How to Become Wiser Like Solomon

A Remarkable Story About Christian Meditation And Wisdom

About 1000 years before Jesus was born, King David ruled over Jerusalem as a mighty King. Known for the tremendous bloodshed brought about through his successful military career, God rejected his desire to build a worship temple. Instead God chose his second son Solomon as the one to restore honor to Israel with a Holy Temple. 

David was very old when he proclaimed, "Let us make Solomon king at once." At His request, Solomon was placed on the royal mule and rode for all to witness the new king. The king's guards, nobles, and the great men followed as young Solomon was led down to the valley of Gihon to be anointed.

When Solomon was anointed by the the head priest Zadok, trumpets blew in celebration and all the people cried aloud, "God save King Solomon."

Not long after Solomon's coronation his father died, having reigned in all forty years, seven years over the tribe of Judah, at Hebron, and thirty-three years over all Israel, in Jerusalem.

Soon thereafter Solomon began work on the great Temple of God. His father, King David had left behind vast reserves of silver, stone, and cedar-wood for it's construction. The walls were hewn of stone, and the roof was carved of cedar.

Solomon possessed great ships, and under his command they reached far away lands and brought back precious stones and fine woods for the completion of the temple. The project culminated in a stunning edifice after seven long years. The Temple was Jerusalem's center piece and consecrated as a place for beautiful ceremonies in the worship of God.

Solomon became one the most powerful, influential, and wisest men in human history and his wisdom is revealed in the great book of Proverbs. One of the greatest revelations gathered form Solomon's wisdom is that a wise men or women, are known for their quietness and brilliance of spirit.

In Proverbs 17:27 the wise and powerful king declared:

"He who has knowledge spares his words: and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit."

Through the means of the English language most of this proverb's meaning is lost. The spirit of the letter is best derived from the original script. In the ancient Hebrew this precious verse reads:

"He who has knowledge refrains from many words: and a man of intelligent understanding is of a brilliant self-controlled spirit."

The message conveyed by Solomon to you, is that any man or woman has the ability to control one's spirit in such a way that it honors God. The offering of a controlled and well disciplined spirit, becomes the thing God takes pleasure in with power and light.

From this Godly consumption, ordinary men and woman rise to the upper spiritual echelons of God to perform great acts of mercy, love, and humility. And that's not all! Men and women of great renown in the financial, commercial, and industrial realms have immensely contributed toward the betterment of mankind with a kind heart.

You are no different. God has place the necessary spirit, willingness, and tenacity in you to contribute in the same way. There is but one elemental ingredient needed to enhance of your mind and spirit with God - control!

If you can honor God with a controlled mind and spirit, God will honor you with light, power, and wisdom from above. Wisdom is a spirit that is friendly to those who meditatively cultivate heart and mind with God's. But those wicked in thought wisdom ignores.

What if you had scientific proof that quietly meditating (Psalm 46:10), especially over God's word, can and will bring you more light, power, and wisdom from God. In a similar manner, in John 14:23, Jesus states that if anyone loves Him enough to "keep" His word as the thought of the mind, they will experience an increase of God's presence.

Today, scientists are beginning to uncover the tip proverbial iceberg. They have suddenly noticed that anyone who meditates has better judgement, improved social skills, greater cognitive control, and important decision making behavior was enhanced.

The entire study, although not conclusive, serves as a seriously important signal to all Christians that the Bible is still the fountain of wisdom for all mankind.

The focus of the scientific study was centered around a simple love meditation (also a biblical concept) in which participants were instructed to relax and visualize loving all people. (Matthew 5:44)

Scientists were astounded, to say the least, when results were analyzed. Here's a direct quote from their report:

"Whether and how meditation affects decision making is not yet clear. Here, we review evidence from behavioral and neuroimaging studies and summarize the effects of meditation on social and non-social economic decision making. Research suggests that meditation modulates brain activities associated with cognitive control, emotion regulation and empathy, and leads to improved non-social and social decision making."

Let's summarize by saying that even the simplest biblical meditation, like love, makes any man or woman wiser in all dealings from social to economic. Regardless of status or position, it is now proven with neuroimaging devices that any person can be as wise, or wiser, than Solomon. All that's required is control of mind and the calmness of meditation. (Psalm 46:16)

If you've been thinking about starting a Christian meditation practice you should not delay. Every day you delay is another day lost in the future. It just doesn't make sense to put on hold the prosperity of the soul anymore, especially with the help that is available today.

Interested? Click on this link and start learning about Christian meditation. This little 7 day class with walk you through with video, audio, and guided Christian meditation instructions.

We Love you and we're praying for you. God bless you. See in the kingdom.


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