Christian Meditation Music Creates Super Brain

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


Christian meditation music just might be the most natural and wholesome answer to millions of people looking for relief in today's high stress world. Anxiety, stress, pollution, burgeoning crime rates, technology hazards and countless other plagues accompany the modern day life in the 21st century and it has some seriously toxic and damaging effects on our brain. Not only do these toxic elements of our world steal our capability to relax and break away from anxiety, but they also damage the brain and cripple cognitive capabilities crucial for our wellbeing and good health.

A growing number of people turn to very toxic solutions to resolve and already aggravated problem: drugs, alcohol, and medication. Many attempt to drown depression, anxiety and stress with tranquilizers, serotonin inhibitors and even, recreational drugs such as marijuana and cannabis, which further damage the brain and its neuro-transmitters.

So, what is the natural solution to strengthening, relaxing and sharpening your brain?

The soft and soothing tunes of Christian meditation music. Relaxing harmonies help combat stress, anxiety, and frayed nerves that impair our performance. Tests show that music can rejuvenate the body and invigorating your spirits, and it starts in your brain.

Science is proving that the calming rhythms and tones of Christian meditation music can truly work wonders on the neurological activity of your brain. How? Let me explain.

Science and Christian Meditation Music

Research has proven that the restful and peaceful sonic and sub-sonic tones of that Christian meditation music offers, creates a spiritually delightful and soul-enriching neural imaging that stimulates your brain to release endorphins, the hormone that makes you happy. Scientists now know endorphins play an important role in relieving stress and anxiety while sharpening cognitive skills.

Several experiments have proven that soothing melodies and frequencies have a remarkable effect on listeners. Most participants described their experience as “joyful”, “lucid”, and “powerful”. The most noteworthy effect of this joyful listening bliss was it's lasting effects. Subjects reported they felt “inspired”, “courageous”, and believed, “anything was possible”.

In other words, music has the ability to erase negativity and restore optimism. Best of all, it has no adverse side effects, none. 

Since Christians have faith in God's power to heal and restore health, Christian meditation music has much more powerful effect. A person's faith has the ability to amplify the healing effects of calm melody on the brain. Compared to other genres, Christian meditation devotional music has the greatest impact of mainly due to the intrinsic value a person places on the healing power of an invisible force, God. All entertaining music and programs have embedded technology to help the brain heal, but it's been repeated shown that faith and belief brings about the greatest and effective physical change in the body.

From this perceptive, music is not the what cause change in the body. Music is simply a way of calming the mind enough to get in touch with God, and that's when miracles can happen. Don't get me wrong, studies show that even if a person doesn't believe in God they still benefit. I suspect that only proves that God is the designer of both frequencies and the body. But, the greatest benefit comes to those who belief, that's a proven fact, and proves the Gospels true. Remember Jesus' words, “Your faith has made you well.”

Is it any wonder that people can enter a state of meditation while singing or chanting Christian hymns of worship. These experiences further reinforce faith and establish confidence, critical factors in keeping stress low in a busy world filled with money, bills, family, and work.

Replenish, enhance, relax and sharpen your mind:

Substance abuse, destructive thoughts, stress, anxiety and even pollution, all have negatively impact your mind and body. It's up to you to give your self a break from the worldly elements that hurt your brain. Even Jesus took long breaks from the business of the world. Jesus is often portrayed as taking solo time early in the morning and at night. If you don't start a daily routine to relax and de-stress, new research indicates that the brain will slowly, but consistently, begin to deteriorate. Once the damage begins the subconscious mind goes unchecked and negativity can maliciously magnify the problem. So do yourself a favor, start today. Your brain will thank you. Christian meditation music will do you a lot of good.

Unlike popular magazines, TV, social media, fashion gurus, films and the music industry, Christian meditation music does not sell you entertainment or appeasement for monetary gain. This very special genre helps combat spiritual debilitation, while strengthen your faith. This is especially true when you visualize Christ Jesus. Jesus never turns anyone away, ever. In His presence phobias, fears, depression, addictions, anxieties and all other spiritual plagues of the mind and body disappear.

The word of God always soothes away the pain, and indeed, no drugs, medicinal or recreational, can counter the potency, the intensity, and the power ancient scripture and wisdom can bring you. So it's best to combine your peaceful time with art of biblical meditation. This technique has provided monks and parishioners extremely effective meditative sessions for centuries, and it will help you too. So open your Bible, press play, and start enhancing your mind. We're praying for you. God bless. Remember, our
Christian meditation music radio app is free, so you have no excuse to creating a super brain today.

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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