Creating A Christian Meditation Altar

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


Do you truly need something like a Christian meditation altar? The truth of the matter is that you don’t. At least, not in the sense that one is absolutely necessary in order to enjoy the benefits of Christian meditation.

However, we believe that when you consider the benefits of such an altar, you are going to begin to see how it can used as a meaningful tool for achieving a pure, intimate relationship with God through meditation. Further compounding your interest will be the fact that creating such an altar is in fact quite easy.

How To Create A Christian Meditation Altar

Obviously, the most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what, Jesus needs to be the physical and spiritual heart and soul of what you create. Using that thought to get you started, here are some easy tips to create your own altar for meditation:

1. Remember that your altar can ultimately be created anywhere you please. At the same time, remember to seek out a place that will prove to be ideal for meditation.

2. Creating your foundation for the altar can be as simple as re-purposing an old piece of furniture. You can also opt to purchase something that you feel is going to be suitable. Make sure you choose something that will allow you to use all of the items that define your altar. For example, you will certainly want to have space enough for a portrait, or ancient icon, of Jesus, in addition to candles, incense, crosses, and other Christian items of note.

3. Use a nice piece of cloth to drape over your altar, before setting down your objects. Use a cloth with patterns you like and inspire. Alternatively you may use solid colors. It's entirely up to you. What ever inspires you the most, go for it.

4. Remember to use the items that make sense to you. We have suggested a few items above. While we do believe the portrait or icon of Christ is absolutely essential to any Christian meditation altar, it is also important to emphasize that ultimately, this altar is yours to create as you please. Just remember to ask yourself the following: What will best help you to honor Jesus?

5. To begin your meditation start by kneeling at your altar, and using the Bible verse or Christian affirmations that you have chosen to help you to clear your mind. You may pray to God and even recite, or read some scripture.

6. Using candles or incense, particularly when combined with your verses or affirmations, can prove to be excellent tools for drawing your focus to Christ and deepening your meditation.

7. Make sure you have the altar cleaned as often as possible. Once or twice a week is ideal. Cleaning an alter should be an act of worship and can be considered a moving meditation.

We would love to hear about your Christian meditation altar. Post your ideas below and share with other.

God bless you. We love you, and we're praying for you.

Agatha Roosevelt

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