Guided Christian Meditation Reveals Way to Holiness


Guided Christian meditation is a process in which a trainer or practitioner guides one or more people to meditate. He, or she, may use different means like written text, video, recording or audio visual recording, which has music and verbal instructions; at times a combination of both can be used. Through this process, participants visualize or create a mental image that re-creates the sensory perception of smell, movements, sound, sight and images associated with Bible verses, concepts, or precepts. Christian meditation is also aided by creating mental imagery of specific scripture. Mental imagery can be very helpful creating strong feelings and emotions which can lead to profound changes in psychology.

In some cases, facilitators of guided meditation may ask practitioners to keep a self-reflective journal or diary. Keeping a journal is an important way to track negative and unwanted imagery. This is especially useful among those people suffering from any Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and social anxiety. Over time, documenting your journey can provide information and insight into the participant's physical and mental condition, contributing to the formulation of a therapeutic treatment plan.

Once the metal barriers are eliminated one can proceed on the path of holiness with God.

Objectives of Guided Christian Meditation

(1) Worship: Through this spiritual practice one can overcome the mundane and live a more enlightened life during any situation or activity. Worship provides a holy mental atmosphere that fills our inner being with the spiritual fragrance of love.

(2) Wisdom: Biblical instruction help us to understand the word of God more deeply and
how it applies to our lives. It’s more like exchanging our feelings and thoughts with God.
Good biblical instruction can spiritually uplift us and realize God's bigger picture of life.

(3) Motivation: Spiritual motivation from an instructor is needed to perform the tasks and fulfill the responsibilities which God wants us to do. Living according to God's will is how the Holy Spirit fulfills God's utmost desire on earth.

(4) Transformation: Applying God’s word in our daily affairs is needed to change our lives. According to John 4:21 the practical application of God's word, allows God to increase His presence in us.


It is a state of being sacred or holy. The Bible states, very clearly that it is our job to fulfill our duty as followers of God. This means that we have to implement the word of God in our lives and make sure that we not only help ourselves and go on a righteous path but we should also help others to go down that road. We can achieve holiness by applying God's word so His word can influence our thought, speech and actions. It not only purifies our soul but it also helps to attain a greater understanding of God's mind. Once Mother Teresa said that “only when you realize your nothingness and empty yourself can God fill you with Himself”. That’s really our goal when we relinquish our human thought patterns and replace them with God's thought patterns. It’s not about us climbing the ladder towards God, because He has already descended to walk among us. It is about becoming less so God can be more. All we have to do is let Him in, and we do it through the guidance of God's contemplated word. Neither is it about earning God’s love, because it is freely lavished upon us.

How Guided Christian Meditation Can Help You Achieve Holiness

There is one main thing which we have to do to achieve holiness i.e. to follow God’s word and cooperate with his grace. Recent studies have shown that to achieve this spiritual height there is one best way. Meditating while reading or deeply studying scripture, not only relaxes your mind but it also helps you to understand that why God has laid out certain pat and rules for us to follow, and why he wants us to be righteous and it's wrong to follow certain worldly desires. When you understand these things with clarity from above, your heart, mind, and soul become more pure which eventually leads to holiness.

Another very important quality to keep in mind when delving into the world of guided Christian meditation and personal development is happiness. There are two types of happiness: outer happiness and inner peace. Outer happiness is linked with worldly objects and fun activities, like meeting with friends, going on shopping, dining out etc. This happiness is fleeting that quickly

fades with time. Inner peace on the other hand is a state of mental satisfaction with God. When the mind renders itself completely to God, the heavenly powers of God's kingdom are allowed to dwell within us, thus eternal joy springs forth.

One can achieve holiness through this type of contemplative concentration because it is closely linked with mind and soul purification. It helps you to commune with God. When that happens a person does not care about the concrete objects and desires of the world, instead total devotion toward God ensues. It is more like achieving a higher level of self-actualization without worldly hindrance.

Holiness is not just about following the right path in an elevated state with God. It is also about protecting yourself from evil acts and wrong doings. A lot of things around us are becoming very common and we do not consider them a big deal anymore. For instance habitual lying is more common place. In a book of God, these small deeds are considered sin but we don’t hesitate to do them on daily basis. Meditation is a tool which helps us to realize how these small acts are destroying our inner purity and taking us away from the path of holiness.

The main cog to achieve holiness is by desiring God’s will. A biblical guided meditation is a way through which we can realize that desiring God’s will is actually better than running after our own desires. The path shown to us by God will help not only to achieve success in this life but also in life after death, in heaven, where we have to live for eternity. The main tenant of Christian meditation is to sit back and allow God to reside in your mind. That means your attitude will shift from self-centeredness to God-centeredness. By doing so we not only find a right path and right place for us in the world, but we also find the right balance in our relationships i.e. our relationship with people, our relation with creation, and our relation with the creator Himself. The significant aim of our meditation time as Christians is to allow the silent presence of God within us become more prominent so that God can lead us with the power of of the Holy Spirit. The way of a contemplative life with Jesus is in the minimal simplicity of God's
loving word. All we have to do to begin and continue. It is essential to tread the path, to be on the way, each day of our lives. Holiness is indeed a level of self-actualization and to achieve it guided Christian meditation is our best tool to please God these days.

We love you and we're praying for you.

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