own is not going to help you become a super human being that lives over 200 years, there is no denying the scientifically proven powerhouse potential this concept offers, can release greater creativity, energy, understanding, peace, joy, and wisdom from your higher source, God.

Christian mindfulness is a state of mind that adopts God as its source of all. It is an approach to peace that allows God to live in us unfettered and virtually anyone can master it. The important thing is that you find your path so you can reap the benefits you seek. Which may include reducing stress levels, addressing anxiety, overcoming depression, increasing clarity of mind, becoming more productive and creative, intensifying the presence of God, discarding unwanted behavior, and becoming the man or woman you truly want to be. When you gain a greater sense of yourself with Christ through meditation, the inherent benefits will become apparent.

God bless you. We're praying for you. We'd love to hear from you. Don't be shy, share your comments below.

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