How Faith-Visioning Powers A Supernatural Life

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

We've all the stories. Miraculous events of superhuman strength to save a loved one, people bending the laws of physics to achieve the impossible, and incredible healings that baffle medical science.

How is it that in a few seconds of time an ordinary person can perform extraordinary feats of power? The explanation is much simpler than you think and it all deals with your mind.

What you think and how you think about yourself has a tremendous impact on the powers you release in your life.

During the 1960's a study was conducted to prove or disprove the power of the supernatural ability we all have. The experiments provided deep insight into the mind of patients who under a state hypnosis managed to produce lesions and blisters on the skin.

Many of the suggestions were as simple as telling subjects to imagine the flame of a candle burning near a finger. Doctors were astounded at the results and concluded that there is an invisible force at work between mind and body.

Later in 1992, the reverse experiment was conducted. Burn victims were hypnotized and told that torturous pain caused by the affliction had vanished. Doctors again were amazed at the results. The patients who received the hypnotic treatment had dramatic reductions in pain than the patients who didn't get the experimental treatment.

Another study conducted as recently as 2017, demonstrated how hypnosis once again helped in the miraculous recovery of eyesight in pregnant women.

Studies show that hypnotism changes our biochemistry. Tell a patient in a state of hypnosis that his hand is in a bucket of cold water and the hand's skin temperature drops. Tell another subject that your finger is a red-hot metal rod and push it against his bare arm and his lymphatic and cardiovascular systems react to the excruciating imagery pain, causing inflammation or even a blister on the skin.

The stories you just read illustrate the fact that your nervous system is impersonal and does not know the difference between real or imaged, it merely takes orders from your brain to produce an outcome held in your mind.

Human history is replete with stories of men and women who perform extraordinary feats when faced with impossible challenges. When faced with the unimaginable they spring into action do the unthinkable.

There are two things I want you to do after you read this article.

First, I want you to ask yourself, are you in a state of hypnosis right now. Is your mental programming keeping you from a much bigger and brighter future?

Second, for the next twenty-four hours, I want you to think about the following, if you changed how you think and what you believe, would you be able to do the extraordinary every day. What would your future hold?

The answers to the questions I just presented will astound you. You are currently in a state of hypnosis and everything you experience is subject to the programming you've adopted. Rich or poor, healthy or sick, almost all of it has to do with what's in your mind.

You just need to snap out of it and start a vision of faith so your body and life will follow to produce the image of your mind. It's that simple. (Hebrews 11:1)

The sacred words of the Bible come to mind, what you sow you will reap. Wise words if you ask me.

God made you so you may reap what you sow. It's time kick the old self and start planting new thought patterns of yourself and life. Nurture the practice every day and new world of possibility and opportunity will open.

Agatha Roosevelt

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