Top 7 Christian Affirmations For Anxiety

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Can Christian affirmations for anxiety actually help to ease a worried mind? While the experience of using Christian affirmations is ultimately different for each individual, there is something to be said for using affirmations to find calm and focus during anxious moments. Although comfort can come from virtually any source, well designed affirmations can quickly help your mind get back on track to daily life without the demons that taunt your nerves. The important thing is that you find just the right affirmations that address your particular situation and that they lead you into a world of calm and peace.

One of the most key elements that has resulted in nearly miraculous changes with many people is faith. When a person truly believes in something it can convert the unreal into real, nervous tension into an ocean of serenity. Faith combined with positive leading thought can mentally, physically, and emotionally move you in a healthier direction.

This combination can become even more powerful when you let the light of the scriptures shine in your affirmations. A well crafted set that support your belief system can illuminate your dark moments when you need it the most.

Affirmations that build on scripture can prove to be the most effective mental regimen when successfully combating anxiety. After all, God gave us His word so that we could use it for comfort and strength. There are a number of passages from the Bible that discuss or reference anxiety in some form or fashion, but there are two main messages that rises above all others, God loves you, and His power overcomes all things.

Struggling With Anxiety In North America alone, millions upon millions of people are struggling with anxiety. Do you find it impossible to relax your mind? Are you constantly stressing out over things? You are not alone. Recent studies show that almost 25% of our population suffer from anxiety, a trend that is alarming in some circles. For those of us who believe in God feel that this trend that can be reversed if people spend more time cultivating a spiritual relationship with God, and Christian affirmations can help do exactly that.

At the same time, remember that if you feel as though your anxiety is becoming more than you can bear, then you may want to consider seeking out professional help.

In a way, Christian affirmations for anxiety is a form of asking for help, but from God. Focusing your mind with faith toward God is a way of reaching for Him, Hi light, and His power. Affirmations can boost your faith, increase your motivation to take action in the right direction, while provide spiritual healing. All of which can help get through it.

Can Christian Affirmations Help With My Anxiety?

“The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything”. This little verse is a perfect example of keeping your mind on what's important, God who loves you. Focusing your mind on the presence of God should be enough to to start meditating on the Lord's mind. Which can lead praise, worship, exercise, a better diet, even a kinder, gentler personality that is very giving. If you dig deep enough there is even more to this Bible passage. 

However, in terms of creating a Christian affirmation for anxiety, this is a great start for what we are talking about. The passage goes on to state that when you have anxiety, you should remember that we should always have our mind on God. God is near you, always.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities when creating affirmations from the Bible when addressing anxiety, fear, depression, and other similar errors of mind. Just make sure you pick something that emphasizes your nearness to God, and that highlights His absolute love and power for you.

It is also important to remember that when we talk about anxiety, we are talking about something that is considerably different from stress.

How Is Anxiety Different From Stress?

Anxiety is internalized stress that manifests with a trigger. When we become overloaded with stress, we begin to build a core of anxiety within ourselves. This anxiety can leave us feeling restless, annoyed, burdened, weary, and so much more. It can leave a person feeling physically uncomfortable, weak, and exhausted. It can create turmoil in the mind that seems incapable of slowing down even for a minute, let alone actually stopping to regain peace. Does any of this sound familiar?

Anxiety can come in a variety of forms. We can feel anxious over anything. Every person has a different trigger, so every person's solution is different. People feel anxiety from simply being around others. Maybe you find yourself struggling with insecurity or poor self-esteem. Maybe you're working too hard? Rushing too often through a list of daily activities that no reasonable person could ever accomplish? Maybe it's a physical ailment or event. These are just a few situations that can trigger anxiety on a daily, even hourly basis. The severity of anxiety also varies from person to person.

Some choose to seek professional help for their anxiety. Medication can also prove to be useful. Then you have Christian affirmations for anxiety, which can prove to be extremely helpful, and uniquely vital to those who have faith in God.

Exploring Affirmations For Anxiety

One of the evils of anxiety is that it can rapidly worsen. Anxiety can very quickly escalate to an almost paralyzing state, and it can take very little to magnify it's effects. It can be as simple a thought. One thought in the wrong direction can launch an avalanche of negative feelings and imaginations.

At the end of the day, the conflict between our stressors (eliciting emotion) and repressors (denying emotion) can be realized in a variety of unpleasant, even painful ways. Physical symptoms from anxiety are not uncommon.

Our anxiety can create disorders, difficulties with our current relationships, and problems with developing new relationships. It can hurt us at work. It can cause severe physical and psychological harm on a variety of levels as well.

Over 20 million people in the United States alone battle anxiety on one level or another. Panic disorders represent the most common form of anxiety. Symptoms can include sweating, shortness of breath, sweating, tingling, numbness, and even the physical symptoms that can lead you to suspect that you might be having an actual heart attack.

In other words, anxiety is worth taking seriously. Christian affirmations can become your lifeboat when you feel like you're drowning in the upheaval and turmoil of an episode. Affirmations can put on to the exit door, and if you practice enough and take action you may be on one of the success stories.

A solid affirmation that renders anxiety obsolete can also give you a tangible means of calming down, while accentuating the positive. Affirmations can help you to do other things also, like setting limits, setting small goals, emphasizing positive self-talk, and even seeking out help from others.

Top Seven Christian Affirmation for Anxiety

With these affirmations you should begin to see how your faith and scripture can help you to address anxious moments. It's time to take a stand and the following set of affirmation can assist you take back control of your life.

Here are the seven most use, most powerful, and the most popular Christian affirmations for anxiety to get you started:

1. God is with me. Isaiah 41:10 (Let go of the anxious thoughts and keep God first in your mind. Do everything you need to do to get your mind mind focused on the reality that God, the source of all peace and power, is with you)

2. I think of God's word. Proverbs 12:25 (Anxiety can weigh you down so memorize a favorite verse or two and reach for it when you need it.)

3. I am cheerful. Proverbs 17:22 (Sometime we have to make ourselves become joyful. The Bible asserts that a merry heart is good medicine. So change your heart and be happy!)

4. Into your hands Lord I commit my soul and body. Psalms 37:5 (When you commit you soul and body to God, you let God take over.)

5. I let go and let God be. Proverbs 3:5-6 (When we suffer from panic attacks we are solely focused on ourselves and the unwanted experience. It's time to let go and let God be. Close the door on the unwanted and open the door to God)

6. Cast all your worries on God, humble yourself, and keep going. 1 Peter 5:6-7 (This three part formula has a promise attached to it. God will exalt you!)

7. God helps me. Hebrews 13:6 (Visualize God's energy and power come to you with love from above. God truly loves you and his healing power is already all around you so just accept it)

We would love to hear about affirmations you use to overcome anxiety. Post them below to help others. We love you and we're praying for you. God bless you. See you in the kingdom.

Jim Welch

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