Christian Meditation and Relaxation Elevates You to God


Many people have the misconception that meditation is strictly the domain of Eastern and New Age philosophies, but that could not be further from the truth. Recently more and more Christians have started to use meditation in their daily practice in order to mediate to and for His glory. Though there are many different forms of meditation that can vary in nature, the goal for each is the same, to bring a Christian back in a place of peace with God. Through consistent practice you will see benefits with not only your spiritual life, but also your emotional, cognitive, and physical. 

Today many Christians are asking what is Christian meditation or meditative relaxation exactly? Simply put Christian meditation is the process of silencing the noise of the world so that you are able to clearly enter the presence of God and be able to hear His voice clearly. And even though this seems to be a very new practice, meditation dates back to the Old Testament when Isaac (son of Abraham) would meditate. When done correctly meditation can be a form of worship that is both enjoyable and calming, while also being invigorating.

It is also important to note that there are some differences between Eastern meditation and Christian meditation. The first major difference is that Christian meditation and relaxation focuses on forming a union with God rather than striving for emptiness. Most Eastern meditations seek to empty their mind and there is not any concentrating unless it is to empty their mind further. This is greatly contrasted with Christian mediators focus on thoughts in order to fill their mind with the Spirit of God.

Another big difference between the two different types of meditation style is that Christian meditation and relaxation does not claim to be a cure for life. Christian meditation is truly just meant to be another way for the Holy Spirit to flow through your body and for you to deepen your relationship with Him. By allowing the Holy Spirit to work in your body you will see your heart and mind healing in order to change your behavior and temperament.

Though Christian meditation and relaxation is more structured than Eastern practices, there are still many ways for you to create a personal and individual experience. I personally love to use Christian relaxation and meditation as a form to strengthen my faith with God. It is a way for me to silently reflect and really open myself up to listen to what God has to say in my life. By mediating I am able to let the pressures of the world melt away and truly focus myself on God. It is also a very personal time for me. By silencing out the world I truly feel that I am closer to God.

Taking the first step to begin practicing Christian meditation and relaxation may seem to be intimidating at first, but that should not scare you away. There are many resources out there for you to use to begin your journey. You can begin by looking online or in bookstores. It is also key that you remember that Christian meditation is truly a personal experience. The main focus is on your relationship with God, and though there are a lot of different resources out there that will detail the proper practice there truly is no way for anyone else to tell you the best way to create a personal experience with God. The point of Christian meditation and relaxation is to let all the stress of the world melt away and have to solely focus on the Holy Spirit.

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