How to Control Your Life (Part 3)

The secret to flowing with God through life is in the constant practice of positive emotions. By practicing positive emotions such as love, enthusiasm, and optimism either while relaxing or exercising changes your mind, body, and your entire life.

Taking a step in this direction has the power to bring you back a hundred times your effort because operating with God has no boundary.

You have the power to be anything you want to be. All of God's goodness is yours. You just need to learn how to guide your mind and body, then the kingdom of God will majestically open to you.

Once you understand how to influence yourself to flow with God consistently virtually everything will be possible. And just like Jesus who said, "I have meat you know not of" you too will nourish supernaturally from the Father.

At some point in your life, you must have desired a life empowered by God along with all its benefits. Now is the time to wake up the real possibilities of that desire.

Within these pages is the stimuli you need to change the direction of your life.

The training you receive from this blog will help you achieve a close connection with God, and the result from the activity is greater resiliency in the world.

If you master some of the techniques, I share in this blog you can effectively access God's unlimited grace in all areas of life. Your positive energy will benefit you to more efficiently accomplishing what you want while becoming less hindered by the world.

How you tune your mind/body feelings plays a vital role in how your life is affected by God's supernatural power.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, whether you know it or not your mind/body atmosphere tunes itself to the emotional repertoire you consciously or unconsciously play out. And every emotional tune you play effects your mental and bodily systems.   

You are intelligently designed to become emotionally literate and with emotional literacy comes greater development with God.

Emotional intelligence lets us operate with more poise and understanding because cognitive functions improve with positive feelings, this is not the case with negative feelings like stress or anxiety.

If you're at a loss to getting ahead in life with God. If you've ever wondered how an ordinary person achieves the impossible. If you're looking for the hidden factor in a supernatural life with God.

When you have read this blog in full I believe you will say this blog is as important as any major discovery of our time. It shows how you can work miracles with your mind and body.

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