Daily Devotional For Firday - 10 I AM Christian Affirmations

Yes, it's Friday. You wake up, and things feel a little brighter. The day seems a little lighter, and the moment you walk out of school or work you feel as though you are free. Friday is truly magical. When it comes to feeling light, and unhampered Friday takes the prize!

Most people see Friday as the beginning of something awesome. If you had a truly phenomenal week, then it's time to celebrate your accomplishments. If your work week wasn't great, then it's time to unwind and recharge.

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No matter what Friday means to you, it means it is the final day of the traditional work week and the start of a couple of days of rest. If you see God as your sole provider of all good, then the weekend is a time of meditation, worship, and fun, all the best life offers.

So how do you prepare to enjoy Friday with a positive attitude and make sure nothing spoils your good nature? Biblical Christian affirmations. If you fill your mind with thoughts of God and Jesus early in the morning, your day more spectacular than usual.

The key to all good days is how you cultivate your mind. Good thoughts radiate bright, positive feelings, while negativity enables a maze of deplorable adjectives. The most uplifting thoughts you can empower yourself with come from the Bible. There is no greater source of inspiration than the scripture.

So now we give you the top ten most inspiring affirmations to get today started the right way.

10 Christian Devotional Affirmations For Friday

  1. Jesus guards me.
  2. I am led by Jesus.
  3. I am illuminated by Jesus.
  4. I am spirituality filled by Jesus.
  5. I am loved by Jesus.
  6. I am received by Jesus.
  7. Jesus provides.
  8. I am rescued by Jesus.
  9. Jesus always loves me.
  10. Jesus always sees me.

Daily Devotional Techniques

Notice that the affirmations exalt Jesus. Exalting Jesus puts us in a  position of humility and a state of pure worship. To begin the experience, pick one or more statements from the list above. Choosing 

1. To start the experience, select one or more affirmations from the list above.

2. Next, choose a quiet place and sit, then get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes then take few slow deep breaths and just relax. Do this for about 2 or 3 minutes.

3. Next, focus your mind on your devotional statement. You can whisper it, sing it, or mentally repeat it.

4. As you start to focus your mind, you notice some wanderings. That's okay, just let go of the distracting thought and concentrate on your devotional statement. After a couple of minutes, your mind will begin to become quieter. When your mind starts to slow down, you can start loving God. Completely let go while you worship. You may go back to repeating your affirmation and then loving God again. Do this for about 5 minutes. 

5. If you selected a second affirmation, start repeating that one now. If only selected one you can stop. Take a slow deep breath and exhale. Slowly open your eyes and thank Jesus.

6. Inhale slowly and deeply, and exhale. Slowly open your eyes and thank Jesus.

You can pick a new devotional from the list next Friday and so on. Here's a bonus. Try mentally repeating your devotional throughout the day. You can also try whispering it under your breath.  This excellent method of reinforcing your mindset with God is absolutely the best way to start your day.

Additionally, exercising 3 to 4 times a week will help your meditation time with God.

God bless you. Stay inspired; we're praying for you every day. See you in the kingdom.

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