How Reverence Works With Christian Meditation

Written by: Jeff Ordonez

In the Lord's prayer, the Son of God taught us to glorify the Father before petitioning any request. Revering God with worshipful words "Hallowed be your Name" should be our highest priority in prayer.

Prayerful reverence is divine thought spoken and is caused by God’s Holy Spirit in us. The carnal self must not be allowed to dominate our supplications toward God, only our love and admiration of God must be reverently expressed. God is all knowing of His creation's needs.

It is God’s heavenly influence that stimulates us to declare His name as “Hallowed”. Even the heart must be completely purged of any want or desire when coming before the Lord in prayer. Any and all motivation beside our yearning to love and worship God must be set aside. Our desire to gaze upon God must overwhelm all other thought or desire. We must come to the Lord abandoned of the world and unfettered with sincere longing.

Too often prayers are related to things rather than to reverence. A singular focus on God causes our lips to exalt Him in truth saying, “Hallowed be your name.” Worthy is His name to be exalted through Whom, and by Whom, we have our being. We exist naturally and supernaturally by His eternal power. Selfless reverence puts us in a position to receive from God and allows His light to shine ever brighter in us.

Praise the Lord! Praise the holy name of the Father by which the entire universe is held together. His light, intelligence, and signature dwells in every bit of creation. All creation bears His name. He is the Master of all and He engineered all to function perfectly.

Selfless reverence for God is in fact the observation of the greatest commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.”  (Mt 22:37) Reflecting upon ourselves rather than God causes us to pray for ourselves. Thus we become products of our own self-image rather than God’s. The person in whom the carnal self is dead through the practice of a prayerful reverence finds life with God.

We are to recognize God, as “Our Father in heaven”, then we are to revere His “Hallowed name.” The order of this worship prescribed by Jesus gives us the key to mentally and spiritually release the hold of the mundane and to enter God's divine realm in meditation. (Mt 6:33)

The children of God who reverently and lovingly worship God are deeply conscious of His amazing power and grace. They are continually cleansed by the spiritual forces of His blood, and are guided by His indwelling ways. Thus the lowly, meek, and humble, the ones who keep their mind on God, and not the world. They quietly, secretly, and meditatively enter God's realm to become satisfied with the treasure God bestows.

Young, old, poor, sick, wealthy, healthy, all are intimately known by God. The spiritual quality of a person is bare before God. Every person desiring to uplift their character in the ways of God are well advised to retain His word until it becomes crystallized in the mind. (Jn 14:23) It is by the cultivation of God’s word in us that we become more like Him in character and become brothers and sisters of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Mt 12:50)

It is by this familial status that we cry “Abba, Father” to our Holy Father. Although the world may reward good deeds, the voice of the devote moves God's hand. Those who venture into this kind of relationship with God practice for the age-to-come when the ways of God will be revealed with perfect knowledge.

The loving believer wholeheartedly delights in God and basks in His glory more than in His gifts. Above all they seek to grow in reverent communion with God which He openly rewards. (Mt 6:4, 6)

Their personal interests are merged into the longings of God who desires to enlighten all people with the One true Light - Christ. Their words and sentiments reflect what they taste and see, God. (Jn 1:4 – 13)

All believers are born into spiritual adoption with God and are spiritually fortified when personal desires are eradicated by personal desire for God.

Even newly formed Christians, are able to deny personal satisfaction in lieu of God. Innocent love toward God that causes self denial and servitude is rewarded no matter how mature the believer is. (Mt 20:6)
Prayerfully and lovingly revering God fulfills the Word in our lives because God is love. When we embody love we embody God. In love we are prepared to obey His written will in the scriptures. This is how God is hallowed in the highest form in our lives.

Furthermore, the hollowing of His name involves the baptism of the Holy Spirit, self denial in growth, and performing God's will. By these activities God is allowed to govern our lives. This makes Him supreme above everything else.

We are citizens of heaven, not of the earth. We are to be in the world, not of it. An earthly citizen cannot open or secure heavenly gifts in prayer. Only those who are awakened by the love of God can see the heavenly door by which God’s grace satisfies all yearnings.

If we are led by the world we become spiritual vagabonds, wanderers of darkness, seekers of fantasy, and the targets of deception. But if we hollow God, we honor the fountain of life who gives all satisfaction.

All life, power, and resource is given by divine allocation from God if we seek Him. The words, “Father in heaven” was proclaimed by the Son of God throughout His ministry while stationed on earth. No prayer is more important than the one which exalts the Father in our familial status with God. It honors His desire to bring all people into relationship with Him while recognizing His graceful and loving power over us.

The better we understand the nature and character of God through reverence, the better we understand God's divine nature, His gentleness, holiness, compassion, grace, and His redeeming power that make us children molded into His character.

Reverently uttering the word, “Father” declares we are infused by His Spirit and recognizes His spiritual actualization in us, and "Hallowed be your Name" is meditation upon which we relinquish ourselves to God.

Since God is love to His creation, spiritual words reflecting His glory in praise can, and will, bring us only good.

Reverencing God with the words “Hallowed be your Name” intensifies God's light in us. Deep spiritual recognition that God is supreme and above all things makes the soul intensely aware that God is its eternal source of life.  

Concentrating on these few words, opens our awareness to God's piercing power over all things, time, space, and dimension. They raise our consciousness into the eternal realm of God where His tangible presence is always perceived. All Christians, at any level of understanding, can commune with God this way.

Meditating upon His hallowed name provides increased understanding about God’s supreme power over creation and how He intelligently energizes every living creature. (Those who fear the Lord and meditate on His name. Mal 3:16)

Open spiritual eyes and ears allows the divine to foster in us more love and light that exalts Him as – Ruler, Life-Giver, Righteousness, King, Power, Everlasting, Magnificent, Worthy, Loving, Perfect, Father, One.

In this presence of mind, we are able to utter the words, “let your kingdom come” as a witness to the holy sphere revealed. Thus the Lord guides us by the inner communion of divine thought in prayer.

Many blessings to you. We're praying for you. See you in the kingdom.


Jeffrey Ordonez

Jeff Ordonez author is the founder, meditation program architect, and writer for Christ Audio. Jeff has expertly guided people for over a decade and has thousands of satisfied customers. Christ Audio is best known for scientifically-backed guided Christian meditations. Jeff is nationally recognized by World News,, the Huffington Post and is a published Amazon author.

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