How Christian Meditation Reduces Violence and Improves Learning

Written by: Jeff Ordonez


Stress, pressure, anxiety, and anger are all mental states that can wreak havoc not only on health,but also on productivity and learning. There are studies that claim those who allow these negative thoughts and feelings to thrive are more likely to absorb less knowledge and are inclined towards releasing pent up energy through violence and aggression. While there are numerous treatments, therapies, and even medications that promise to address and resolve these mental factors, there are other alternatives that will cost less for greater benefits like Christian meditation.

Christian contemplative practices has become a common solution for those seeking an escape from the pressure, stress, and anger they feel. Although many people think Christian meditation disciplines are the same as its secular counterparts, nothing cold be further from the truth. Christian based techniques don't simply focus on emptying the mind. Christian mental training aims to clear the mind of unnecessary and unhealthy thoughts and feelings and fills it with love, faith, and hope in God. This allows people who practice Christian meditation not only to achieve a happier and healthier state of
mind, but also a stronger and deeper relationship with God.

How Christian Meditation Improves Mental Health

Stress and anxiety can come from many different factors in our lives. Our work, school, home, and personal lives can all become sources of negative feelings and pressure that could press down on our mentality. When we allow stress to take over our system and thrive, we encourage our brain to release certain neurotransmitters or chemicals that cause a chain reaction in our bodies. The adverse effects of chronic stress include decreased productivity, limited ability to learn, violent tendencies, physical pain, and even depression and other mental illness. While some people choose to turn to their doctors for help, the solution to stress can be a lot simpler than we are made to think.

Positive thinking is one of the best ways you can resolve a troubled mind. When you adapt an optimistic point of view, you are more likely to see the good in a situation rather than the bad. Even when things continue to travel through a downward spiral, you will find solace knowing that something grander is working in your favor. Seeing life as a constant transition between ups and downs will help you cope with the low moments in anticipation for the high ones. This task becomes particularly easy for those who have faith and religion.

Christians are more likely to think that the bad things that happen in their everyday lives are simply challenges, tests, and prerequisites for the better things that are coming. This is because Christianity teaches that the difficulties of life are a part of being human, and that challenges helps mold individuals to becoming better people. Those who have bigger problems and issues to cope with turn to prayer and deep contemplation which many like to call Christian meditation.

Unlike secular forms of mindfulness or meditation, Christian contemplation does not simply encourage participants to clear their minds and forget their problems. Quite the opposite, Christian meditation aims to bring participants to a higher understanding of their lives and their situation by allowing them to reach a deeper relationship and identification with God. When we see how God uses the circumstances around our lives to shape us to become better individuals, we become better equipped with the resilience and strength to soldier on through life despite the many trials and challenges that might come our way. Through Christian meditation, we can attain a higher level of spirituality which could affect the way we respond to stressful and anxiety inducing situations for the better.

Because reduced stress and anxiety allow us to achieve clarity of mind, we become more inclined to learn and absorb information. Recent studies have shown that those who regularly engage in Christian meditation are much better when it comes to school and work duties. This is because the practice makes it possible to reach a real sense of peace of mind, ideal for learning and attainment of knowledge.

How to Start Christian Meditation

Christian meditation is an easy, simple, and affordable way that you can relieve any stress, pressure, or problematic mental status that you’re experiencing. If you want to start your Christian meditation practice, you must designate an ideal hour that you can spend without interruption or distraction. This will allow you to reach a deep connection with God free from the risk of breaking your concentration.

Next, you should come up with a scripture-mantra. This is a phrase or idea that you will repeat to yourself during the practice that will bring you towards the realization you want to achieve. Some examples of a simple mantra are “peace”, “love”, or even just “amen.” Make sure you focus on this as you perform your meditation to achieve the best results. Finally, instead of focusing on emptying your thoughts and focusing on nothing, focus on God and his teachings. Make Him the center of your practice and concentrate on growing in a love with the One who should truly matter in you life. God bless you.

Have you had any experience with meditation and it's effects on the mind and personality? We'd like to know. Publish your comments below.

We love you and we're praying for you.

Jim Welch

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