Guided Christian Meditation For Sleep

Research Confirms Meditation Can Be A Powerful Antidote To Insomnia

If you’re one of 60 million Americans who suffers disruptive sleeping habits, meditation might be the tool you need. Studies continue to show that meditation offers a world of good in de-stressing the human body. The JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that people who learn meditation experience greater improvements in sleep quality. They noted that fewer symptoms of insomnia, depression, and fatigue than those who followed standard sleeping practices such as establishing a routine bedtime.

So guided Christian meditation can go a long way in helping you experience a restful night of pure bliss. If you've never meditated before, a guided class like this one can be very useful and effective.

Is Stress The Culprit Keeping You Awake

Not surprisingly, it's been discovered that stress plays a major role to insomnia, and meditation is proving to be the right lifestyle change for many. Meditation is having a major impact on mitigating, and even reversing the effects of stress.

In particular, meditation activates your body's natural ability to relax. Your inherit ability to release healthy substances and create relaxing brain signals is determined by your ability to consciously relax. You can partially create inner calm with drugs or supplements, but that can lead to dependency, a habit that may have to addressed later, especially if there is unwanted side effects. With a meditative practice you can get your body to relax just as easily but without any side effects, or negative habits.

Using Guided Christian Meditation For Sleep

There are different strategies for dealing with insomnia. Christian guided meditation is an approach that most people of faith find the most pleasant and helpful. The practice can have a powerful effect on improved sleep. As the listener is coached with breathing techniques and biblical affirmations you may find yourself gently slipping into a slumbering state. As you fall asleep your brain continues to receive the instruction needed to let go of worldly thought patterns that keep you up at night.

We have many Top Guided Christian Meditations for stress relief and relaxation to help you fall into a deep, healthy sleep. The meditation variety offered at our store includes: tonal tracks design to slow things down, voice only meditations, and subliminal versions to enhance your training. Most guided meditations last about 20 minutes, but can put you to sleep in 10 minutes.

Guided Christian Meditation For Sleep - Technique and Script

This guided sleep meditation will help you to fall into a deep, healthy sleep every time.

Listen to Christian meditation for sleep: HERE

1. Begin by lying on your back and getting into a comfortable position. Your hands can be on your sides. Choose any position to be more comfortable, but start by lying on your back, you can change your position later.

2. Mentally scan your mind and body. Notice the tension and how it makes your body feel. Oftentimes this is not pleasant. Begin by becoming aware that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and that He is present with you.

3. Breathe in for about 4 seconds, and draw near to Christ Jesus.

Exhale slowly for about 6 seconds and let go of any tension or stress.

Let your thoughts go for the next few moments and just enjoy being with Jesus. Any thought that might come to mind, just let go for now. Take one deep breath and let it all go.

4. Now is the time to be in the presence of Christ your Lord. His presence clears your mind with eternal love.

During this meditation try to keep a regular breathing pattern of 3 to 5 seconds for the inhale, and 5 to 7 seconds for the exhale. If you loose sight of your breathing pattern chances are you're already falling asleep. Good job!

If you start falling asleep, just let go in Jesus' presence and enjoy a restful night.

5. The next step is to pray to your Savior.

Select a Bible verse, sacred name, or pray what you like and pray to Jesus. The key is to repeat the prayer as you rhythmically breath.

If you pray the Christian Orthodox Jesus prayer, you would mentally say, "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God" on the inhale, and "Have mercy on me a sinner" on the exhale.

If you choose the Lord's prayer, you may have to mentally recite it with several breaths for one repetition.

6. As you continue the practice focus your mind on Jesus and pray to Him with sincerity and love. You may notice that Jesus may appear closer, or that he may bless you. Eventually, your heart and mind will relax until you fall asleep.

7. If you wake up start with step 2.

As with most meditations, the key is rhythmic breathing. Proper rhythmic breathing will cause your brain to produce alpha brainwaves and optimize gray matter space. Once your brain is optimized loving Jesus with all you heart, soul, and mind becomes easier and a blessing.


There are many similar techniques you can try to fall asleep and stay asleep. The truth is that God placed the breath of life in us so you can enjoy life. Without His breath a single thought could not exist. So keep a calm rhythmic pattern and then give yourself to God. Your creator will do the rest. Have a blessed night.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestion? Do you have a favorite guided Christian mediation that helps you sleep? We'd love to hear about your experience. Post your thoughts below. God bless you. see you in the kingdom.


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