Can Christian Meditation Boost Life Quality in Cancer Patients?

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


The diagnosis - cancer. Worry and stress fills the mind of those who face end-of-life issues. Cancer robs the mind of peace. It's difficult to be present and engaged in the present moment. The turbulence of the illness can cause enough anguish that it leaves a person empty.

Fortunately, there are many advances treatments and management techniques that cancer patients suffer less each day. And alternative ways to cope with the stress that ensues shortly after the diagnosis are becoming more main stream.

The practice of meditation in cancer patients

Meditation, and Christian meditation training as a way to reduce stress and boost a more calm and mindful life in cancer patients is catching-on, and with great results.

In a study conducted in 2011 it was observed that participants benefited from meditation in a number of ways. They particularly felt the practice had a positive effect on calmness, enhanced sleep, increased energy, less physical pain, and an increased sense of well-being. These findings appear to indicate that meditation may enhance a person's stamina during stressful times which help the body’s natural ability to heal.

Jeff Ordonez, Co-Founder of ChristAudio, describes Christian meditation as a practice that is about living life in Christ while paying attention to life with kindness, respect and love. "Christian meditation can help us experience every precious eternal moment of life with God with clarity and gratitude. It's the way God built us."

One of the benefits of practicing Christian meditation is that it can promote healing and a sense of health to a person's overall physical and emotional being. Meditation helps regulate emotions and allows people to work through physical pain. Christian meditation helps bring a sense of peace with God to anyone living with cancer. “Christian meditation is not a cure for cancer but it can certainly contribute to the overall feeling of well-being, and that can go a long way" Jeff says.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer can find that the practice of Christian meditation helps them feel more peaceful and engaged in the present moment. Even in the case when a person suffers from insomnia during the ordeal can practice deep breathing techniques and focus on Christ Jesus to better relax at night.

The mention of the word ‘cancer’ can elicit difficult feelings and thoughts to many people, and these thoughts can be very stressful, and stress is known to contribute to physical and emotional breakdown.

However, it's believed that thought plays a major role in stress. Thought comes and then we have a choice between: believing it, struggling to make it go away, or to criticizing yourself for being pessimistic. These reactions bring on more debilitating effects.

Through Christian meditation, one can become aware of thoughts and instead of trying to fight them, a person can simply let go in God, as the Bible teaches. The informal practice of Christian meditation can help you to take a breath, observe the moment for what it is, and then let go in our Lord Jesus who overcomes all things. This interrupts the metal patterns that taunt people while adding a time between the stimulus (a thought, emotion or sensation) and focuses our reaction on letting in God. This technique drives out ingrained negative reactions like anxiousness or self-criticsm, and thereby giving a person more freedom to make thoughtful choices about how to respond.

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As you learn to practice Christian meditation and become more aware of who your are in Jesus, your thoughts, emotions, and responses will become more gentle, kind, and loving. You may even find that many thoughts just lies, short circuiting the enemies attempt to bring you down. Compassion and love are from God. Practicing Christian meditation allows us to be love, and love is God.

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