Empower Your Best Self With Relaxation (Part 1)

Every man and woman becomes their best when individuality becomes realized in God's image. Fret and inner turmoil vanish when our unique self freely explores God's unlimited qualities within ourselves. A new sense of awareness opens when the conscious and subconscious become unified in purpose.

The peace and tranquility that stems from inner compatibility come from the deep inner acceptance that we are created in God's image and that all things really are possible with God.

A single doubt in the congruency of mind causes ripples in any peace we may feel. Disturbances like doubt shake our confidence and hinder our effort to master the uncontrolled self. Realization and singleness of mind come from profoundly accepting the belief that God made you and that He made you with great abilities. Accepting the statement with both the inner mind as well as the outer mind allow us to flow with God.

Realizing our unlimited potential in God's flow, we gain clarity to the nuances of personality and mind both in ourselves and others. The new found awareness delivers the power and clarity you need to accomplish any constructive goal. The more you explore God through your talents and abilities the more you know God outside of yourself.

Subconsciously holding the mental pattern of defeat while your conscious mind wants to move forward in victory causes anxiousness, nervousness, and depression. According to a 2003 analysis titled "The Evolutionary Aspects of Anxiety Disorder" published by Dr. John S Price, anxiety is a very complex study. However, the mental cycle that causes stress can be broken with the mental practice of positive psychology. In other words, one must see an ideal vision, believe it, then act upon it to break the psychological habits that cause anxiety and depression.

About 2000 years ago the apostle Paul wrote, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

Anxiousness, nervousness, or insecurities come from the disagreement of mind. The remedy offered by the apostle is that we pray with thanksgiving, then God's eternal and resounding peace will come and dwell in us.

The compatibility of inner and outer mind becomes realized with power when we can mentally see change and give thanks for it as if has already occurred. Much like Jesus when He multiplied a few loaves of bread to feed five thousand people and who gave thanks for the miracle seen in His mind, (Luke 9:16) you too need to see the removal of unwanted psychology, then with the same power draw near mountains of victory. You have the power to influence your psychology and create healthier more prosperous outcomes. The practice has been proven by doctors and demonstrated by Jesus to have power in producing miracles.

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