Start Healing With Christian Meditation Now

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

Do you believe in God? Jesus? The Holy Spirit? I have good news for you. There is mounting evidence which conclusively shows that people who believe in God live longer, and have healthier and happier lives.

Harold G. Koenig, M.D. and psychiatrist, has published over 200 studies showing how faith and prayer can actually prevent people from getting sick — and when they do get sick, their prayer habit shortens recovery times.

The doctor also performed an exhaustive meta-analysis of more than 1,500 high ranking medical studies. He concluded that people of faith display better mental and physical health overall.

Additionally, 125 studies that focused on the link between health and regular Christian worship, 85 studies indicated that regular churchgoers actually live longer than the rest of the population.

Dr. Koenig's hard work shows that faith benefits mind and body. He points out that a person of faith copes with stress better, they experience greater well-being, they are more optimistic, they have more hope, they experience less depression, less anxiety, and they commit less suicide.

Physically, they have stronger immune systems, heal faster, have lower blood pressure, and make better choices about health. And it doesn't stop there.

In 2008, the National Academy of Sciences published a groundbreaking article titled "Cognitive and Neural Foundations of Religious Belief". This work was the culmination of the combined effort of six leading scientists nationwide.

Through rigorous brain scan analysis what they discovered was that people who though about God had greater neurological connections than people who had no faith. Doctors could actually see brain scan images light up when people were told think about God's love.

Then they were told to experience God through statements. Brain scans lit up even more. What they discovered was that large parts of the bilateral occipital lobes in the brain become activated. This area sends signals to the rest of the via the nervous system.

We can surmise that based on Dr. Koenig's research and brain scan analysis that God honors people of faith with health and well being, and He does it via our brain and then the rest of our body.

Now let me share with you an astonishing Bible verse.

"Lift up your heads, O you gates; even lift them up, you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in." ~ Psalm 24:9

This verse compares the human head, or a brain, to a gate, a gate to the everlasting. The outcome of lifting our minds is the entry of God's glory, Jesus. This small verse describes how we can physically and spiritually look up to God.

Could it be that science is detecting the entrance of God's glory into the brain stimulating vast amounts of neurons that bring positive effects to the body? I'd like to think so. After all, science and the Bible say virtually the same.

In John 14:23 Jesus stated that anyone who keeps His will experience God's increased presence.

"If anyone loves me, he will keep My words: and my Father will love him, and We will come unto him, and dwell in him"

In other words, if we keep our mind the Lord's words, meditate on His precepts, and follow His commands God's glory will increase in us. This verse states a similar message about raising our mind with Godly concepts, and the result is the same, God's increased presence. It's perfectly logical to think that our health and life will improve if God's presence dwells in us more fully. In fact, that's what scientists are proving — anyone who experiences through Christian concepts are happier, healthier, and live longer.

What scientists actually proved is God's promise to bless us if we hold His concepts in mind.

Now ask yourself, what would happen if you were to hold in mind not only God's word, but God's word around miracles. If it's proven that our body physically benefits from just keeping God in mind, what would happen if we kept God's word about miracles in mind.

Could God's glorious word convey powerful neurological messages to the brain, then to the rest of the body? Of course we can't scientifically connect God to a miracle, yet. But we do have countess medical miracles to glean.

A notable story that comes to mind is of Dodie Osteen, mother of Joel Osteen. In 1981 Dodie was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver. Doctors put the odds against chemo therapy, and told her she had a few weeks to live.

Her husband prayed for her, she'd often look at pictures of when she was young, and created healing scripture cards. Each card contained scripture about healing miracles.

As of this writing, Dodie is nearly 90 years young, very active in ministry, and maintain a very busy schedule. She is healthy, vibrant, and full of life.

I think most of us don't realize how powerful God really is. If just thinking about creates health in the body, can our thought of miraculous events in the Bible dramatically change us? It appears that it can.

The Secret To Miracles and Healing

It's really no secret at all. Science says that our mind and body improve just by having thoughts of God. The Bible says that if we meditate on Biblical concepts, God's glory enters our body.

So the secret is to meditate on scripture that supports the thought of the miraculous in the brain. Combine that with God's increased presence and we have a very powerful mix that reconfigured mind and body according to the message and God's presence.

Another way of stating this concept is that we can make our body God's temple where He is invited by the cultivation of His word.

To get started right now. Get your Bible and start making note of every miraculous event in the Bible. Type, or write, Bible verse that are about how God blesses you with health, power, and the miraculous.

Every morning when you wake up read each verse slowly and carefully. Your devotional time must not be rushed. You need to take time to relax in your practice, that's Christian meditation.

Once you feel like your brain slows down, and you can deeply focus on each verse, you're meditating. Make each verse come alive in your mind. God's word must so real to you that you should be able to see it, feel it, and experience it.

Try to keep these verses handy. Read them throughout the day. Create affirmations around the Bible verse and read those. When you feel tempted to let go of your faith in God's word. Get your list and start affirming His word as your own. That's how you "keep" His word.

Don't stop. Don't quit. Keep going.

If you need more help, or have the desire to magnify your efforts, we created a miracles based devotional. Here's the download link.

Stay strong in the Lord, keep His word first, love God, and things will change. It has to. When God's presence increases, things change.

God bless you. See you in the kingdom.


Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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