Christian Meditation Study Declares Super Brain Can Emerge


Meditation has been universally studied for decades by hospitals and universities alike. Unbeknownst to many, Christian meditation delivers the same benefits, if not more, than its secular counterparts. The technique usually involves a form of repetitive prayer in which a structured attempt is made to reflect upon, and become aware of, the revelation of God. Meditation in itself is the ability to reflect on a topics deeply either during study, or as a practice of concentration contemplation.

A different form of Christian meditation however focuses to incorporate Jesus as its main objective. Meditation is simply a tool people use to quiet the mind while letting the presence of Christ take over. Unifying with God through Christ Jesus is repeatedly described in the Gospels, but very few people ever observe it as a spiritual exercise. This type of contemplative practice can have an enormous impact on the person’s entire being. When practiced regularly it can dramatically sharpen the mind and relax the body, a state of mind most scientist agree promotes health. Meditation has an amazing way to heal the internal structures of the brain. It's even been proven that brain matter increases with the practice of meditation. Imagine what the presence of Christ in your mind can do for you.

Because meditation improves the brain it activates our dormant God given talents to emerge. If you would like to function with more peace, understanding, creativity, wisdom, and love then the practice is right for you. Do you have some reservation over its benefits, just take a look at how science is proven it all true

  •  According to a study from UCLA, long term meditators had better preserved brains than the non meditators. Participants who have been meditating for an average of 20 years had a higher amount of gray matter in their brain than those who didn’t. They had some volume loss to the younger meditators. Thus, meditation has a measurable positive affect in regions of the brain that were previously associated with meditating. 
  • Reduces the “Me” Center Of The Brain: One of the most important studies in the last years show that meditation reduces activity in the default mode network - the brain network responsible for self referential thoughts and mind wandering. Several studies have shown that meditation quiets the DMN, and even when the mind starts to wander due to the new connections, meditators have the improved cognitive power to snap back and proceed with enhanced concentration.
  • Reverse The Effects Of Depression: According to a study by Johns Hopkins, the relationship between meditation and its ability to reduce anxiety and pain is increasingly obvious. Researchers suggest meditation reduces the mental imagery associated to anxiety and depression. It's lingering effects diminishes the need for anti-depressants which further improves the effects of meditation. The Bible states that we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind (Ro 12:2). It looks like the Word of God is proven correct. Meditation isn’t a magic bullet for depression, but it is one of the tools that holds great promise in managing its symptom. Under proper supervision guided Christian meditation can be extremely helpful in improving brain function and reducing negative mental patterns. 
  • It Reduces Anxiety And Social Anxiety: Christian meditation also lowers anxiety and social anxiety. According to various studies,  a incorporating a good habit of daily meditation can greatly alter the anxiety cycle. Disrupting anxious thought allows a person to be more natural and feel more comfortable with own self in social environments.
  • It Calms The Mind: Meditation calms the mind while it teaches your body to become stable. This positive biological cycle further enhances the brain with clarity and creativity. Depending upon highly harmonized internal functions stabilizes emotions which can lead to the fortification of character and confidence. 
  • Personality improvement: Millions of people meditate on a daily basis. Chances are someone you know, or watch on TV, meditates. Meditation is a topic some shy away, but as its incredible effects are felt most never give up the practice. The spiritual contemplative discipline of connecting with God releases our inner potential while heightening the awareness of our thought activity so our life can be a gift to God and others.
  • Stress Relief: As rumination of a key spiritual concept becomes the sole focus in the activity of united with God, stress from the body is dissolved. Brainwaves become smooth, pulse rate decreases, organs become harmonized, while glands normalize. Biological stabilization causes good health, and it is what we perceive when we feel invigorated. Stress on the other hand cause a person to feel sluggish, and with energy. Stress zaps energy and can quickly become a downward spiral of bad health. Stress also burdens the brain by overtaxing its energy. Mediation lifts the burden and allows the brain to function at full power. Stress clouds the mind. 

Meditation clears the mind. Meditation doesn’t require a lot from you. All you have to do to get started on it is set aside to spare 20 to 30 minutes in the morning and evening. Try it for a few days and see how you feel. You might find that you are more calm, relaxed, and generally feel better. That's the power of Christian meditation quietly at work. You might also find that you are more productive, loving, giving, and less worried.

Quick Christian Meditation Guide

Before you begin you want to identify a small Bible verse with 2 to 5 words. Less is better. The mind can focus better with short phrases. You can also choose one of God's names, less syllables works best. I personally use the words, “Yes Jesus” to keep mind from wandering.

1. Take 2 or 3 deep breaths. Take your time and relax. Close your eyes.

2. Mentally repeat your prayer-mantra. If thoughts arise simply recognize them as thoughts and go back to your prayer mantra.

3. Your prayer-mantra can become very effective when combined with your breath. As I mentally say “Yes”, I inhale, as I exhale I say “Jesus”. Attaching your prayer-mantra to the breath will train your brain to deeply focus.

4. Within 5 to 10 minutes you will feel a sense of peace. Your mind will feel calm. Your hands and legs will feel heavy. These symptoms are synonyms with alpha brainwaves and that you're mind and body are undergoing change. Congratulations!

5. During alpha we can repeat our prayer-mantra with extreme focus and intention toward God. During this part of the meditation you might see Jesus, light, or angels. Don't be disappointed if you don't. God's is always with you, always.

6. After 20 – 30 minutes mentally thank God and begin to slowly open your eyes. Take 30 seconds or more to open your eyes.

That's it. Practice the techniques listed here everyday and you will be on the way to a better life with an enhanced mind and body. Don't worry if you have to many thoughts. Meditation works in the background. Even you think it's not working for you, it is, so keep going.

Daily practice of meditation is very important. According to an ever increasing number of scientific studies. The brain goes through an incredible rejuvenation process that increases it potential while reducing the effects of stress on the amygdala which signals the adrenal glands to generate excise amounts of hormones when dealing with anxious or fearful emotions. This biological cycle has a corrosive effect on the body that can easily manifest itself as many disorders.

Super Impacts On The Brain Of Meditators

It has been well established by the scientific community the brain works to improve the gray matter during meditation, and improved gray matter has several benefits, including the following:

The grey matter is the central nervous system made out of two types of tissues; the grey matter and the white matter. The grey matter composes of neuronal cell bodies and unmyelinated axons. Axons are the processes that extend from the neuronal cell bodies and carry signals between those bodies. Generally, grey matter works to process information in the brain. The grey matter therefore improves by increasing the metabolic mechanism of the overall body which is essential in keeping a healthy mind and body.


The overall positive impacts of meditation on the brain are innumerable. It is vitally important for anyone interested in improving potential of the mind experience deep Christian meditation. The biological effects in the brain have shown drastic improvements, so much that even geneticists are opening the door to these remarkable changes. If you want better memory, more creativity, improved cognitive power, and outstanding problem solving skills, then look no further than Christian meditation to make your brain and super brain.

We love you God bless you. We're always praying for you.

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