Christian Meditation Makes You Smarter

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


People meditate for a variety of reasons. The most typical reason is the reduction of stress, at least in most Western cultures. Meditation allows you to become “centered” in your thoughts and being. You focus solely on breathing and let your thoughts clear. This results in improved blood flow throughout the body, as well as numerous other benefits. The effects of meditating are clear and well researched. Meditation does help you to live a healthier life as a whole. Something many do not realize, however, is that it can also make you smarter. Christian meditation, focusing on prayer and becoming one with the Lord, can help you to improve the functions of the brain.

How Christian Meditation Makes You Smarter

Christian meditation works by clearing your mind. Like other forms of meditation, you are focusing solely on clear and deliberate thought. There are no sudden ideas and there is no constant brain activity. The brain is clear and calm. While doing so, you say affirmations from the bible to yourself. You continue to do this as a way to feel closer to God. It is, at the base level, a way to strengthen your connection with the Lord. This is the main advantage of it. The ability to make you smarter is a secondary benefit. When you work to improve your closeness with God, you are also improving your own intelligence and the functions of the brain.

In a study that looked at meditators and non-meditators of varying ages and backgrounds, the results were clear. There were noticeable differences in the brain for people who meditated compared to people who did not. This difference showed clearest in experienced, older individuals. Meditation affected the thickness of several parts of the brain, improving flow and functionality. While younger participants did not show as big of a difference, it was still a change that scans could notice. Again, continued meditation did assist in the thickness of the brain and making the individuals more intelligent than they were.

The reasons for this was what meditation can do to the mind. Christian meditation, similar to other forms of meditation, has known beneficial properties. Individuals who meditate reduce stress and improve thought. To get these results, it does affect the brain. These are the immediate results of it, too. With continued meditation, an individual can see the changes become constant, more noticeable, and permanent. This is why older participants in the study, those who have meditated for many years, had the biggest differences between meditator and non-meditator. The brain’s constant changing turned into improved functionality as a whole.

All of this comes with actual scans and science. Christian meditation does have several advantages to it that you cannot deny. The ability to make you smarter is one of them. When you choose to meditate on a regular basis, it continues to improve your brain. Your brain steadily improves. Through the years of regular meditation, this becomes a permanent change that assists you in the way that you think. This applies to the sensory, emotional, and cognitive sections of the brain. Your intelligence in all areas becomes better.

Every person can gain from the benefits of Christian meditation. Calm thought is something everyone can manage. No matter your current intelligence, your background, or anything about you as a person, you can use meditation as a way to improve your cognitive ability. You can use this as a way to become smarter. It is a definite and known method of improving yourself, and it works for everyone. The benefits of meditation are there for every individual, regardless of what sets them apart. You can become smarter
with it.

Agatha Roosevelt

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