Have You Questioned Reality? (2)

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Reality is usually explained as everything we perceive in our physical existence. But have you ever wondered about reality itself? What if everything you see, feel, hear, and experience is shaped by how you think.

Imagine reality as a vast ocean of three-dimensional supernal bits of information with every bit designed to react to every thought you have. The more you concentrate the more you influence bits of reality into a particular reality. At first, you may only influence a handful of these 3-dimensional pixels, but over days, weeks, months, and even years you inscribe each bit of reality with profound reason to exist in a specific place.

In an article I wrote titled a while back, "Christian Mindfulness Meditation Changes Your Genetics" I discussed a 2006 report funded by the National Institutes of Health which proved that about 5% of harmful genetic mutations in the body are due to something in our external environment, the rest, or 95% is caused by how we think.

How we think controls our genetic activity which affects changes in our chemistry. The study shows we can think our way to health or disease. The same study noted that thoughts and feelings of optimism, gratitude, and love produce health in the body.

We're entering into the understanding thought affects our reality. How you think and feel affects how reality presents itself to you. Scientists are documenting the chain reaction between thought and reality and the power of the mind to change everything. The process is real and is scientifically observable, but the space known as reality has eluded researchers for years until recently. Scientists working at a research center in Topanga, California are developing the most mathematically provable observation of reality known as "Quantum Gravity"

Their research shows that reality is composed of three matrices each one is smaller in dimensional value than it's predecessor. The first is an eight-dimensional matrix, the second is a four-dimensional matrix, and the third is a three-dimensional matrix. All exist simultaneously and each one reflects our reality in either high or lower level dimensional planes. The closest matrix to our physical environment is the third-dimensional matrix, and its fundamental building block is the tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is a unilateral three-dimensional triangle. Think of each tetrahedron as a pixel of reality. But unlike your TV which displays 2-D pixels, our reality is composed of 3-D pixels, the tetrahedron.

We exist in a three-dimensional ocean of minuscule tetrahedrons which work together to form our reality. Here's the most fascinating thing about the study.

Each tetrahedron can only exist in one position which fits the order of other tetrahedrons. Researchers noted that a tetrahedron can change its position to point in a different direction which can produce a change in surrounding tetrahedrons resulting in changes in our reality. What they discovered is that these particles of reality are subject to thought.

So the most baffling observation scientists are learning is that our reality has consciousness. That means every time you think of something reality reacts to you. In other words, we live in a living substance that knows we exist, knows we think, understands our thought, and interacts with us.

Scientists are now grappling with the element of consciousness because in order for each pixel of reality to exist with the knowledge we exist they must obey a governing language or a code. A language or code signals intelligent consciousness. At the moment nearly all physicists agree that all reality is composed of information, and the few that don't agree haven't yet offered alternate explanations. The most common dispute in this area is that reality is composed of energy and particles, not information. Quantum physicists are quick to point out that energy, particles, and the structures they form are all composed of information, and without information reality would cease to exist.

The understanding that every particle of reality is governed by information implies perception. Perception means that whoever, or whatever, designed the code is at the moment is perceiving us right now and all the particles around us.

The idea of a conscious and perceptive universe caught the attention of scientists with the world famous double-slit experiment. ( In this experiment, scientists discharged atoms through two slits in solid material. The test resulted in a wavelike pattern of several concentrated areas in the landing screen rather than just two bands. Intrigued by the results, scientists installed a particle detector to observe the behavior of the atoms as they passed through the two slits. The results stunned scientists.

Instead of creating a wavelike pattern of several concentrated areas, the atoms landed in two areas perfectly matching the slits on the other side. Baffled by the results scientists unplugged the particle detector to observe their behavior as they flew through the two slits once again. To their amazement, the wavelike formation appeared again.

The experiment and several other variations conclude the same thing. When atoms are observed they behave differently. If we think about the behavior of the atoms we come up with a very surprising understanding of the universe around us.

First, in order for atoms to know whether or not they are being observed, we must accept that perception is at work. Perception cannot exist without consciousness, so we can safely assume that consciousness is at work. Because atoms behave differently based on what is perceived we can understand that there is information possibly in, or around, atoms to act upon.

The entire process points us to intelligence, but not just ordinary intelligence. The intelligence that reveals itself from this experiment is of extraordinary proportions. You and I need to focus on one thing to successfully accomplish its completion, now imagine having the intelligence not only to create the information and system but to run trillions of trillions of atoms simultaneously.

Consciousness, perception, and intelligence lead us to awareness, and awareness leads us to an entity.

Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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