How Christian Journaling Releases Spiritual Breakthrough

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


If you are thinking about writing an exclusive spiritual journal or you want to turn your occasional spiritual postings into a daily or weekly journal, you should consider a few things that will help you on your journey to an improved life.

According to many experts, personal journaling is a very efficient tool for those who want to upgrade life. However, when we talk about spiritual journal, this type of diary means a lot more. Spiritual Christianity represents a mirrored view of the soul and mind. Just like in the case of observational documentation, this tool is very helpful for epiphany, which helps our focus and concentration which can lead to dramatic spiritual breakthrough.

The pursuit of a substantive outcome can become muddled by life's endless choices . That's why at least a short-term tactical decision to document and analyze life and it's many ruinations can help guide you in the direction of a better future. If you think this tactic is for the weak or frail, think again. Former chairman of Harvard Business Publishing Howard Stevenson came to the same conclusion after many years in a highly competitive business environment.

Becoming emotionally and spiritually stronger doesn’t mean that you must focus only on religious topics. Reflecting on the direction of your life is an activity that includes many aspects including work, relationship, goals, desires, time, politics, and our personal life in general. This activity is actually a long-lasting process that allows us to constant see our live objectively with God's help. We can easily compare this method with Christian meditation. When we meditate and focus on God our mind will naturally stray away. Of course our job as meditators is to allow our thought to just be in the background while we concentrate on a single object, verse, or word. From this perspective our thought is simply something with a momentary lifespan that exists without bias. The continued practice will eventually allow you to objectively move through life without the weighty hindrance preconception and consequence, so you are free to apply more mental energy to a clear outcome.

This is an activity has shown to turn selfishness and jealousy into caring, revolt into obedience and peace, misery into hope and faith. Many experts now agree that during times of emotional and mental transitions personal growth accelerates.

Christian journaling is only one of the many techniques on the road to personal development. Meditation, fasting, and praying are other activities that can produce extraordinary insight. Experiencing life objectively with a guiding faith can literally unleash untapped human potential that can bring us into a destiny everyone dreams about.

Do you remember a situation in which you have listened to the words of your priest or pastor and you thought “this is something very deep and meaningful”, but you forgot it? Have you ever been in a situation in which you were crying or felt really bad about something even though there was no obvious reason why? This is not something unusual.

These types of reflections are periods when the subconscious mind is guiding you in the proper way. As Christians we believe that the promptings of the inner being come from the Lord. All the more reason why should pay attention to our spiritual compass. As you are probably aware, God talks to us every day, all the time, but in modern times we have the lack of time to listen to the soft quiet voice. After a long busy day people often to forget to listen to these subtle messages.

These messages are meaningful and important when we want to advance. The best way to make the most of them is to write them down. Obviously, we can’t go everywhere with our journal, but sometimes it is a good idea to write down your thoughts on a piece of paper, or even on a napkin, and later in our journal. Once you write your thoughts or experience, you can ask for understanding and guidance from God during quiet time. One of the best things about this practice is that we can learn avoid making mistakes. This how spiritual breakthroughs occur and how wisdom sets in.

Now let’s see how Christian journaling actually looks like and how it is performed.

To start, you should get inspiration from God. So start saying a deeply personal prayer to God and then sit in silence for a few seconds. You can also open the Bible and start journaling about your thoughts on scripture and then lead into your personal life and observations. The Bible is a timeless source of wisdom and spirituality that is very helpful in all situations.

If you want to organize your thoughts in a journal and you want to make them look more relevant you can add quotes from famous Christian authors or reference them to biblical verses. This technique will propel your level of insight to greater heights and accelerate you development. Good job!

Furthermore, you should find an adequate journal. As you are probably aware these books come in different sizes, colors, and formats. Some people use simple notepads while others are more richly bound with leather covers with manually crafted pages. Since we live in the 21st century it is not unusual to log your thoughts on a computer or even a mobile device too. There are special applications and software programs for this purpose. This is actually a quite convenient option because if you keep your work online, you can instantly access your journal from any place you want as long as you have access to the internet. Don’t forget that it is very important to mark the dates on each entry so you can review your progress.

To encourage truly significant growth in your life develop a daily routine. Spend about half an hour each day on this activity. However, this period of the day should not be before bedtime because you may feel exhausted. Use some period of the day when your mind is fresh and sharp, like in the morning. As we have already said, sometimes it is best to write your thoughts on any piece of paper you can find before rewriting them in your journal during your quiet time. Create a suitable atmosphere while you write. Try lighting scented candles and playing soft Christian music. According to many people, a simple prayer request for God's inspiration helps too.

What is specific for this task is that unlike any other forms of writing? You will need to write fast and read slowly. Remember that the main goal is to find the meaning of your thoughts and experiences. Analyze with care and mindfulness. Connect with God and ask for answers. Don’t over think what you wrote. When you read what you have written look at every detail like a visual puzzle. Look at it from God's perspective. What do you see? Consult the Bible constantly. Having the word of God in your mind will help you navigate through both the calm sea and the rough waters. Don’t hesitate to talk to your
priest or pastor either, they often exposed to hundreds of situations and can bring great wealth of knowledge.

Finally, think about Christian journaling as a path to your spiritual breakthrough. It is a way of shedding the usefulness chaff of noxious mental patterns while pursuing our highest unhindered Godly potential. One thing is for sure – this experience will increase your faith in our God who strengthens you with love. God bless.

Do you have any ideas or experiences about journaling and spirituality? We would love to hear from you. Publish your comments below.

We love you and we're praying for you.

Christie Alexandra

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