Can Christian Meditation Help You Today?

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


According to recent studies, up to 70% of people experience the adverse effects of stress which include irritability, physical pain, headaches, inability to sleep, decreased productivity, and lowered mood. Some people develop stress so severely in fact that they could even end up with real mental illness like depression. All of these studies and statistics just go on to prove one thing – stress is not healthy and Christian meditation just might be the solution. 

Because the need to resolved this common problem faced by millions of people, experts, doctors, and specialists have all come together to create treatments for stress. Today, it’s not unlikely to find mediation, therapies, and other treatment methods that promise to alleviate and relieve stress. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the answer to their problem just might be simpler than we assume.

Many times, individuals who experience stress just need to practice one thing, peace of mind. While the thought of achieving peace of mind might seem simple and trivial, there are tons of benefits to a calm our mental state that combat stress and reduce anxiety. Among the best ways this can be attained is through Christian meditation.

What is Christian Meditation?

The general form of meditation, otherwise called mindfulness, focuses on getting people to clear their minds of unnecessary thoughts and to focus on the now. The principle behind meditation or mindfulness is that people tend to experience stress because they allow their problems to get the best of their thoughts. But by emptying the mind and focusing on what is available in the present, a person can forget about the troubles of the past and leave the hurdles of the future for the time when they arrive. While meditation on its own can be beneficial, Christian meditation has proven to be even more advantageous.

Christian meditation, unlike its general counterpart, is focused on creating a stronger relationship with God and His teachings instead of simply emptying the mind. Of course, it’s important that thoughts are cleansed of unworthy ideas, but once the mind has been cleared of these unnecessary thoughts, it’s important to fill it up with positive ideas. Christian meditation believes in strengthening a person’s resilience against stress, anxiety, and poor health by improving their state of mind and reinforcing their relationship with God. By encouraging a positive outlook on the negative events of life, people become more inclined to soldier on with the knowledge that the troubles they face now are merely challenges to bring out the best in them.

How Can Christian Meditation Help You

 1. With Learning – If you’re a student or a new hire, you will soon find yourself giving in to the stressful duties and responsibilities that will be required of you. This pressure could hinder you from performing your best and from learning what you need to learn in order to keep up with the rest of the class or workforce. If you consistently practice Christian meditation, you will be able to clear your mind of the anxiety associated with potential failure and fuel your determination with Godly thought.

2. With Indecision – A common source of stress for many people is the inability to make a decision, especially if it’s particularly pressing. If you’re having trouble finding the right answer for your problems, consider participating in Christian meditation. Ask the Lord for clarity and prudence for whatever it is that you need to decide on. Empty your mind of the fear of making the wrong choice and make room for Christ Jesus and His Spirit.

3. With Anxiety and Stress – Don’t become one of the many millions who experience stress on a daily basis, and don’t’ allow the anxiety you feel become a real mental problem. When the weight on your shoulders starts to get out of hand, give yourself a well deserved dose of Christian meditation. Talk to the Lord and ask for resilience and strength to tread on despite the troubles you face and meditate on the ability to see past the problems and understand what they’re for. 

How to Start Your Own Christian Meditation Practice

 Getting started with Christian meditation can be easy – just prepare your environment and your mind. Make sure you’re in a room that has limited distractions and that you have a block of time you can use without the need to constantly stand up and break your meditation. Ensure that you’re comfortable enough to sit for about 20 to 30 minutes without having to re-position yourself. Staying alert is important, you don’t want to fall asleep while you meditate, but of you do that's okay. 

Designate a scripture-mantra, or one of God's names that will lead you towards the realization of deep peace with God. Slowly breathe in and out and mentally repeat your scripture-mantra to yourself until your mind starts to embrace the idea of wholeness with God. Once you’ve achieved a calm and quiet mental state, maintain absolute silence and allow just God to enter your mind and impart his message to you.

The Christian meditation technique has been around for over a thousand years and has been used in monasteries worldwide. Hope you enjoy it as much as the monks do. God bless you on your journey.

Andrew Norman Wilson

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